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Episode Guide (Eps 106-120)

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)

Episode 106 (The Pokémon Water War)

The group dock at a small place when they notice a group of people running. They check it out and see a large building on fire. Officer Jenny is keeping people away from the fire, but Ash and Misty sneak past her and call Squirtle and Staryu to put out the flame. They fail, and just as a big, burning piece of building is about to fall, a Wartortle pushes them all aside. The Wartortle is part of a trained group of fire fighting Wartortles. They succeed in putting the blaze out. Squirtle is feeling inferior to the Wartortle and so he snaps on the old Squirtle Squad sunglasses. This makes Ash remember that his old gang became fire fighters, and so now, not being able to put out that fire hurt his pride. To make Squirtle feel better, Ash challenges the trainer of the Wartortle group too a match against his Squirtle. Back at the training grounds, they see that there is a Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise group. The race of the Wartortle group begins and it remains close between the leading Wartortle and Squirtle... until, Squirtle stumbles over a rock and begins tumbling, and suddenly catches right up to Wartortle. They tie the match, with record speed because of the rolling. The next contest is to hit spinning discs, and they proceed to hit the targets, but after a few of them go by, a suspicious one floats by and none of them are able to hit it. It flies away and they all follow it. Outside the training ground, the whole group of them fall into a hole, dug by none other than Team Rocket. They float up in their balloon, and grab Pikachu to stick in a bottle (to power a fan ^_^) and after Weezing blows a smoke screen, they escape. Later on, a call comes because another fire has started, but Team Blastoise can't get to it because a crashed truck is in the way. Team Squirtle is on the case, but can't put the blaze out. Venonat spots TR's cabin as Misty goes off to help with the fire downtown, and the rest of them proceed to the cabin. While Jessie, James and Meowth fight over who gets to take one of the Wartortles, they suddenly all go into a water gun attack, and flooding the cabin, manage to roll out within the net, Meowth dares to attack and stop them with a slash of his claws, but as they all withdraw into their shells Meowth ends up tearing the net apart setting them free. At the same time, Ash and friends arrive on the scene and Ash frees Pikachu. After Team Rocket blasts off again, they rush back downtown just to find Misty failing to stop the fire, and just as a big piece of building is about to fall on her, she is saved by Ash's Squirtle from behind. They spot a kid stuck in the burning building and Squirtle with Wartortle help the boy escape out the door barely surviving a floor collapse and the burning door nearly crushing Squirtle to death, they get outside to everyone's great joy.

Episode 107 (Pokémon Food Fight!)

Ash and co are stuck on an island and while desperately searching for food, Tracey comes upon some flowers behind some rocks. He looks them up in his book and realizes Pokémon do like them for food, he tries to pick them only to discover that the flowers were on a boy's head who was hiding behind the rocks. His name is Golzar and he seems not to happy about Tracey attempting to take his flowers. He challenges them to a battle, but Ash refuses because he's too hungry. After being taunted by Golzar, for the sake of his pride, Ash agrees to battle. He wants to choose Charizard to battle against Golzar's Gloom, but absent mindedly from his hunger picks Squirtle's Pokéball of his belt. He has Squirtle attack with water gun, but as expected is totally useless against Gloom. Ash picks another Pokéball, but drops it on the ground breaking it and it happens to be Snorlax's ball. Snorlax proceeds to try to eat Gloom (as seen in the picture)! Golzar rushes to call back Gloom. Then, Snorlax goes and eats the flowers off his head. Ash decides he needs to find a Pokémon Center to replace his broken Pokéball, Golzar informs them there's one close, but over a nearby mountain, making it near impossible to get Snorlax over it, and he runs off with a big flipping off in the eye toward Ash. Well, they start up the mountain using a log rolling technique where the boys pull and Misty continues to replace the log Snorlax is off of and place it by the head for Snorlax to continue to roll onto. This tires them quickly, especially Pikachu. Tracey pulls out an apple to use as bait to get Snorlax to run up the mountain, but upon dangling the apple over his head, Snorlax immediately inhales it. They dress Ash up as an Apple for Snorlax to chase, and while Ash is running for his life, Snorlax is actually bolting up the mountain! Soon enough, Ash trips and falls over, allowing Snorlax to try taking a bite, and he realizes it's a fake and goes back to sleep. Fortunately, they're up to the top of the mountain! Spotting a stream, they push Snorlax onto a thrown together raft to drift downstream to the other side. They encounter a waterfall, and fall to the bottom. Unbelievably surviving a 50 or so foot drop into 2-feet deep water!! They see the Pokémon center is right in front of them. Everyone on the island is in desperate need of food and a crate of it is being shipped in this very moment, until it's grabbed away into the forest by none other than Team Rocket. Coming upon Team Rocket, Meowth is in a robot Meowth suit, and they work it into a bargain between Team Rocket giving back the food in exchange for Pikachu. The people gang up on Ash really wanting them to give up Pikachu, but Golzar steps in to defend Ash and make them understand it isn't right. Ash battles Meowth in the robot suit, but Pikachu's electric attack is useless against his grounded suit. Snorlax comes in on the scene and battles against Meowth. All Meowth's robot attacks are useless and the final one sends Meowth flying into Snorlax's gut. Snorlax uses his *ultimate* navel-pop attack ^^;; and Meowth flies into Jessie and James who collectively fly into the water. Snorlax uses a hyper-beam attack and TR blasts off again. Later on, Nurse Joy presents Ash with a fixed Pokéball, Ash returns Snorlax to it, and Golzar has become Ash's friend.

