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Episode Guide (Eps 151-165)

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150)

Episode 151 (The Totodile Duel)

Ash and the gang are fishing for water Pokémon. Ash finds it boring though, and so Misty decides she's going to try her Misty lure bait. It's a special lure that looks like Misty. Just as they think they've caught something, it turns out to be just a tea pot. They aren't having much success, but a Totodile appears on a rock in the middle. Misty and Ash both want to catch it. Misty quickly casts out her Misty lure bait, and Totodile bites right onto it. Totodile spits it back out though because he doesn't want to be reeled in. Ash tries tossing a Pokéball, and it seems to have caught Totodile, but then he breaks free and jumps onto shore with the rest of them. Totodile runs off and finds itself rather hungry. Team Rocket have finally gotten themselves a small meal, a package of brown rice balls. They seem to be okay, and when Totodile comes, he swallows all the rest of their rice balls and runs off. Ash and Misty see the Totodile again, and Misty decides she'll use her lure ball on it. Ash sees this and decides that he'll do the same. They both toss their lure balls and one of them captures Totodile successfully, but it was behind a bush so they don't know whose ball caught it. Ash and Misty fight over the one they know has the Totodile in it, both claiming it as their own. Brock gets in the middle, and declares they must have a battle to determine who gets to keep Totodile. The first battle Ash fights with Pikachu. Misty chooses Togepi to battle, knowing how Pikachu is always caring for Togepi. Of course, the match starts and with all of Togepi's charm Pikachu cannot bare to hurt Togepi. Misty very cheaply wins the first round. The 2nd round is Chikorita against Staryu. Both Pokémon fight long and hard for their trainers, but Chikorita is able to grab onto Staryu with her vines and whip Staryu hard to the ground and winning. The final round is Bulbasaur against Poliwag. Bulbasaur seems to claim easy victory over Poliwag, until it suddenly evolves into Poliwhirl. The battle resumes and it almost seems like Poliwhirl could win this, but Bulbasaur stands firm powering up for a Solarbeam and finishes the battle that way, claiming victory for Ash. Team Rocket then show up with a plan to steal Pokémon since weakened by the battle, but Totodile which Ash had earned here was ready to battle and not tired at all. Totodile takes care of Team Rocket and they blast off again. Misty is glad to have a Poliwhirl for her Pokémon.

Episode 152 (Hot Matches!)

