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Episode Guide (Eps 76-90)

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)

Episode 76 (Fire and Ice)

Ash wins his second battle in the rock arena, as Squirtle defeats Nidorino. After the battle, Ash decides to go off to find something to eat as he and Pikachu are both starved. He leaves his other Pokémon behind to eat as well, although Misty and Brock feel he should have taken them to a Pokémon Center. They catch up with Ash, Pokéballs in hand, to tell Ash to take them to the center. They cannot because the center is filled up. After deciding to go looking for another center, Ash spots a restaurant. He arrives inside to find there is plenty of food there, except he has no money. Fortunately, they are offering free meals to participants in the Pokémon League and Ash gets the food for free. After a nice meal, and another close call for Togepi (where Pikachu saves the day as usual), they head out to notice Brock is missing. They find him out on the street watching all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennies passing by. They then find a finger from the alley summoning them. They discover a hidden Pokémon Center, or so they think. Ash gives in his Pokémon, before noticing that Brock is not reacting the way he should when a Nurse Joy is around. They discover it is Team Rocket and they are getting away with Ash's Pokémon. The center turns into their balloon and they start to float away, until Onix stops them and brings back Ash's Pokémon. Then after piercing their balloon, Team Rocket is let off to blow away. Back in the competition in the ice arena, Ash is winning until the competitor calls out an Arcanine. The battle is hard as Arcanine melts the ice all around leaving Pikachu no place to run. Pikachu dives, shocks, and wins the battle.

Episode 77 (The Fourth Round Rumble)

Gary is battling his fourth match of the Pokémon League. His Nidoking is battling against a Golem. After a little fighting, Nidoking is defeated and Gary is out of the Pokémon League. This defeat makes Ash nervous that he too may lose his fourth battle. Brock tells him not to give up, and so he does not. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are trying selling things to get money. They seem to be good at it as they sell out of official Pokémon League badges. Meowth is up to his usual tricks and they are not official. He is in fact making them out of bottle caps. They decide to try a distraction with some fake Pikachu being taken away by their balloon. A couple of Officer Jennies spot the balloon and Growlithe takes it down. Jessie and James were going to use the distraction to allow them to steal all the spectators Pokémon with a vacuum. The Jennies notice their vacuum and ticket it. Team Rocket run for cover and disguise themselves as snack salesmen and start selling hot-dogs and ice-cream. Ash enters his last arena before he can battle in the Indigo arena. His opponent Jeanette starts with a Beedrill. Ash fights the Beedrill with his Bulbasaur. After a few close calls, Bulbasaur leech seeds it to victory. Next, Bulbasaur battles Scyther. Again it is close, but Bulbasaur wins again. Then, Jeanette brings out a Bellsprout. Ash believes it is going to be an easy win, but surprisingly to everyone Bellsprout defeats Bulbasaur. Ash sends Pikachu to take care of Bellsprout, but poor Pikachu is knocked out cold by Bellsprout's thin twig arm. Luckily before battle, Ash had gotten his Muk and this was his last hope for this match. Muk proves to be invulnerable to Bellsprout's attacks. Muk moves towards the helpless Bellsprout and smothers it. Ash has won his fourth match, and it is on to the central Indigo arena. After the match, Jessie and James found they had a successful day, and sold many hot-dogs and ice-cream. They are quite pleased with their ability to sell.