Episode 108 (Pokémon Double Trouble)

Ash and co are headed towards the next island for the next gym to win the next badge. Ash is suddenly greeted by a mother mistaking Ash for her son Travis (in a similar fashion to the events of the start of Hypno's Naptime) After having thoroughly squished Ash into her breasts, and after staring at him for a while, she finally realizes that it isn't her son after all. So, then A giant Rhydon robot attacks all the people on the beach, being run by Jessie, James and Meowth. It's powered by Arbok and Lickitung with an automatic crack of the whip, and with Weezing at the head blowing out gas (because James was too lazy to teach it hyper-beam). It all seems hopeless as Arbok is sent forward to attack Ash with poison sting, but The lady's Alkazam teleports in at her command to block the attack, and to seal the robot's mouth shut. Ash's Charizard flames the giant robot which then explodes sending them blasting off again. Ash learns the lady is the Gym Leader, her name is Luanna. Ash goes to compete at the gym, which is also a hotel, to which the group get to stay while Ash has his competition. Prior to the match, they're in a hot tub discussing the upcoming match. Ash becomes overheated and turns bright red, and so they desperately take him out of the tub to cool off. When the match begins, Ash's team is Charizard and Pikachu, and Luanna's team is Alakazam and Marowak. Charizard and Pikachu don't seem to be getting along as a team and fight amongst themselves and refuse to help each other. They nearly lose the match, but as Pikachu sees Charizard struggling, he shocks Alakazam to set Charizard free. Marowak sends Pikachu flying with his attack, but Charizard catches Pikachu on his wing. They're finally working together and with Ash's direction for Charizard to fly upwards with Pikachu, as Alakazam is preparing a hyper-beam, Marowak's bone is returning just under them to hit Alakazam who loses control of the now large hyper-beam, which explodes in his face along with Marowak, knocking them both out. Ash wins the match and receives the final Orange League badge, the Jade Star badge.

Episode 109 (The Wacky Watcher)

