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Episode Guide (Eps 31-45)

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)

Episode 31 (Dig Those Diglett!)

On their way to Fuschia City, the group notices a great explosion. They find out that a dam is being built, but they cannot get supplies through because the Diglett are stopping them. Gary arrives with his girls and buses full of other Pokémon trainers to get rid of the Diglett. None of the Pokémon will leave their balls, because they don't want to fight the Diglett. The Diglett are trying to keep the dam builders from destroying the forest they live in. Pikachu shows Ash and the group this and then the builder realizes this, too. He then decides to cancel the dam project. Team Rocket arrive on the scene with their newly evolved Weezing and Arbok. They battle and they loose as usual. The group then continue on their way to Fuschia City.

Episode 32 (The Ninja Poké-Showdown)

The group finds a strange looking mansion sized ninja style building. They explore it and encounter various traps. They eventually meet a girl who battles Ash. Ash wins with Bulbasaur and then her master comes out. They discover that this is the Fuschia gym and Ash battles the master for the Soul badge. They fight for a while and Team Rocket shows up as usual. This time dressed up for an ancient performance. They get out of their dress and fight for Pikachu. They are beaten by Misty's Psyduck, then Ash and Koga continue their match. Ash wins the Soul badge and then they leave the gym continuing on their quest.

Episode 33 (The Flame Pokémon-athon!)

As Ash and the group continue on their way, they come into where they think is the Safari Zone. They are stopped from catching the Tauros there by a girl named Lara who tells them it isn't the Safari Zone, but the big Pokémon ranch owned by the Laramie clan. She shows them around and tells them about the big race the following day. One of the competitors hires Team Rocket to help him win and they start by firing globs at the Tauros. Lara comes and has Growlithe calm them. Another blob is fired and it causes Ponyta who she rides on to get excited and throw her back. She broke her arm and could not race. She volunteers Ash to race, and eventually, Ponyta lets him. During the race Team Rocket pull various tricks to get all other competitors out of the race. Ash continues all the way and during the race Ponyta evolves into Rapidash. Rapidash then wins the race.

Episode 34 (The Kangaskhan Kid)

The group enters into the Safari Zone, but they still are not in far enough to catch the Pokémon there. They are brought in by a Jenny who is the Safari Zone ranger. They see poachers on the map in the cabin and ask if they can come along with Jenny. She lets them and they go to find it is Team Rocket trying to get the Kangaskhan. They make the catch, but are stopped by a kid who protects the Kangaskhan. After this, two people land who are searching for their son Tommy. They show Jenny the picture and she identifies him as the same kid who lives with the Kangaskhan. They go and find him, but he doesn't remember his real parents until his father clubs him on the head. Once he remembers, he still wants to stay with the Kangaskhan and he runs off. Team Rocket is then trying a new trick. They are in a fake Kangaskhan and they pretend that it is injured. The others come to help and then they come out to shoot tranquilizer at the other Kangaskhan. They are defeated by the parents who crash their plane into the fake Kangaskhan to blow it up. The parents then get out of the debris and tell Tommy that they will stay with him with the Kangaskhan.

Episode 35 (Coming Soon!)

Continuing in the Safari Zone, the group comes upon the warden's cabin. Ash and the others get some Safari Balls and other tools needed to legally catch Safari Zone Pokémon and he goes out searching. All Ash can catch are Tauros and whenever he tries for something else, a herd of Tauros run by and one is caught. Team Rocket invade the warden's cabin and try by means of torture to get him to tell them where they can find Dratini which he was famous for having found a while back. They use Meowth's song on him and then they put him in a tickling machine. He comes out to find the group and still is stuck in the tickler. Ash frees him from it and the warden tells them that Team Rocket are now aware of where Dratini is hiding. The warden takes them there to find Team Rocket plans to drop explosions to get the Dratini. Ash dives in to get the bombs, but runs out of air. Ash is saved by a Dragonair. Team Rocket eventually get blown away once again, this time by their own explosions and everyone is safe. The group continue on their way leaving the Safari Zone.

Episode 36 (The Bridge Bike Gang)

Just leaving the Safari Zone, the group comes across a bridge which could be used as a shortcut to Sunny Town. They discover that the bridge is too long to walk and they would need bicycles to cross. They go to the Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy asks them to take some medicine to a sick Pokémon across the bridge. They borrow bicycles from the center and are off. Halfway, they come across a bike gang. They battle the gang and before long Jessie and James show up. They are welcomed as this is where they used to live and were well known by the gang members. They are all quickly chased off by the police and Ash and the group continue to deliver the medicine. They come to a raised part of the bridge as a boat is going by and they desperately make the jump. They use Team Rocket who on the other side were trying to show off as good riders and bounce off of them to make it across. They are blocked by the gang, but tell them they are getting medicine to a sick Pokémon. They gang helps them to the center and the Pokémon gets the medicine just in time.

