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Lost Episodes Campaign

When the English dub of Pokémon's 1st season originally came out, there were 5 actual episodes originally skipped from production. Since that, the lost episode campaign was launched with a purpose of seeing this episodes come to air on TV with the rest of them, thus properly completing a full, successful dub of this wonderful series from Japan.

Since the campaign has started, 3 of those 5 originally lost episodes have come to air. Two were originally held over because 4Kids considered them extra work to translate Japanese signs to English. One of them was aired more recently as a direct result of our lost episodes campaign.

One more episode is said to have been dubbed, but no plans just yet to air it, and as well, one more hasn't been dubbed at all, primarily because 4Kids hadn't received it from the Japanese production company. This episode was the one that caused some Japanese children to have seizures because of flashing lights and so it was banned from distribution. We especially need to encourage 4Kids to try harder to get a copy of this episode with flash sequences edited out, and to get it dubbed.

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