Continuing to float through the water on Lapras, the group encounter a large school of Magikarp swimming by, as well as an odd individual following and studying them. The Magikarp are headed for a deserted island and they follow. Watching for the Magikarp, the odd man meets Ash and co. His name is Dr. Quackenpoker (or so I think I spell it that way..?? ^_^) He is watching the Magikarp. The group are watching as the Magikarp are swimming upstream, and trying to climb a waterfall to return home. Team Rocket see all the Magikarp, and decide to try to steal them thinking they could have a huge army of Gyarados after they evolved. They have nets, because they cannot afford Pokéballs (heh, must've spent ALL their money on the Meowth-bot and the Giant Rhydon-bot in the last two episodes ^_^) and James makes a catch. The Magikarp flips away, and within the net, drag the three of them into the water to wash downstream. They continue studying Magikarp as well as sitting down for a while to have a quick discussion about Pikachu and Ash's relationship and about Togepi, making it quite clear this guy knows about more than just Magikarp. Later, they are noticing the Magikarp are worried about something, and soon enough, TR's Magikarp sub starts swallowing all the Magikarp whole. It becomes too much for the sub to hold, and they start sinking, but after spitting a bunch out, float back up. In their latest plan, they start throwing Magikarp at the group, who try to catch them in their arms to prevent the Magikarp hurting themselves falling into the water??? So, with Ash's arms full, they steal Pikachu and put him under glass.. as usual. Ash attacks with Bulbasaur, except Jessie, James and Meowth keep passing Pikachu around amongst themselves. Then, James gets a Magikarp stuck on his head, to which they try to pull it off. Dr. Quackenpoker (or whatever) tries to stop them, because the Magikarp's grip is very strong and James is more likely to have his head pulled off. Calming down the Magikarp, it splashes off into the water. Team Rocket didn't want to give up and want to get Pikachu. Just then, all the Magikarp start evolving into Gyarados and it sends TR and their sub flying off into the sky. Tracey and Dr. Quackenpoker rush to count the amount of evolutions this time, and it's 70% of the Magikarp. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are surrounded by Gyarados in a episode ending situation they'll no doubt magically be out of by the next episode.

Episode 110 (The Stun Spore Detour)

Ash and Pikachu stand at the edge of a rock by the water, all excited about the upcoming battle, and then a huge wave from the sea looms over them and splashes down. Meanwhile, Tracey is studying a Vileplume and Ash is going to meet Tracey, but after meeting Tracey, trips on a rock and tumbles into him. They both land inside the Vileplume and breathe in the stun spore. Pikachu rushes to get help, and a clueless Misty doesn't understand Pikachu's desperation so quickly. She sees they've breathed in the stun spore, and they collapse. Misty and Pikachu bring them back to a cabin, and lays them down with a cold wet towel to bring the fever down. Meanwhile, James and Meowth are trying to get an Apple. After retrieving it with great difficulty, they bring it to Jessie, so she can stare at it. Jessie has breathed in some Vileplume stun spore as well, mainly because she was jumping through the flowers and kinda just landed head first into one. It was discovered by both groups that a Salveo weed boiled in water would cure stun spore, and both Misty and James/Meowth head out. James/Meowth encounter a Poliwag, which has a piece of Salveo weed stuck on it's tail, and so they try to capture it. However, Misty appears on the scene and defends the Poliwag. James/Meowth are defeated by Misty's Pokémon one after another (even Psyduck) and the Poliwag helps Misty get some weed from the bottom of the sea. On the way back to the cabin, James/Meowth set up some traps for Misty, but she ignores all of them because of her dedication to get the weed to Ash. James/Meowth move on to a more direct plan of James pretending to be a mother of a sick baby played by Meowth to get the weed from her to make Misty think the baby needs it. Meowth blows his cover and Poliwag helps Misty defeat them once again, but Misty leaves some weed behind because she realizes Jessie is sick and needs it. Both James/Meowth and Misty make it back to their respective cabins and cure Ash/Tracey and Jessie. Jessie demands they rush to the Ash/Misty/Tracey cabin so they can get Pikachu while Ash is down and Misty not be able to defend. James/Meowth are greatful to Misty for having provided them the cure for Jessie, so when they arrive, Jessie ends up fighting and losing once again. James/Meowth carry the electrically shocked, toppled body of Jessie away to bring the battle to an end.

Episode 111 (Hello, Pummelo)

