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Episode Guide (Eps 16-30)

Episodes (1-15) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)

Episode 16 (Pokémon Shipwreck)

With the St. Anne deep underwater, the group recovers and discover their predicament. Jessie and James wake up as well. When they meet up they initially start a battle, but the weight of their Pokémon rocks the boat. They agree to work together to get out. They find their way to a weak point in the boat where Charmander welds through it. Water gushes in and the three escape on water Pokémon. Team Rocket try to escape, but their Magikarp is too weak. They eventually float to the surface and are discovered by Pidgeotto who was searching for dry land. Just when the group are about to push overboard the apparently dead Team Rocket, they wake up. After sitting around starved for days with no land in sight, they start to consider eating Magikarp. They discover that Magikarp is all scale and bones. After James kicks Magikarp overboard, it evolves into Gyarados. The angry Gyarados does a dragon rage attack on them and they all spin away in a tornado created by Gyarados.

Episode 17 (Island of the Giant Pokémon)

After being blown around in the tornado created by the Gyarados, the group and Team Rocket land on a mysterious island. They are also separated from their Pokémon. Pikachu wakes up and calls all of Ash's other Pokémon out and they search for Ash. Bulbasaur thinks that they have been abandoned, but Pikachu keeps the rest from thinking that. After everyone on the island gets chased around by giant Pokémon for a while, Jessie and James come upon Pikachu. They rush out of the phone booth they were hiding in to find it is a huge Pikachu. In running they find a train car and try to escape. They break the brake when trying to stop it and they keep going. Ash and the group see this giant Pikachu just as the train car goes by under them; collapsing the ledge they stood on. They land in the train car with Team Rocket who demand Pikachu (not that big one). They are thrown into the air and crash through one of the giant Pokémon and they discover that they were mechanical. After all is through, they arrive at Porta Vista just in time for a vacation.

Episode 18 (Beauty and the Beach)

Tired, the group settles down for a rest in a small vacation resort. Team Rocket is watching them inside a submarine intent on stealing Pikachu. The group are later riding a boat, and crash into Team Rocket's submarine sending them out of control until they crash into an old man's dock outside of his restaurant. He rushes out to see the damage, and is very upset. Team Rocket manages to survive too, landing back at the beach where they meet an old lady (Nastina). Ash's group start working to promote the old man's restaurant to help pay him back for the damage. The promotion doesn't work well as Team Rocket are helping Nastina with her beach house and taking all the customers. Ash uses his Pokémon to help the restaurant, and customers begin flocking to the place making it popular again. Team Rocket begin playing various tricks to sabotage their success and manage to take away the customers they had gotten. Professor Oak and Ash's mom stop in at the restaurant surprising Ash, and tell them about a swimsuit competition for girls and disguised Pokémon where they could win money to pay back the old man. Misty decides to enter the contest. For her Pokémon, Squirtle comes out disguised as a space alien and Starmie is the UFO. She is quickly greeted by competition from Jessie and James. James pretends he's a girl complete with fake body suit (not to mention fully inflatable ^_^), and the audience falls for it. They have Koffing and Ekans wrapped together not looking like anything in particular. Gary shows up to enter his numerous girlfriends in the competition. Team Rocket are angry that they've lost, so as they get their sub back, they crash the competition. A heat seeking missle is on it's way, and Ash manages to reverse it's course with a fire blast from Charmander. Team Rocket pedal away as fast as they can with the missle following close behind, they crash into the beach house and they all blast off into the sky including Nastina. In the end, Ash's mom comes out the winner and makes enough money to pay back the old man for the dock. Ash's group continue on their way.

Episode 19 (Tentacool & Tentacruel)

Stuck in Porta Vista because they missed the boat, Ash and friends sit around waiting for the next boat and witness a great explosion. They later discover that it is the Tentacool that are attacking the boats. Nastina, the cousin of the girl in the last episode, brings them in to thank them for saving the people on the boat. She then suggests to them a Tentacool extermination project. She offers a million dollars and a great dinner to them for it. Ash and Brock rush for it, but Misty pulls them away walking out angry. She doesn't want to hurt the Tentacool. Nastina offers the same thing to everyone else in town, eventually Team Rocket ends up with the job. They quickly fail as usual. In the process they greatly enlarge a Tentacruel. The enlarged Tentacruel attacks the city. Eventually with convincing from other Pokémon and Misty, the Tentacruel stops and leaves. Nastina isn't finished though, and attacks it. The Tentacruel whacks her away and she lands on her cousins half-built cottage which crumbles upon Nastina landing. The group, with a newly caught Horsea, catch the next boat and are again on their way.

Episode 20 (The Ghost of Maiden's Peak)

The boat that the group was on lands at a small town. This town is celebrating its Summer's End festival. Brock and James both see a girl standing by the sea and disappears. They are later warned by an old woman of a girl that will lead them to a cruel fate. An old man shows the people a painting of the maiden who Brock and James recognize as the girl they saw. They learn that she was turned to stone two thousand years ago waiting for her love to return. Brock stays out late to watch the stone that was said to be the maiden. The next morning both James and Brock are mindlessly floating around. They buy anti-ghost stickers and have Brock and James wait for the ghost. When it comes, James and Brock are almost taken again with the stickers blown away. The ghost turns out to be a Gastly impersonating the real ghost of the maiden. The sun rises and it has to leave, but promises to return next summer. Later on back at the festival, they all celebrate with the people while Jessie and James play the drums.