Episode 37 (Ditto's Mysterious Mansion)

The group is seeking shelter from the storm and they find it in an old theater house. They meet a girl named Duplica who has a talent for pretending to be other people. They meet her Ditto who has a problem; it cannot transform it's face. She tells them about her problems and they try to help her. Eventually, Team Rocket steals Ditto and try to make it transform into various things. They are very harsh on Ditto to make it transform perfectly and it succeeds under the pressure they put it under. They give Meowth to Duplica pretending it is Ditto, but she is not fooled and eventually gets back the real Ditto. Now that Ditto can transform perfectly, Duplica can put on her shows.

Episode 38 (Lost Episode)

Ash and the group are continuing on their way just as Pikachu is tired. They take a short break at the Pokémon Center and while there, they discover that the system used to transmit Pokéballs from center to center is malfunctioning. They end up traveling inside the computer to see what the problem is and find out it is Team Rocket that had gotten into the computer system on a prototype virtual reality Pokémon named Porygon. The group is on their own Porygon that isn't a prototype and they are attacked by James' Weezing and Jessie's Arbok. Weezing is defeated by Porygon who mimics Weezing's poison gas attack. They then send their Porygon against the group's Porygon. While fighting, the group try to remove the barricades that were set up by Team Rocket. Meanwhile, back at the center, Nurse Joy hires someone to install an antiviral program into the network. This program in turn starts chasing both Team Rocket and the group too. Everyone manages to escape on Porygon with a little help from Pikachu by blowing up one of the missiles launched by the program. They get out just barely and they continue on their way.

Special 1 (Holiday Hi-Jynx)

It's Christmas time, and Santa (James) is entering the house. He is caught. Jessie's evil plan to capture Santa should work. Jessie is mad because a Jynx who she thought was Santa Claus took her favorite doll when she was young. Now, she is going to get her revenge. Meanwhile, Ash and friends are snooping around to discover a Jynx. Ash battles it, first with Pikachu, who's kissed to death, and then Charmander, who is successful. Jynx blocks Ash's Pokéball, and tells them that she was shining Santa's boot for him when she drifted away from the North Pole. Ash and the group try to take Jynx back to the North Pole, but the Pokémon get tired. As a last desperate attempt, Ash takes off his clothes and starts pulling everyone himself. He is stopped by a Lapras, who first tests them to make sure their intentions are good, then offers to help them the rest of the way to the North Pole. Team Rocket follows them all the way to the North Pole. When they finally make it, Jessie and James emerge from their Gyarados, all tired out. They say their motto, only to find themselves freezing cold. Meowth goes back in, under a nice warm blanket, and then he pushes the button to trap the group while they snatch the Jynx who Jessie thinks is Santa that took her doll. They soon find out that it wasn't Santa after all, and that the Jynx was only trying to help Jessie by fixing the doll. She gets the doll back from the real Santa, but isn't so grateful and ties him up. They take all the presents for Christmas, but are stopped by Lapras and Charmander. They still manage to escape with the presents, until all of Santa's Jynx use a combined Psywave attack to bring back the Mecha-Gyarados and get back the presents, and then make sure Team Rocket blasts off again. Back at Jessie and James' house they are sleeping in their bed, hoping Santa will have something for them. Jynx shows up at the window, and kisses them so they will sleep tight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Special 2 (Snow Way Out!)

Ash and the group come to a fork in the road. Ash quickly chooses the path to the right, thinking it would be just a little hill. It turned out to be a huge snow mountain. The compass did not work, and they are totally lost. Ash calls out Pidgeotto to find a way, and Pidgeotto does. So, they begin to follow. Meanwhile; Jessie, James, and Meowth are in the cold, too. James and Meowth huddle closely as to not freeze, but Jessie is enjoying her time in the snow, remembering from her childhood the snowgasboards her mother used to make her (food made out of snow). Ash and the group decide to dig a cave in the snow, and camp out for the night. Pikachu is blown away in the harsh blizzard winds. Ash finds Pikachu hanging over a cliff just about to fall off. Eventually rescuing Pikachu, they proceed with the help of his other Pokémon to dig a cave in the snow, and Charmander keeps them warm for a while. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has built an igloo, keeping warm using matches. Meowth goes through all three matches, and they use the last three to imagine they are in a hot place. When Jessie's match goes out, she finds the other two sleeping, and slaps them awake. Back at Ash's cave, Charmander gets tired, so Ash takes him back into his Pokéball. Ash does the same for all the others, but Pikachu refuses so Ash let's him stay out. The other Pokémon come out of their balls again, and huddle around Ash so they can stay warm. When the storm stops, they come out to find Brock and Misty had a nice warm cave in the snow by a hot spring. They take off back onto the road in Team Rocket's balloon out of the cold. Meanwhile; Jessie, James, and Meowth, are pulling each other's cheeks to stay warm, until they land in the hot spring. It's nice there, but a little too warm.