Episode 78 (A Friend In Deed)

Ash and the gang are going to find a place to eat. After a successful fourth win, Ash is getting ready for his fifth battle. He does not know who he is up against yet. His mom invades the kitchen inside the restaurant and starts making something for Ash. Her cooking is great, leaving the chef asking for the recipe. They all have a nice meal. Later as Ash is getting on the elevator to go back outside, a boy named Richie is rushing to catch the elevator as well. Ash stops the door for him and he gets on. They are going down, just as the power goes out. They are trapped in the elevator, but Richie has a plan to get Pikachu to power the elevator the rest of the way down. Once they get out, they hear an announcement that they have to get their Pokémon inspected by the Pokémon League or they will be disqualified from the competition. It is really another plan of Team Rocket to steal everybody's Pokémon. They fool everyone and get all the Pokémon until Pikachu shocks Jessie as she tries to pick him up, and so they reveal themselves. They successfully get away, but Ash and Richie chase after them. Ash decides to dive down the mountain, but Richie stops him. Ash becomes mad at Richie, as they continue the chase. They leap out in front of the van. James swerves aside, falling over into a stream. The van is still going and Jessie and Meowth are okay. Unfortunately, James was knocked unconscious by the fall. Jessie manages to steer them to safety. Later on Ash is sorry for becoming mad at Richie, realizing that his life was saved. The two boys camp out for the night. The following morning they find Team Rocket and the stolen Pokémon. Jessie and James wake up to discover them, and lock the door. They start driving away. Ash searches the bag for one of his Pokémon, but cannot find which ones are his. Pikachu finds Bulbasaur, but Bulbasaur cannot seem to penetrate the wall. Richie calls out his Charmander, which gets through the wall. Ash and Richie eventually succeed in getting all the Pokémon back, and return to the League building to find out who Ash is battling for the fifth round. It turns out to be Richie... Both of them friends, both with ambitions of becoming the greatest trainer in the world.

Episode 79 (Friend and Foe Alike)

Ash is to battle Richie in the next round of the Pokémon League competition. Misty is looking up some information on the computer about him. She finds that Richie won all of his first four rounds with just one Pokémon. Ash goes to the Pokémon Center and finds Richie there who was just picking up his Pokémon. Ash promises Richie a great battle the following day. Ash picks up his Pokémon and returns to the small house where he is staying to sleep for the night. The next day, they receive a phone call. It is Richie's voice, and rudely insults Misty over the phone. She hands it to Ash, and the voice tells Ash to meet him outside at a specific location and to bring Pikachu. When Ash arrives, he finds Richie (it is a dummy, except Ash thinks it is really Richie) and suddenly is trapped by Team Rocket. They throw him in their van and drive away, keeping Ash from the competition. Ash escapes using Squirtle to flood the van, and Team Rocket are up to their eyeballs in water. The back bursts open, and Ash starts to run back to be in time for the competition. Team Rocket get in his way again, bent on keeping him away from the league competition. He uses Bulbasaur and Pikachu to whip and shock them. He continues towards the league, but Team Rocket catch up on bicycles. They use Weezing to smog him out, but he hops on a bicycle and continues along. They catch up to him in their balloon and hook the bicycle. They start to float away, and so Pikachu is carried up by Pidgeotto to give them another big shock. Pidgeotto then starts to carry Ash toward the stadium. Meanwhile, back at the stadium after already being given ten additional minutes after the battle was supposed to start, they are about to declare that Ash has forfeit the match. Just as they almost declare Richie the winner, Ash shows up floating toward the stadium in the Team Rocket balloon. They begin the battle, and Ash sends Squirtle against Richie's Butterfree named Happy. Squirtle loses, and so Pikachu leaps out to battle and defeats Happy. Richie calls his Charmander and it defeats Pikachu. Ash is out of reliable Pokémon, as Bulbasaur would lose for sure, and so he desperately sends out Charizard. Charizard actually battles, and defeats Charmander. Richie lastly sends out his Pikachu named Sparky. Charizard blows Sparky around a bit, deeming it to not be a worthy opponent and lays down for a nap. Since Charizard refused to battle Sparky won, and Ash was defeated by Richie. Despite his immense disappointment, Ash looks up and congratulates Richie, and they are still friends in the end.