Ash and co are headed toward Pummelo Island, and prepared to battle in the Orange League. Tracey spots a large Pokémon splashing through the water as they arrive on the island. One arriving, they head for an office to enter into the Orange League competition. Ash's badges are verified by the computer, and he is shown to the Orange League hall of fame, where trainers who were successful in winning have statues in their name. Ash finds out about the top Gym Leader, Drake, who has a Dragonite, which is what Tracey saw earlier when arriving at the island. Ash finds out he must battle using 6 of his Pokémon all at once in this match. Meanwhile, Team Rocket shows up to steal Drake's Dragonite. Dragonite uses a hyper-beam and they blast off again. Back with Ash and co, he calls out all his Pokémon to have a look, but when Snorlax comes out he does little more than fall asleep. At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy states that it will remain asleep for at least three more days, as it had just eaten an hour ago. Ash goes to exchange his Snorlax at the Pokéball transporter, and Professor Oak tells Ash what his choices are. He can get Kingler, Muk, or take one of his Tauros. Ash elects to pick a Tauros, and although never having battled with one before, he's sure Tauros will be fine. Meanwhile, they make a big deal about there being a "challenger" for Drake, and Jessie, James and Meowth get an idea that after the battle when Dragonite is weak, they will steal it then. The next morning, the battle begins against Drake, and he and Ash shake hands to start the battle. Ash is informed that the field he's battling on will be switched half way through and that he can switch Pokémon at any time, but Drake cannot. First, it's Pikachu against Drake's Ditto. First, Ditto transforms into Pikachu and it's a close battle between both of them. The rocks crumble beneath both Pokémon's feet and surprising Pikachu, he falls, but Ditto's been through this before and jumps the rocks just fine. Pikachu gets back up and attacks Ditto some more, although hurt, manages to defeat Ditto. Drake then selects an Onix to continue, to which Ash calls back Pikachu and sends Squirtle. Onix dives underground, so Ash directs Squirtle to dive into the water in the center of the field. Before Squirtle can make it, Onix bursts out of the ground sending Squirtle flying, and after a second attempt at getting in the water, Onix binds Squirtle. Squirtle then withdrawls into his shell and surprises Onix with a hydro pump attack. Onix is then easily defeated with a skull-bash attack and Squirtle is also exausted from the battle. Ash calls back Squirtle and then Drake sends out a Gengar. Misty and Tracey warn Ash from the sidelines that nothing is weak against ghost Pokémon. Ash decides to try out his Tauros against Gengar, but Gengar's confusion attack confuses Tauros into attacking rocks. Ash calls Tauros back and tries Lapras. Lapras does an ice beam attack which is countered by Gengar's night shade attack. The beams explode into each other, making a huge cloud of smoke. Is this it for Lapras? To be continued.....

Episode 112 (Enter The Dragonite)

The smoke on the field clears to reveal that both Lapras and Gengar are both unable to battle. As three of Drake's Pokémon have now been defeated, both Drake and Ash get a short break while they switch fields. The rock and water field disappears to reveal a sand field. Drake chooses a Venusaur to battle on the field, and Ash tries his Tauros again. He calls for a fissure attack, but Tauros' stomp simply gets his hoof stuck in the sand. After freeing himself, Tauros runs at Venusaur, but cannot seem to be effective because of the sand. They battle for a while, but Tauros comes out the winner, although extremely exausted. Drake then calls on Electabuzz, to which Ash chooses Bulbasaur to battle him with. Bulbasaur and Electabuzz battle it out for a while, and Bulbasaur seems to be able to take Electabuzz's attacks, but in the end after numerous electric attacks, Electabuzz comes out the winner. Ash now has two of his team down, but calls on Charizard to battle the Electabuzz. After they battle a while, Charizard defeats Electabuzz with a seismic toss. Then, down to only one Pokémon, Drake calls it out. (commercial break) ^_^, ahem, so we all knew it was Dragonite, didn't we? Anyway, Dragonite begins to battle, and it's very close between him and Charizard. Ash carefully instructing Charizard around manages to avoid Dragonite's Ice beam, Ash tells Charizard to do another seismic toss, and this time Dragonite takes the upper hand, slamming down on Charizard. Still able to battle, Charizard continues to fight against Dragonite, and after a Dragon Rage attack from Charizard and another flame attack from Dragonite, Charizard is just defeated as the smoke clears. Dragonite is quite tired too. Ash chooses Squirtle next, but is quickly defeated by Dragonite. Jessie, James and Meowth are watching, and see this as their chance to steal Dragonite. They proceed to do so, and get a net around Dragonite. Exausted as he is, Dragonite easily breaks free and get's Team Rocket out of the way. Back to the battle, Ash calls on Tauros to battle, and he manages to score a few hits to Dragonite and seriously tire him, but is defeated. Ash is down to his last Pokémon, Pikachu and he sends Pikachu out. Pikachu starts off with an agility attack, but Dragonite still overcomes, and powering up for a hyper-beam, it's headed towards Pikachu. Pikachu uses his tail to bounce away dodging the attack. Pikachu jumps onto Dragonite's head and just on time gives him his best thunder shock attack. Pikachu's on the ground, and is very tired. Staring at Dragonite staring at him. Dragonite falls to the ground.... defeated! Ash has won the match, a place in the Circle of Victory, and the Orange League trophy. He's very happy with himself and just can't wait to tell Brock!