Approaching a Pokémon center, some kid bumps into them with a hurt Growlithe. He'd battled this trainer up in the mountains who's challenging everyone that passes by. Ash can't resist a challenge like that, and so he and the group head up the hill. When they get up there, they see a girl standing at the top. Brock rushes to do his usual patented *pretty girl* routine and this girl, named Mickey in fact turns out to be a Pokémon trainer, THE Pokémon trainer who's been challenging people. She starts off battling against Brock. Her Pokémon is Skarmory, and Brock uses Vulpix. Skarmory is able to defeat Vulpix easily, despite the type disadvantage and Brock bows out gracefully. Ash is the next challenger and he uses his Cyndaquil. Again, Skarmory is at a disadvantage. Cyndaquil isn't exactly ready to battle though. As has been the case since Ash first got Cyndaquil, he can't get his flame going and therefore must spend the first half of every battle dodging attacks. When it finally comes down to it and he gets his flame going, it seems he can't hit Skarmory and just as it seems certain that Cyndaquil has lost, out of nowhere both Skarmory and Cyndaquil are grabbed with metal claws. It is the work of Team Rocket, just as they show up in their balloon. By Mickey's command, it seems Skarmory is able to free herself as Brock is right there to catch her. Cyndaquil isn't so lucky though, and Team Rocket float away at least with Cyndaquil. Ash chases after the balloon as best he can, but it's no good. Skarmory swoops out of nowhere and slashes into their balloon. Ash gets back Cyndaquil and Team Rocket is blasting off again. Back in a cabin, they discuss Pokémon training and Ash learns how Mickey trains with her Skarmory. She endures blows from her Skarmory to become stronger along with her Pokémon. Ash is quite impressed with this type of training, and the next morning he's off without breakfast to give it a try. Cyndaquil's attacks and defense are addressed and Cyndaquil is able to develop a better Tackle and Agility. Ash is getting hungry and they encounter an apple tree. Ash picks, but since he's dumb he picked the apple behind the bush. Of course, A Beedrill already had claim to this apple, and was not happy at all. A swarm of Beedrill start to attack, but in response to that Cyndaquil is able to get his flame going instantly to fend off the attack. Ash and Cyndaquil continue to train and Cyndaquil becomes quite proficient at using his flame. Ash returns to the cabin where the others are and he challenges Mickey to a battle. It starts off as a frenzy of dodging each others attacks. When it finally comes down to it Cyndaquil unleashes a full power Flamethrower attack as Skarmory is plunging towards him for a Steel Wing. Amazingly, Skarmory plows right through the fire and hits Cyndaquil dead on. Skarmory is able to hit poor Cyndaquil a second time with the Steel Wing attack. Cyndaquil is hurting, but gets back up. Mickey is very impressed that Cyndaquil was able to keep going after enduring two Steel Wing attacks. Mickey isn't quitting yet as she orders a Fury Attack which Cyndaquil continues to dodge. After ordering Skarmory to hit with one last Steel Wing, Cyndaquil is able to jump high dodging it, and Skarmory slams into a rock. Cyndaquil doesn't stop and hits Skarmory with Flamethrower and Tackle. Cyndaquil has defeated Skarmory and Ash is the winner of this battle. Mickey decides afterwards that she'll be traveling to face Gym Leaders and to compete in the Johto League, since she can gain more experience that way.

Episode 153 (Love, Totodile Style)

The gang are at the water and letting their Pokémon play. Ash lets out Totodile who certainly likes to show off. Totodile spots an Azumarill sitting by the water singing a song. Totodile falls in love and runs over to meet her. As hard as Totodile tries, Azumarill spits in his face (water gun) and runs off. In the woods, Misty sees a Golduck and wants to catch it. Before even trying though, the girl who owns Golduck walks forward and Brock runs to her to do his usual meeting a girl routine. Her name is Trixie and she's out because she lost her Azumarill. Azumarill has been running off lately and she can't figure out why. Just then, Azumarill comes running for her and seems nervous. Totodile eventually follows up. Azumarill seems to have no interest at all in Totodile, but in fact blushes when she looks at Golduck. They go to Trixie's circus where she has lots of Pokémon that put on shows for people. Ash and the group attend the next show, where Azumarill comes out to juggle balls around with a controlled spray of water. Totodile from the audience watches and wants to be part of the show. He hops away from Ash's arms and goes up on stage to help with the balls. The audience then starts throwing more things onto the stage, and Totodile handily keeps them afloat. The audience throw fruit at the stage and Totodile starts to juggle them around too with his water. Azumarill looks over to see this so she gets disgusted and leaves the stage. Ash runs up to grab Totodile and then all the fruit comes falling down. Ash catches most of it and Pikachu quickly grabs the last bit. After the show Ash apologizes for ruining the show, while Totodile outside is getting pointers from Brock on how to win over Azumarill. Brock gives Totodile some food to give to Azumarill as a gift. Totodile approaches her, but she refuses. Totodile starts chasing after Azumarill again, but this time a net falls over Azumarill pulling her away. Brock rushes to tell the others and when they all get out, they see the Team Rocket balloon floating up with the net attached. Ash gets Pikachu to try shocking them, but just as Pikachu jumps high, Meowth launches a self-exploding cage that traps Pikachu and reels him in. Team Rocket float away with both Pikachu and Azumarill. Team Rocket now try to get Azumarill to perform, but she won't. Jessie is ready with her whip to try forcing her to do as they say. James suggests a nicer approach and nicely throws a ball at Azumarill to practice with and she blows it back into his face leaving a red mark. Both frustrated, they're reading to just beat up on Azumarill, but Meowth and Wobbuffet get in their way reminding how they need Azumarill to put on a show. Next, they present a table of food to Azumarill. Azumarill won't eat and they're becoming quite frustrated. They're going to really beat her up this time, but out of nowhere comes a blast off water knocking them down and splattering food everywhere. It's Totodile to the rescue, but Meowth easily ties and ropes Totodile capturing him too. Ash and the gang continue searching for the lost Pokémon, but it gets dark so they head back for the night. In captivity, Azumarill finally seems to be accepting Totodile for trying to save them. The next morning, Team Rocket get ready to take off with their Pokémon realizing that even if they won't perform they are three rare Pokémon for the boss. Ash and the gang are already out searching again, and when they spot the rising balloon, Trixie gets her Pidgey to burst it and bring the balloon down. When they get to the crash site, Bulbasaur is able to free Totodile and Pikachu with a Razor Leaf attack. After defeating Team Rocket, Totodile runs for Azumarill, and Azumarill runs towards him, but he is disappointed to have Azumarill in fact run right past him and into Golduck's arms. Totodile is sad, but Brock continues to encourage Totodile to not give up on love. Later as they're about to leave, Totodile spots a Quagsire with a red bow and falls in love. He starts chasing after the Quagsire and Ash is chasing after Totodile with his Pokéball, Brock and Misty are chasing after Ash.