Episode 21 (Bye Bye Butterfree)

As the group continue on their way, they notice a group of Butterfree out over the ocean. Brock informs Ash that it is the mating season for all of the Butterfree. Ash releases his Butterfree to find a mate amongst the others. Butterfree falls in love with the pink Butterfree, but is turned down. He tries again with a more aggressive approach, but is again turned down. Team Rocket flies in and successfully captures all of the Butterfree. Ash's Butterfree chases after them. They eventually find where the Butterfree were taken and fight to free them. Butterfree tries with all his might and frees them from the net. Team Rocket chase after them again, but are blown out of the sky by Pikachu landing on their chopper and shocking it. The pink Butterfree falls in love with Ash's Butterfree for it's courage and the two happy Butterfree take off across the sea.

Episode 22 (Abra and the Psychic Showdown)

Continuing on their way to Saffron City, a mysterious girl appears in front of the group. They ask her for directions and start following her. She disappears and leads Ash to a cliff where he falls. He is saved by Bulbasaur and they see Saffron City. Just when they get into town, they are greeted by Team Rocket who trick them into going through the warp tile by telling them they had won a prize for being the millionth person in the city. Jessie and James get Pikachu, but the same little girl saves Pikachu and the group. They end up outside after the encounter. They find the Saffron gym, but are warned by a strange man not to go in. Ash goes in anyway to discover a strange training facility. He battles Sabrina who is two people, the evil trainer and a little innocent girl. Abra is sent out for Pikachu to battle. During the match it evolves into Kadabra and beats Pikachu. Ash loses and the group find themselves outside of a doll house. They see that they have been shrunken and just as the little girl was about to squash them with a ball, they are teleported outside of the gym by the mysterious man who previously warned them away from the gym. Ash learns from the man that he must get a ghost Pokémon from Lavender Town in order to possibly beat Sabrina, and so they continue on their way.

Episode 23 (The Tower of Terror)

On their way to Lavender Town, the woods suddenly become foggy. The group fight a bit and arrive at the ghost tower. They hear screaming from the tower and are afraid to go in. They eventually go in and see the place by Charmander's fire. Brock and Misty leave the place because they are scared by a trick the ghosts played and leave Ash and his Pokémon to explore the place alone. They meet Haunter who Charmander starts to battle, it then makes a funny face causing Haunter to laugh. Charmander is licked and Ash calls him back. Haunter and Gengar try to be funny, but Ash doesn't find it funny. Just as they are about to leave, Ash crashes after them causing the light above to fall on him and Pikachu; knocking them out. Haunter pulls their ghosts out of their bodies and plays with them for a while to make them realize how lonely they are. Ash says he cannot stay because he must become a Pokémon master. Just as Ash gives up on catching one, Haunter goes with Ash and scares off the other two.

Episode 24 (Haunter versus Kadabra)

Ash and the group go back to Saffron City ready to try again for the Marsh badge in the gym. Ash asks Haunter for help to defeat Sabrina and Haunter agrees. When they arrive at the gym, Haunter has disappeared. Sabrina turns Brock and Misty into dolls and the mysterious man who turns out to be Sabrina's father saves Ash and Pikachu. Later on, Ash finds Haunter having ruined another plan of Team Rockets' and Ash goes back to the gym. Haunter disappears again and this time Sabrina won't let them leave. Pikachu agrees to fight anyway and just as the match begins, Haunter appears in front of Sabrina. Haunter plays a few jokes on Sabrina and she starts to laugh for the first time since she began training. Kadabra's mind still linked to Sabrina, he starts laughing too and Pikachu is declared the winner. Ash and the group leave Sabrina, her father, and Haunter and continue on their way as Ash has the Marsh badge.

Episode 25 (Primeape Goes Bananas)

Ash contacts Professor Oak to let him know that he now has four badges. Oak tells Ash that all his other rivals already have five. Just as Ash is making plans to go to Celadon City, they encounter a Mankey. Brock gives Mankey a donut to eat and just as they are watching Mankey eat the donut, Ash throws a Pokéball at Mankey. Ash gets it back to find he has caught the donut. Mankey starts chasing them. Brock tries to distract it with another donut, but it doesn't work. Eventually, Mankey steals Ash's hat which was an official Pokémon League hat. Ash tries to get it back and fails. Team Rocket arrive to get Pikachu as usual and Mankey walks by, James kicks it away and it evolves into Primeape. Primeape chases them for a long time until Ash finally catches it. Primeape attacks Team Rocket and they blast off again. Ash and friends discover that Primeape chased them all the way to Celadon City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket land in a field full of Primeape who all attack them.