Episode 113 (Viva Las Lapras)

Ash and Pikachu are very excited about winning that trophy and getting into the Orange League Hall of Fame. Suddenly, Lapras becomes excited and rushedly changes course to meet up with a school of Lapras, it happens to be the group Lapras was with before getting seperated from them back at Tangelo island. When Lapras catches up with them, they aren't too happy and in fact turn their backs on Lapras. Upset, Lapras tries to catch up, but they stop her with a mist attack. Back on the island they talk to Professor Oak about this, and he believes that maybe it was other humans in the area that were being cruel to the Lapras. Just then, Officer Jenny tells them there have been pirates in the area that were stealing the Pokémon in the area, despite the fact it is a protected zone. Ash immediately assumes it's Team Rocket, to which then they immediately hear the motto. They burst out of hospital room doors, all casted up. They had previously been blown away by pirates. It turns out the pirates, really are out there, and not just Team Rocket. Out at sea, these pirates start going after the Lapras group with cannon balls and then Pokéballs released with Tentacruel to weaken the Lapras. Then more Pokéballs are fired to catch the Lapras. Ash and co are heading back out, to try to make friends with the Lapras, Ash thinks he can win them over with his lovely smile. ^^; They see the Lapras, and as well the pirate ship which is attacking them. Ash sends Pikachu to attack the Tentacruel, but ends up shocking everyone in the water, including the Lapras and himself. This does get the Tentacruel's attention and the pirate ship starts firing cannon balls at Ash and co on the Lapras. Squirtle, Poliwag and other water Pokémon are called upon to knock out the pirate ship's big guns. Tracey hops off of Lapras holding onto Marill to swim back to shore to get some help. Meanwhile, Ash taunts the Tentacruel to get them to chase after him, sticking his ass in their general direction waving his hand in front with his tongue stuck out is certainly enough to get to the Tentacruel, who begin to chase him as Lapras swims away as fast as she can. Meanwhile, TR from below notice the Tentacruel to be gaining on Ash and as they close in, knock them out of the water sending good ol' Magikarp flying off again. So, as this is going on, Misty is on the pirate ship and seems to have things under control, got all the pirates tied up. The lead pirate commands all of the Tentacruel to use a sonic wave as Misty muzzles him up with her hand. The Tentacruel heard the order though, and proceed to screech Lapras and Ash and Pikachu out. Luckily, the other Lapras save them with numerous ice beams to freeze all of the Tentacruel. The Lapras family is reunited, as Ash's Lapras is accepted by her mother once again. Back by the pirate ship, a police boat has arrived, and Officer Jenny is there to arrest the pirates, and Jessie/James and Meowth for various crimes.. ^^; Ash relizes Lapras must stay with her family, and they play around a bit before parting. Lapras lifts Ash onto the police boat and swims off with the rest of them.

Episode 114 (The Underground Round Up)