Episode 80 (Friends to the End)

Ash is sad about his loss at the Pokémon League. He is not speaking to anyone, and when Misty comes in to try to cheer him up it quickly turns into an argument between the two. Pikachu brings a quick finish to the argument with a thundershock on everyone. Ash and the gang decide to head out to cheer on Richie for his sixth round. Richie fights the match hard, and unfortunately loses. After coming out of the match, Richie is determined to try harder for next year which inspires Ash to do just the same. As they talk, both of their Pikachu play behind them until they fall into a hole dug by Team Rocket. They rush to save their Pikachu, but fall into another hole. Ash struggles to get out, but upon sliding back down, the hole collapses into deeper inside the ground. Jessie and James fish out the two Pikachu from the other hole and trap them in a cage. They get out of the hole with the help of their Pokémon Pidgeotto and Happy, and defeat Team Rocket. Back at the Pokémon League, they receive their badges for participating and are treated to a great display of fireworks. Team Rocket try to dig below the arena to get in, but end up being blown away along with the fireworks. Ash says goodbye to Richie and proceeds back home to Pallet Town.

Episode 81 (Pallet Party Panic)

Back in Pallet Town, Ash is congratulated with a party for representing the town so well in the Pokémon League. The gang decide to have their Pokémon out for the party, as they deserve recognition as well for their hard work. Charizard stays inside, for obvious reasons. Ash goes to a food stand to order for the party. It is secretly run by Team Rocket. Jessie, James, and Meowth spice up the food to an extreme to distract the people and take their Pokémon. They fail, and get a taste of their own recipe. They convert their stand into the balloon. They have managed to steal Pikachu and are floating away with Pikachu dangling below. Ash tries to stop them. Pidgeotto bursts the balloon, but they have a backup and continue to float. They begin to drop piles of bombs on the party, and the people scatter to escape being blown to bits. In a desperate move, Ash sends out Charizard who is more interested in lunch than saving Pikachu. That is, until one of Team Rocket's bombs explodes on the food table which makes Charizard furious. Charizard flies up towards the balloon. They toss some more bombs, and Charizard flings the bombs right back at them. The balloon explodes, and Ash get back Pikachu. After the incident, as proof he still is not obedient Charizard blows a huge fireball at Ash burning him to a crisp. Back at Oak's lab, Ash is asked to go to the Valencia Islands to help Professor Ivy with a problem. On their way out of Pallet Town, they are attacked by a Fearow which is the same Spearow that Ash had thrown the rock at in the first episode. Ash ends up in the same tree that Team Rocket crashed into, and are glared upon by some Pidgey and Pidgeotto who are hiding from the other Spearow. Ash shakes Team Rocket out of the tree, and calls out Pidgeotto to lead them out of the tree. The Fearow attacks hurting Pidgeotto. Determined to win, it evolves into Pidgeot who then defeats the Fearow. Pidgeot stays behind to guard the Pidgey and Pidgeotto from that Fearow and the gang continue on their way towards the Valencia Islands.

Episode 82 (A Scare in the Air)

The gang stop at a convenience store to pick up enough food and supplies to last them the year's four month journey to the islands. They spot a booth where they are having a contest and the lucky winner gets a free ride to Valencia Islands by blimp. Ash gets really lucky and wins it. They approach the Blimp which seems broken down and old looking. It is secretly controlled by Team Rocket's blimp brigade. Jessie and James guide them to their first class seats. Jigglypuff hitches a ride, too. The blimp is very tippy and Team Rocket cannot control it. After stabilizing, Misty notices Togepi is missing. They search everywhere, but first spot Jigglypuff under a white sheet that they think is a ghost. Misty spots Togepi high up and goes after it, Bulbasaur helping her to keep balance on the thin rails. Misty saves Togepi. They then try to keep the blimp stable until they land at the island.