Episode 39 (Pikachu's Goodbye)

The group come into a forest where it is quiet and peaceful. They notice a large group of Pikachu that Ash's Pikachu tries to make friends with. Ash scares them off, but Pikachu is later accepted when it dives to save a young Pikachu that was washing away down the waterfall. Ash starts to miss Pikachu as they hear a noise. Team Rocket successfully get all of the Pikachu in a net. Ash's Pikachu is the hero again as it chews a hole in the net and Ash and the group use the net they were caught in as something for the Pikachu to jump onto. Ash decides to leave Pikachu behind, but Pikachu doesn't want to. Ash refuses to keep Pikachu many times, but Pikachu persists until Ash realizes how much Pikachu likes him. He then let's Pikachu stay with him.

Episode 40 (The Battling Eevee Brothers)

While traveling through the woods, the group encounters an Eevee that was apparently abandoned by a tree. They take it to its address in Stone Town and find it belongs to a little boy. He left it there because his older brothers wanted him to evolve it. Misty tells him to let his brothers know how he feels, but Team Rocket show up to get the food, stones, and the Pokémon. They find Team Rocket thanks to Horsea leaving a trail of ink and they recover everything. During the fight, the small boy proves his Eevee can fight well just as it is and tells his brothers he wants to keep his Eevee just how it is. They agree and let him keep his Eevee.

Episode 41 (Wake Up Snorlax!)

Having not eaten in days, the group search for a town and find one. Unfortunately, the town has no food because the water supply was being blocked by a Snorlax. They try many tricks to wake up the Snorlax, but it does not work. Team Rocket comes by and they help to wake up the Snorlax because they want to steal it. They eventually wake it up by getting the old man who owned it to play his Pokéflute. When it wakes up, it eats all the thorns blocking the water flow and then goes back to bed somewhere else. The water is flowing again and the village can grow crops. The group leave and continue on their way.

Episode 42 (Showdown at Dark City)

The group now arrives in Dark City. In this city, everyone hates Pokémon trainers because there are two main unofficial gyms in the city trying to beat each other out so they can be the official gym of Dark City. They soon discover that both of the main Pokémon at each gym get enraged at the color red. They dump ketchup on the two gym leaders and their Pokémon start chasing them. They get madder at the group who played the trick, but they have lightning rods set up and Pikachu attacks them with the lightning rods to gain additional electricity. Nurse Joy then shows up because she is the inspector for the Pokémon League and won't let either of them be official gyms unless they start acting better. They agree and rebuild the city from the destruction they caused.

Episode 43 (March of the Exeggutor Squad)

The group ends up in the middle of a carnival. Ash and Brock decide to enjoy themselves while Misty and Pikachu find this man who is trying to be a magician. Misty agrees to help him, but his show is still a failure. He soon gets desperate and uses his Exeggcute to hypnotize Ash into using his Pokémon to catch Exeggutor. The others catch up to him only to find the Exeggutor hypnotizing each other and marching blindly into the city demolishing things. The carnival manager plants a time bomb to blow them up, but Ash sends Charmander to stop the Exeggutor. The magician helps with his fire spell and they fend them off together. At the end, Charmander evolves into Charmeleon.

Episode 44 (The Problem With Paras)

The group arrives in a small little village where there is not even a Pokémon Center. They must stock up on supplies, so they go. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still following them, but Meowth is very sick. A lady comes up to them and gives Meowth some medicine and he gets better. Meowth also takes a liking to the girl who cared for him. The group meet the same girl and she wants to battle them. She needs the mushroom on a Parasect to make a new super potion, but her Paras will not evolve because it isn't getting any battle experience and is very weak. Pikachu fires a tiny static bolt at it and it faints. He sends Charmeleon, who is disobedient and flames Paras real good. Later on, Meowth tries to help Paras by making it think it is winning battles. It gets more confidence and it works. Paras eventually evolves into Parasect and the girl can get what she needs.

Episode 45 (The Song of Jigglypuff)

The group is wandering through a desert and they find Neon Town. It is a flashy town where the people never get any sleep and are on edge. They leave the noisy town to find a Jigglypuff in the forest. Misty attacks it to catch it, but it starts crying and Misty doesn't catch it. The Jigglypuff can't sing, so they try to help it to sing. They find a fruit in the forest that soothes a sore throat. Jigglypuff eats some and starts to sing. The song Jigglypuff sings puts everyone to sleep, which upsets it and it scribbles on their faces. They decide to have it sing in Neon Town where no one ever sleeps. It works, and the whole town is put to sleep. They all wake up the next morning and are a lot nicer because they were relaxed from a nice sleep.

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)