So, they come to a point where there is a ferry that will bring Ash and co back to Pallet Town. They must cross a bridge to get to it, but discover a sign saying the bridge is unsafe, gutsy old Ash decided it'll be fine, and just as about to start, a big hole is blown around the middle of the bridge.. okay, so they go by boat. When they get to the other side, they discover an abandoned town. There is nobody anywhere, until they find that Togepi is playing with a Voltorb. Togepi is really happy with his new friend, but Misty isn't too happy to hear the Pokédex say that Voltorb will explode without warning. Just then, they see an Electrode come from behind the corner, and then suddenly see many Electrode everywhere. It becomes a run to avoid being blown up, but they become surrounded, then a strange cowboy looking guy from atop a roof, sends some Diglett to dig holes below the ground the Electrodes are on, and they all fall into the ground. The cowboy looking guy, whose name is Poncho brings Ash and co back to a small room where he explains the Electrode situation. A scientist was experimenting with some Voltorb to provide power for the city, but one got away. Then, they multiplied and became more plentiful and evolved and there were simply too many Electrodes in town for the people to live there. The city was being exploded all the time. So, everyone had to evacuate, and the mayor contracted Poncho to move in with his Diglett and take care of the situation. He proposes a solution of tunneling underground to deliver the Electrode to an open meadow where there is plenty of room and fewer explosions because of that. The mayor and the people are impatient though, and want the job done quicker. The phone then rings, so Misty picks it up, it's for Poncho. He answers, and it's the mayor calling to tell him he's fired and they're getting someone else to take care of the Electrode more quickly. Soon enough, the new Electrode removers arrive, it's none other than Team Rocket. Jessie and James propose a plan of simply getting all the Electrode to explode and to collect them all up for Team Rocket. So, they begin their strategy and there's nothing Ash and co can do to stop them, because of the mayor's contract, it's their legal right to be allowed to do this. Voltorb, who has been reasonably established as Togepi's friend, bounces over to stand in the way of Team Rocket, Togepi follows, and Pikachu follows to protect Togepi. Ash gets Pikachu to try a thunder shock, and as Ash should have realized by now, all of TR's equipment to ever be used for the rest of this series is always shock proof! Well, Poncho decides to use a Dugtrio of his to get rid of Team Rocket. Dugtrio plows below them and they go down deep into the ground complete with their Electrode removing robot thing. Of course, to redeem himself to the city, Poncho desperately gets all of his Diglett to dig those tunnels for all the Electrode to clear out into the meadow, and achieves this goal. The city is back in order, the people have returned, and Poncho is their hero. Ash is going to take the next ferry... to Pallet Town!

Episode 115 (A Tent Situation)

Ash and co have arrived back at Pallet Town. Tracey is particularly excited as he's so unbelievably close to a chance to meet the great Professor Oak. They decide to get lunch at Ash's house first. When they arrive at the house, they go in and say hi. The surprise comes when they hear an answer. Brock is the one to answer them. Misty and Ash are quite surprised, but Tracey is just confused and doesn't know who Brock is. They ask Brock why he is not on Valensia Island with Professor Ivy, and he just falls on the floor and turns blue, telling them to never mention that name. Ash says it again and Brock cringes some more. Ash's Mom comes in and Ash is thrilled to see her, but she seems more interested in Pikachu. They ask her why Brock is there, and she recalls walking home from the supermarket with Mimie. Then, she hear's someone, she walks back and hear's it again. After walking around back and forth a few times realizes she's stepping on someone. It turns out to be Brock. When Brock came back to her home, he was very helpful with the chores, and so he stayed. Well, Brock does the chores now, and it seems he's actually fighting Mimie for all the work. Trying to steal the broom so he can sweep instead of Mimie. Well, then they get onto discussing lunch and Tracey is growing impatient about meeting Prof. Oak. Which reminds Ash to get the GS Ball out to bring to Prof. Oak and he also shows his Mom the trophy he won at the Orange League. So, they are on their way to Oak's lab and Tracey has picked some sketches to show the Professor, and TR's spying on them. They decide they must get some Pokémon soon so they can go report to the boss. At Oak's lab, Tracey is so happy, they walk in and can't find him, they see him come out and Muk too. Ash gives Professor Oak the GS Ball, and he puts it in his Pokéball room. They give Tracey a tour of the facilities and Tracey starts to sketch Pokémon on the ranch. Oak takes a look and Tracey is beyond nervous about having him look at his sketches. They go back to his lab and he continues to glance through the sketches. Tracey is shaking really badly and then Brock asks Prof. Oak what he thinks, and Tracey is even more nervous. Just then, the whole place starts shaking as a tent is dropped on top of them from the Team Rocket balloon. They then burst in to claim all the Pokémon in the lab, and throw automatic ropes around everyone, preventing anybody from getting any Pokémon for defense. They bring in a giant vacuum hose to suck up all the Pokémon in the lab.. and just as the GS ball is taken, Someone is there in the nick of time to save them all. This person has a Nidoqueen and cuts the tent down to size. Then, revealing himself, he is Gary. Gary proceeds to battle and defeat Team Rocket, then gets Nidoqueen to break the ropes off of everyone. Gary brags about how great he is now, and Ash defends saying he won the Orange League competition. Gary decides to have a battle with Ash. Who will be the victor? Find out next time.. ^^;