Episode 83 (Pokéball Peril)

They are on the island, and they are searching for Professor Ivy. They find some girls and ask them where he is. They are directed to a girl, where they see a Gyarados who she has trained. She shows them the GS Ball which is a mysterious Pokéball with special properties that they cannot open. It cannot be transported. They tell Professor Oak about it over the phone. They are to give it to Professor Oak for examination. They go out to look at some of the Pokémon on the island. They notice they look different, which is because of the different climate on the island. There is a Butterfree that won't eat, but Brock prepares something it will eat because it tastes good. Brock proceeds to clean up the girls' kitchen and do some other things. He joins Ivy on a late night observing session, as they watch the Vileplume spread their pollen. A Raticate gets in the way and begins to suffer. Ivy leaps out to save it, but gets caught in the pollen. They are both rushed to Nurse Joy who tells them they are going to both be okay. The gang begin to head off, except Brock decides to stay behind and take care of things. They proceed back to find the blimps looking new and fresh. When they get on board, Team Rocket trap Ash and Misty in the cage. They make a few jokes about Ash and Misty loving each other. They both blush, and Jigglypuff jumps out to start singing. Team Rocket make it off the blimp with Jigglypuff riding on the top of their parachute. Ash, Misty and their Pokémon are trapped on the blimp.

Episode 84 (The Lost Lapras)

The blimp crashes on an island which they believe to be deserted. They are suddenly surprised by a small group of elderly tourists who are specifically interested in Pikachu. They arrive in Pokémon Park, a tourist destination on the island. They spot a group of guys beating on a Lapras with a stick. They rush to stop it, and it starts a Pokémon battle. They are interrupted by a boy named Tracey who is studying the Pokémon. He makes a few comments on the health of each of the Pokémon, then comes upon Pikachu and asks to measure Pikachu's voltage. The gang behind him attack, and Pikachu chases them all away with a thunder bolt. A demonstration good enough for Tracey. They enter the Pokémon Center to help Lapras, and they notice a sign that is advertising the Orange League. In order to enter the Orange League you must first defeat the Orange Crew, and then you can compete at various gyms throughout the Orange League. Ash is excited at the possibility of competing in this, and rushes to phone Professor Oak to ask if he'd mind a delay in getting the GS Ball. Tracey is excited to see Ash and Misty talking to Professor Oak. He always wanted to meet Professor Oak, and so he decides to come along with Ash and Misty so he can go to Pallet Town to meet him. They try to think of ways to make Lapras feel better (even a lullaby), but Jigglypuff takes that as her cue and puts everyone to sleep plus scribbles. After waking up, Team Rocket burst in with a trap and attempt to steal Lapras. They begin to ride away as Ash and the gang catch up to them with bicycles with the help of Tracy's Venonat locating them. They jump onto the truck, manage to get rid of Team Rocket, and try to steer the free rolling back of the truck around a few edges of the cliff. They make it, and Lapras gains a trust for Ash, and decides to go with him.

Episode 85 (Fit To Be Tide)

Ash, Misty, and Tracey riding on Lapras decide to go to Maikan Island to compete in one of the Orange League gyms. When they arrive, Ash discovers a coconut on the ground. Hungry, he picks it up, and water splashes down on him. It was a trap set by the little brother of the Maikan gym leader. She accepts Ash's challenge for a gym match, and they enter the gym. Ash is surprised to find out that this is a test of skill rather than a battle. The first skill match is knocking down drink cans with a water gun attack. Ash uses Squirtle against her Seadra. They tie this match. They then try to hit plates shot into the air. Ash ties with the gym leader yet again. Then, they decide to have a race in the water. The first one around the pole wins. Ash uses Lapras against her Blastoise. Before the match can begin, Team Rocket intrude, and tell of their hard time sinking to the bottom in their Mecha-Magikarp. Then, they steal Blastoise and get away. They are stopped again because they cannot peddle their submarine. This is because there are still weeds stuck in the propeller in the back. They push very hard, but simply break the peddles. Blastoise swims out and returns to the shore dragging Team Rocket along. They are defeated and blast off again as usual, and the race begins. It is a close race all the way, both Pokémon using various techniques to gain the advantage. Near the end, Lapras uses an ice beam to freeze the water in front and slides all the way to victory, but only by a nose. Ash receives the badge, which is shaped like a seashell as all Orange League badges are. They all ride off on Lapras towards another island.

