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Lost Episodes Information & Status

Here, you can find out information, details, and status about each lost episode. Currently, there are 2 episodes from the past season yet to be aired on TV. Read all the details about each one below. 3 episodes originally lost have since aired. This is useful especially if you plan to write a letter, because you know what needs to be asked for, and the reasons behind the loss of each episode.

Episode 35-Legend of Dratini

Status: This episode has been dubbed but WB does not have any plans to air it just yet.

Reason for skipping: The Safari Zone warden was a little too handy with his gun. Team Rocket turn a gun on him, and try to get him to tell where he's hiding Dratini.

Additional notes

-In July 1999, was when Veronica Taylor said on a public AOL chat that they were dubbing the episode.

-Ash catches many Tauros in this episode. They are eventually shown in a later episode. They save Oak's Pokémon ranch from Team Rocket.

Episode 38-Electric Soldier Porygon

Status: This episode has neither been dubbed or aired.

Reason for skipping: This episode caused many Japanese children to have epileptic seizures upon it's first airing. The Japanese government afterwards banned the episode from ever airing again.

Additional notes

-4Kids has plans to dub this episode. The Japanese government may allow them to do so, if it is properly edited and approved for safety.

-4Kids has been using a dimmer on all the episodes prior to this one. The dimmer greatly reduces the light flashing. This show would be perfectly safe if they used that dimmer, and no one will be afraid of this episode either, because most people forget that this was the episode, and most blamed the entire series! How could anyone complain if the episode never flashed brightly?