Episode 154 (Fowl Play!)

The group on their way to Goldenrod City, are walking through the forest when they spot a little bird house. They wonder what birds would reside there, and just then a Noctowl happens upon the bush. They jump to hide as to not scare the Noctowl away and Ash uses his Pokédex to get info. Then, a tree branch starts shaking to chase off the Noctowl. Just a second later, another smaller and differently colored Noctowl then perches upon the same branch. The tree branch offers it some berries and the Noctowl kicks it back and slams into the tree to shake the man from the tree. Noctowl pecks at his hand grasping at a branch and he loses his grip to fall to the ground. The guy, named Professor Wiseman explains to the kids that this Noctowl is rare due to its color and its size and this Noctowl is very smart. The Professor has been here a long time trying to catch the Noctowl, but this Noctowl is constantly outsmarting the Professor. Ash tries to catch the Noctowl, but he gets hypnotized into thinking a rock is Pikachu, and gets hurt when he picks up the heavy rock which falls on top of him. Back at the cabin they sit and talk. Misty offers to show him one of her rare Pokémon and calls out Psyduck who is rare due to his uselessness. Misty laughs, but that only upsets the Professor who's been laughed at so much by that Noctowl. Ash becomes determined that he'll catch the Noctowl, but the Professor doesn't think he will. The Professor has a secret trap he's gonna try, and Ash wants to see, but the Professor does not want Ash to see his secret trap. Anyway, Brock feels that even if he succeeds with the trap, Noctowl will never respect him as a trainer for using a trap. Team Rocket are spying on this, and feel that since they're fighting over Noctowl that it must be rare and valuable. The group hide in a bush as the Professor sets up his trap. When he's ready he jumps to hide behind the bush with them. Noctowl approaches and the Professor pulls the switch. After going through many gadgets, finally an image of itself is presented to Noctowl, who instinctively uses Hypnosis. The image is in fact a mirror, and Noctowl ends up hypnotizing itself and falls out of the tree. On the way down, Noctowl was able to hypnotize the Professor into thinking a rock was itself and the real Noctowl stumbled away, dazed and confused as the Professor holds up his rock in imagined victory. Ash goes to see if Noctowl is okay, but before long they're all blown at with strong winds and it causes the Professor to come to his senses when a stick hits him on the head. Team Rocket have a giant Noctowl robot, and it's capable of blowing strong gusts of air from it's balloons. Ash calls out Totodile and Cyndaquil, who don't do much more than get blown away. The Professor sees this as a great opportunity to run off with Noctowl, but Team Rocket inside the robot spot this escape attempt and grab up Noctowl tossing the Professor off into the air. Ash calls on Bulbasaur and Chikorita, who grab onto the robot with their vines, and Ash makes a jump onto the arm of the robot holding Noctowl. He pulls hard on the hands, but they won't budge, Psyduck seems to be trying to help out from below, but he can't do a thing. Ash continues to pull, and finally gets the claw to budge just a bit so Noctowl can escape it. Team Rocket toss Ash off into the woods. Misty runs to see if Ash is okay, and Noctowl meets with Cyndaquil and Totodile to give them a plan to beat Team Rocket. Cyndaquil blasts their metal-body coated robot with fire, and then Totodile hits it with water causing it to crack due to expansion and contraction of the metal. Ash gets Pikachu to attack with a Thunderbolt aimed through the crack and it shocks Team Rocket inside as well as causing the robot to explode. After Team Rocket is gone, Noctowl wants a battle with Ash and he accepts with Pikachu. First, Pikachu gets ready for a Thunderbolt attack, but Noctowl confuses Pikachu resulting in Pikachu hurting himself in his confusion. This jolt does cause Pikachu to come to his senses and so Ash tells Pikachu to close his eyes, and attack when he hears the sound of Noctowl's wings. Pikachu does so and hits Noctowl dead on, the fainted Noctowl on the ground is caught by Ash. Noctowl is Ash's new Pokémon, and so he and the group continue on their way, waving goodbye to the Professor.