Episode 86 (Pikachu Re-Volts)

The group are headed towards Mandarin Island on Lapras. When they arrive there, they see a person being attacked by some Pokémon. As they go to investigate; Pikachu stops, turns around, and attacks Ash. Togepi jumps out of Misty's arms. Then a group of Magnemite surround Ash, shocking him. To create a distraction, an Electrode rolls by and explodes in front of Ash. When the smoke clears Pikachu and Togepi are gone. They find out from Officer Jenny that the same thing has happened to many others. They believe it is some sort of psychic Pokémon behind all of this, because Jenny's Gastly is not effected. Meanwhile, Jessie and James are on the island and Meowth suddenly goes bad. They follow him to the source of all this, it is the work of Butch and Cassidy. They argue over the correct way to say the motto. They then send their evil Pokémon on Jessie and James. When they wake up a bit later after being unconscious they are with Ash and the group and Officer Jenny. Although not wanting to help, they agree to tell them who is behind this and come up with a plan. Jessie and James return to the building with a huge cart of Pokéballs. The rest of the gang are hiding inside. Once in; Ash, Misty, Tracy, and Officer Jenny burst out of the cart. The brainwashed Pokémon begin to attack, and Ash rushes to get Pikachu. Gastly protects Ash from the attacks, and he gets to Pikachu. Ash taunts Pikachu into attacking him, and he dodges the thunderbolts. Ash rushes towards the machine that which have been amplifying the Drowzee's psychic waves that have been causing all of this. Pikachu's thunderbolt, besides shocking Ash, destroys the machine. Pikachu and all the other Pokémon revert to their normal selves and return to their trainers. Outside of the place, they battle Butch and Cassidy. Drowzee tries a metronome attack, and Togepi starts one simultaneously. The whole building explodes, and it was because of Togepi's metronome. After receiving an award, Ash and the others get back on Lapras to head for the next island.

Episode 87 (The Crystal Onix)

While going through the water, the gang encounter a note in a bottle. Ash opens it and reads about someone wanting to see someone who knows about a Crystal Onix. Ash is interested, and heads for the island. He finds a little girl who is selling little glass figures at a stand and is not successful. They are all figures made by her older brother. They go to meet him and he complains that he can't make a good glass statue. He says that his grandfather who made great glass statues always got his inspiration from a real Crystal Onix. The gang agree to help him find the Onix. First, Tracey uses Venonat to look for it but only comes upon some piled up chunks of earth. Then, Tracey calls out his Marill. Marill leads them to an island where it thinks Crystal Onix is. Before getting to it, they fall into a trap by Team Rocket who rush ahead and get caught in all the other traps they had set for Ash and the gang. Then, they pass Team Rocket stuck in their own traps to get underground. Marill swims around looking. Then, after some looking and calling, Crystal Onix comes out. The boy starts to battle the Onix using water attacks. They have no effect, but then he realizes he can be successful if he uses heat. He calls out a Charmeleon, and manages to weaken the Onix. Just before it is about to fall, it gives him the perfect inspiration. It then crashes into the water. Back at the shop, he makes his inspiration. He is making it as a gift for Ash. Walking away to leave the island, Ash looks to admire his new crystal Pikachu.