Episode 26 (Pokémon Scent-sation)

As the group arrive in Celadon City, the first thing they notice is the smell. Misty enters a perfume shop and tries out some of the perfume offered. Ash tries to stop her because he feels it is a waste of money. He is thrown out of the shop and goes to the Celadon gym. He is refused there because they won't let anyone in who doesn't like perfume. Jessie and James later break in to steal Pokémon. They are chased out as well. Jessie and James offer to help Ash get in the gym if he would untie them from the tree they were hanging from and he agrees. They dress him up as a girl named Ashley who likes perfume. The disguise gets him in far enough so that when he is found out, he has already reached the gym leader. They have a match in which Ash does well until Team Rocket burst in to blow up the place. They used Ash as a distraction to get the secret perfume formula. The gym bursts into flames. Squirtle and others help put out the flame. Gloom is trapped inside the burning gym and Ash runs in through the flames to save it. When the fire is put out and everything is normal again, Ash receives the Rainbow badge for his bravery during the fire.

Episode 27 (Hypno's Naptime)

The group enters Hop Hop Hop town just as children are disappearing in the town. They go to the Pokémon Center and notice the Pokémon are not feeling well. Officer Jenny soon picks up sleep waves on her radio. They track the source to a huge mansion on the top of a building where inside a Hypno and a Drowzee are sitting on a table. The people there have been using Hypno as a sleep aid and this has been generating sleep waves that was sapping the energy of the Pokémon in the center. Misty takes a look and starts acting like a Seel. Misty leaves the building and runs to a remote forest area where all the missing children were hypnotized into thinking they were Pokémon. They use Drowzee to reverse the hypnotism and also notice it wakes up Pikachu. They take Drowzee to the Pokémon Center and the Pokémon recover too, all except for a Psyduck. Psyduck keeps following them and when Misty falls, a Pokéball rolls towards it. Psyduck gets in and becomes Misty's newest Pokémon, although she wished it had not.

Episode 28 (Pokémon Fashion Flash)

The group continue their travels and come to Scissor Street where there are many salons for Pokémon. They first see one where they try to dress up the Pokémon to look flashy. It is run by Team Rocket except no one knows that. They then come upon what Brock was searching for, a salon run by the fabulous Suzy of Scissor Street. Suzy tries to bring out a Pokémon's inner beauty rather then dress it up. Misty leaves in favor of Rocket's salon because she wants to get Psyduck made up. Meanwhile, Suzy holds a Pokémon breeding seminar and Ash demonstrates. Back at Salon Rockét they make her up instead of Psyduck and she likes it. But, she discovers it is Team Rocket. Psyduck makes it out to warn Ash and Pikachu. Ash and Brock arrive with Suzy behind them to battle Team Rocket. Suzy uses Vulpix to fire blast Team Rocket away. It also gets Misty in the process. Back at Suzy's salon, she gives Vulpix to Brock because it likes him and she wants to leave her salon to journey places to become a better breeder. They say their goodbyes and continue on their way.

Episode 29 (The Punchy Pokémon)

Continuing on their journey, they encounter a Hitmonchan on the road. Ash believes it is wild and sends Pikachu after it. Pikachu gets a rocket punch on Hitmonchan and its trainer comes out to coach it. Pikachu is defeated and the man leaves to train in the gym. The man's daughter asks the group if they would beat Hitmonchan in the P-1 Grand Prix, which is the match he is competing in. Brock agrees for the others and they go. Jessie and James notice a poster for the match and they want to participate. They steal a Hitmonlee from a tall man who was going to be part of the match and they take his place. The first match is Ash's Primeape against a Machop. Machop tosses Primeape out of the ring and Ash dives to save it. From then on, they were friends and Primeape got back in the ring and won. The matches continued on until it was Team Rocket with Hitmonlee against the man's Hitmonchan. Team Rocket cheats to win by sticking glue through the bottom to stick Hitmonchan and the man's daughter rushes out to save it. The man in turn rushes out to save his daughter and he forfeits the match. The matches continue on until Ash's Primeape wins the title because Pikachu stopped Team Rocket from cheating again. Ash leaves Primeape with the man because the man promises to train it into a real P-1 champion. The group then continue on their way.

Episode 30 (Sparks Fly for Magnemite)

The group arrives in Gringy City where everything is dark and gloomy. Pikachu isn't feeling well and they rush it to the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy dismisses it as a cold. Meanwhile, in the sewer Jessie and James are going to dive through the sewer system to get into the center to steal Pokémon. Just as they are diving in, the power goes out and so does their air supply. The Pokémon in critical condition at the center are endangered as well. Ash and the group go to the power plant to check things out. While exploring a Magnemite hovers around Pikachu. It leaves fast as a group of Grimer and a Muk attack. They soon discover that the Grimer are blocking the water from coming in and there are too many. The Magnemite that was hovering around Pikachu returns with some Magneton and they defeat the Grimer. One Muk is still left and Pikachu with help from the Magneton defeat it and Ash catches it. Professor Oak is surprised when a Muk arrives in his lab. The people of Gringy City promise to clean up and the group is again on their way.

Episodes (1-15) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)