Episode 116 (The Rivalry Revival)

So, Ash and Gary agree to have a battle. It's a short battle as they decide to go one on one with Pikachu against Gary's Eevee. Don't be fooled by that screencap, Eevee is doing a double team attack and Pikachu tries to shock the right Eevee, one by one eliminating the mirages and hitting the real Eevee. Well, the turnout of this battle, yes folks, Gary has beaten Ash, for real this time. Ash takes this defeat with Gary's typical arrogance and pride. Ash lays on a rock and Misty peaks over him, and informs Ash that Gary has gone off on a new journey. Back at Prof. Oak's lab, he is still trying to analyze the GS Ball, and can't come up with anything. Ash rushes in to ask Prof. Oak about Gary, and he confirms that Gary is indeed gone out. Back on topic of the GS Ball, it seems totally mysterious and they can't discover it's secrets. Ash interrupts this important GS Ball discussion to satisfy his own curiousness about Gary, and finds out that Gary has gone to compete in a new region called Johto. So, Ash vows that he will also go to the Johto region to compete in the Johto League and will become a Pokémon master! As well, Brock declares he will follow, and is indeed back! Prof. Oak gives Ash the GS Ball back, and tells him to take it to a person named Kurt, who invented Pokéballs. He is in Azalia town, and it's directly on the way to the Johto League, and the first town called New Bark Town, where the winds of new beginning blow! (and Prof. Oak's window blows open just then ^^) Which is where he can sign up to be in the Johto League. When Ash gets back to the house, his mom is packing his bags, and they decide to have a final celebrational meal. She sends Mimie off to get the groceries, but Brock goes too. They both forgot the list, so she sends Ash to go. Meanwhile, Team Rocket spot Gary coming by, and they plot to get him, but as they do their motto with a spectacular big set up, he just walks by and is long gone by the time the motto is finished. Back at Ash's house, they have their dinner, and Prof. Oak presents Ash with a brand new Pokédex and Tracey states he's staying with Prof. Oak now to be his aide. So, Team Rocket bust in dressed as news reporters, and eat the food, then use the camera to capture Pikachu. So, they almost get away, and Tracey saves Pikachu with Scyther and Marill, and Pikachu sends them off with a thunder bolt. Ash is in bed, excited about the Johto League adventure to begin the next day, Pikachu equally happy. The next day comes, and Ash, Misty and Brock are off. Here comes the Johto League! ^.^

Episode 117 (Don't Touch That 'dile)

The group are walking through the woods, it is deep, dark, foggy, and mysterious. Ash notices a strange glowing Pokémon off in the distance. It leaps away, and they can't find out what it is. Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth are very hungry and wandering through the dark foggy woods. The fog clears, and they run to find a building they think is a school. Well, they get inside to discover it's a Pokémon lab, run by Professor Elm. He thinks it's Nurse Joy that came in, and Jessie fools him by putting on a Nurse Joy voice. They get away with a Totodile which was supposed to be checked out by Nurse Joy. Meanwhile, Ash and friends arrive at the Pokémon center to register for the Johto League. They can't find her, but only Chansey and a recording of her saying she'd be back by 2. It was 4:30pm and she still wasn't back. They went off to look and found a big police investigation underway at the New Bark Town Pokémon lab. It seems a Pokémon has been stolen. Nurse Joy is inside telling off Professor Elm and that he should've paid more attention to his surroundings. Well, Brock, who already failed to come on to Officer Jenny outside (because Misty pulled him away), bolted into the lab to see Nurse Joy and find out what happened. Ash and Misty followed him. They find out that someone had stolen a Totodile that was to be given to a new trainer for the next day. Ash recalls his day when he started, how he was so excited to start, and we can't forget the part about sleeping in until 4pm, right Ash? So, they decide to track down the theives. A sample of footprints was retreived, and the investigation was on. It didn't take long for Ash and co. to find Team Rocket and Totodile firmly gripping onto Jessie's hair. They have a battle with Ash, and lose, as usual. Bulbasaur was able to retrieve Totodile, and they went back to the lab. Ash got registered for the Johto League, and the gang were off towards the first Johto Gym.