Episode 88 (In The Pink)

The gang are continuing through the Orange Archipelago on Lapras just as they are swallowed up into a big whirlpool. They land on Pinkan Island and follow Tracey up a cliff where they find a pink Rhyhorn. Tracey hides and draws a sketch of it. Ash walks up to it and it gets scared so it attacks. They are near the edge of the cliff just as Togepi waves its arms and they are teleported out of harms way. Unfortunately, the Rhyhorn falls over without the gang there to block it. Officer Jenny comes by and informs them they cannot be there because it is a protected Pokémon reserve. They bring the Rhyhorn back up and it was not hurt. Meanwhile, Team Rocket landed on the island and began searching for pink Pokémon. They spot a pink Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is always pink, so it is no good. They wander around and soon discover there are tons of them and all rare because of their pink color. They attempt to capture two pink Nidoran, but are stopped by a pink Nidoking. Just then, Officer Jenny and the group arrive in a van to find the enraged Nidoking. They try to stop it with other Pokemon, but that does not work. Again, Togepi saves them with a barrier attack and it stops Nidoking long enough for them to get out of the van and Jenny to tries to stop Nidoking. Eventually, she gets a rope around it and things are okay. After things are all tied up, they leave the island and promise not to tell people about it for fear someone wants to capture Pokemon from the island to use for shows.

Episode 89 (Shell Shock!)

The group are travelling through the ocean on Lapras, and are splashed aside by a boat. They try to see what's going on and land on an island where they are searching for some fossilized Kabuto. They offer to help in an imposing sort of way, so the Nurse Joy in charge of the operation lets them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is following them hoping to steal the Kabuto. As the group walk by, we see the shadow of a mysterious man, who is later responsible for setting off a large boulder to crush them. They are saved by a pair of Machoke who toss the boulder aside, and it heads toward Team Rocket below, hits James, and sends him hurdling into a seemingly bottomless pit (although he's mysteriously just fine as he shows up later in this episode). So, later several large boulders are headed their way, and are then saved by Rhydon drilling through. At this point, it's getting suspicious as Pikachu sees a shadowy figure running away. They chase it and catch him. He then tells them to leave the island. He warns of the red moonlight, that disaster will strike and island will collapse into the ocean. They ignore him, and continue onward to search. They find a cave and there are masses of fossilized Kabuto inside, the find is impressive, but Team Rocket intrude, and steal all the Kabuto fossils in a huge net. Just as they're lifting off, the moon is glowing red, and the Kabuto fossils come to life. They surround everyone, burst Team Rocket's balloon, so they are sent flying off. The rest of the group escape from the cave to notice the island is sinking, and that it was actually based on and formed around the fossilized Kabuto, and now that they've come alive, the foundation is gone. They rush to build a raft out of the trees in the forest, and set sail just in time for the island to collapse.

Episode 90 (Stage Fight!)

Ash and friends come upon a Pokémon showboat. They are running a show inside, and so they go to see it. They watch as all the Pokémon start talking and act out a play. They are very impressed that the Pokémon can talk, so meanwhile, Togepi wanders off from Misty, and goes backstage. They follow Togepi backstage to notice that the Pokémon aren't actually talking, but rather there are voice actors backstage performing the voices to the Pokémon's mouth movements. A girl who is supposed to be part of the show notices Pikachu and Ash together, and comments on how lucky they are that they get along so well. She isn't doing so well with her Raichu. By request of someone else on the boat, Ash tries to help Raichu and her get along better. It doesn't help until Team Rocket intrude and she jumps to save Raichu from hitting against a wall. Team Rocket threaten to explode the boat if they don't follow their orders, so they agree. All tied up, they go to try to make friends with the Pokémon they're stealing, but they aren't exactly thrilled to be friends. Hitmonchan punches James in the face real hard given a nod by it's tied up master peeking in. Then all the Pokémon agree to do the voice thing with all their voice actors standing behind Team Rocket. As they start to 'talk' Meowth quite suddenly becomes sympathetic with them, remembering the hard times he went through learning to talk. So, James calls on Victreebel who only bites onto his head again, so Jessie orders Weezing to blow gas, and ends up choking everyone. So, after Raichu and the girl make up, they finally defeat Team Rocket. After the event, it seems one of the actors lost his voice, and can't do the show, so Raichu and the girl, as well as Ash and Pikachu volunteer to fill the spot. They sing (the show's theme song?) to entertain the audience, and seem quite happy to do so.

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)