Episode 155 (Forest Grumps)

Ash and the gang are letting all their Pokémon out for some play time. That doesn't last long because Team Rocket is there out of nowhere and drags them all away with a net. It seems hopeless until a Hyper Beam comes out of nowhere freeing the Pokémon. Ash and the gang recall all their Pokémon as they see it came from a group of Ursaring who continue to attack with their constant barrage of Hyper Beam attacks, amazingly not having to recharge after each one they continue to blow Hyper Beams out of their mouths. Ash, Brock and Pikachu manage to escape, but to their shock, Misty is missing and Jessie is with them. James and Meowth were able to escape to the forest as well, except Jessie is missing and Misty is with them! The separated Team Rocket members are forced to call a temporary truce with who they got stuck with, if they want to escape the Ursaring and make it out of the forest. When night comes, they're still separated like this, and so Brock decides to set up camp and get cooking, hoping Misty will find her way to them. Jessie is quite thrilled to get a sip of Brock's soup since usually the food Team Rocket gets is very minimal and pretty bad. Misty, James and Meowth stop at a spot as well to eat. James and Meowth both split one small cookie for their meal, and then see Misty open up a nice big submarine sandwich that she'd gotten from Brock earlier. Meowth and James start to drool in front of her desperate for a bite, so she gives them each a piece. Later on, it's time to sleep. Ash and Brock get ready for the night as Jessie thinks of the places she usually has to sleep with James and Meowth, on park benches and on playground slides. Brock gives her a blanket, and she lays down. Meowth meanwhile decides to lead James and Misty into a cave for some sleep, yeah, a cave full of Ursaring. They run away madly and eventually Meowth gets another brilliant idea for them to climb down a cliff away from the Ursaring. They do so, and find nothing but a rock off the edge of the cliff to land on, and total darkness below them. Not knowing how far down that darkness could go, they're forced to spend the night there. Throughout the night, Jessie tries to steal Pikachu, but is stopped by an Ursaring. James and Meowth figure they could steal Misty's Pokémon, but it's too scary to go downwards into the darkness. The next morning, it seems that the ground was only a few feet below Misty, James and Meowth the whole time, and they hop down, hoping to reunite with their friends. The search continues for each other, and they both encounter many Ursaring. They meet up and both start running from Ursaring and spot a treacherous bridge complete with a condemning red 'X' sign. In desperation, they run across the bridge anyway and it starts to fall. The EVIL Ursaring pick at the bridge to make it completely fall. It seems they're all stuck on the edge of a cliff. They call out their Pokémon, Chikorita, Bulbasaur, Victreebel, Onix, and Arbok all come out to pull the rope bridge up along with the gang. The bridge totally snaps, and as they're all falling to their peril, all of the Pokémon grab onto them and pull them up to safety. Not long after being saved and reunited, they group off into their old groups and start to battle. It all ends with a bang, as Togepi's metronome causes Team Rocket to blast off again, back towards the side that has the Ursaring on it. Ash finds a sign indicating it is the mating season for the Ursaring and if anyone disturbs them, the consequences could be bad. Now they know why the Ursaring were being so mean. It's tough for Team Rocket, who must continue to face angry Ursaring and their evil Hyper Beams.