Episode 118 (The Double Trouble Header)

Continuing on their journey through the forest towards Violet city, where the first gym is. They come upon a girl who's battling in the wild against a Rattata with her Chikorita. Upon defeating the Rattata they celebrate in a little dance. When they see they are being watched, the girl flips out and bolts for Ash and co, only to show how thrilled she is to see Pikachu. She tells them her name is Casey, she comes from a family who all are dedicated supporters of the Electabuzz baseball team. Ash gets into an argument with her about that baseball team being good or bad, and so they have a pokémon battle. Casey is a very new trainer, and so her Pokémon have had little experience, so Ash easily takes the match, with Charizard, and too much pride. Casey can only run away crying. While running she bumps into Team Rocket. She tells them about her defeat, and they give her a fake story about Ash always cheating against unknowing trainers. They trick her into battling Ash again at a baseball field believing that Ash had cheated her last time and she was going to settle things. So, hiding in the scoreboard, and with some silly cheering mini-robot crowds. Team Rocket proceed to steal Pikachu, but are defeated by Ash. They part with Casey, and continue on through the forest.

Episode 119 (A Sappy Ending)

As the group continue on their unending quest of wandering through the forest, they see a group of Heracross sucking sap from a tree. Ash wants to catch one for himself, but is stopped by a man in the forest. The Heracross are chased off by Pinsir that are attacking them for sap. They discover that the Pinsir are not supposed to be there, and that they are supposed to live in another nearby forest which has more of the same trees. They decide to go on a journey to the other side to find out what is going on. They come to a cliff edge where the other forest is seperated. Heracross has been following them, and knocks over a tree to allow them to cross, and so he could suck the sap out of it. They reach the other side, and they see a big mechanical Pinsir. It's Team Rocket, and they are stealing the sap from the tree. They explain that they were going to open a pancake house and use the sap on the pancakes because they had discovered how good it tastes. They were desperate for food one day and saw the trees, and tried the sap. They fought against Ash and co with the mechanical Pinsir, but Heracross stepped in and defeated it. The Pinsir returned to their forest and the Heracross had their own forest once again. As they were leaving to continue on their way, Heracross followed. Heracross agreed to join up with Ash, and so he caught Heracross in a pokéball.

Episode 120 (Roll on, Pokémon!)

Continuing through the forest, they come upon a Donphan. Ash and Brock have an argument over who should be able to catch it. Just as it starts to wander off, Brock starts with Onix. The Donphan is able to roll and defeat Onix, so Ash tries with Heracross, and is successful in attacking it. Just then, a girl steps in saying it belongs to her and accusing him of trying to steal it. Brock comes right on to her to find out her name is Rochelle. All the Donphan in the area belong to this girl, so Ash can't catch any. Meanwhile, Team Rocket disguised as forest rangers are trotting through the area with a plan to steal a Donphan. They found out from some other guys that a Donphan can sniff out Amberite, a precious mineral in the area. They come across Rochelle training her youngest Donphan to try finding it. Without noticing what was actually going on rushed in to steal it and float away with their balloon. They try getting it to find Amberite, and James even gives it a shrub to snack on to make it like them better. It just can't seem to find anything. Rochelle meets Ash and co again saying her Donphan was stolen. Describing the theives as a guy, a girl, and a talking Meowth is sufficient for them to realize it was Team Rocket. Rochelle summons all of her Donphan with a whistle, and she really has a lot of them. They go to find the lost one. With success, they come upon Team Rocket and the Donphan. Team Rocket battle to stop them from taking back Donphan, but lose once again, to blast off. After recovering little Donphan, they see how an adult Donphan finds Amberite by smelling around and charging at the rock. Ash and Rochelle battle, Heracross against an adult Donphan. Ash loses, but puts up a good fight. They continue on their way, Brock in tears from leaving Rochelle.

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