Episode 156 (The Psychic Sidekicks)

In the forest, Ash discovers one of the all too common trainer tip signs. He reads it and it says that you should fend off Ghost Pokémon by using a Psychic Pokémon. Misty calls out Psyduck, but just when they encounter this evil looking head thing, Psyduck gets scared and goes back into his ball. The evil head glares and tries to bite, and it turns out to be just the tail of a Girafarig. The Girafarig is owned by a girl trainer named Cherry. She comes from a place nearby called Len Town. Team Rocket spy on them and decide they'll go to this place and steal all their Psychic Pokémon. They all are sitting down eating berries as they discuss closeness of Pokémon to their trainers. It seems Ash and Pikachu are really close, and just to prove the point Pikachu and Ash start doing things totally at the exact same time. Cherry says that a trainer who is close to a Psychic Pokémon would be able to communicate telepathically with that Pokémon. Cherry decides to challenge Ash to a battle. They battle with one Pokémon each, Pikachu against Girafarig. Pikachu makes an attack and successfully lands one on Girafarig. Girafarig uses a Future Sight attack, which Ash seems to have never heard of before as he wonders why nothing happened. He continues to attack with Pikachu, uses another Thunderbolt and then Agility. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a blast that hits Pikachu. Pikachu gets up and he too doesn't seem to know about Future Sight attacks totally confused as to where that came from. Anyway, the battle continues and Pikachu wins. Girafarig seems beaten, so Cherry stops battling. Afterwards, she invites them to come see where she lives so they go there. It's a place with lots of Psychic Pokémon around everywhere, and a runaway Abra that keeps on teleporting away from its trainer. Just then, a man runs up to them, seeming to have come a great distance he is tired and warns them of a giant Gengar that seems to be immune to Psychic attacks. He was out and when he saw the giant thing, he had Mr. Mime attack it, but the Psybeam was deflected. It then stuck it's tongue out and swallowed up Mr. Mime. Upon telling this story, the old lady who'd been chasing after her Abra comes to see it as well, and Abra gets swallowed up as well. Girafarig gets nervous sensing something approaching. Surely enough, the giant Gengar shows up. Then, Team Rocket show up on top of it reciting their motto and tell them about their newest weapon. Cherry and Girafarig feel they can take this thing on. Girafarig's attack gets deflected and she then orders a Future Sight attack, which for the moment does nothing. Ash tries to get an attack in with Pikachu. Just then Cherry gets a vision of the future, courtesy of Girafarig and it seems Team Rocket are just about to use their tongue to suck up Pikachu. Cherry warns Ash, and Ash is able to get Pikachu to dodge it. Then, Girafarig is able to guide Pikachu telekinetically away from the attacking tongue, and by Ash's command Pikachu is able to attack them successfully, they get the captured Mr. Mime and Abra out of the robot, and then it isn't long afterwards that the Future Sight comes by and impacts straight onto them. Team Rocket blast off into the air from the massive explosion. Cherry is thankful to Ash for the help, and with that the gang continue on their way.

Episode 157 (The Fortune Hunters)

In a Pokémon center, the group happen upon a few kids that have a Pokémon fortune telling book. The kids direct them to the same Pokémon day-care center where it's being sold. So, they go there and pick up a copy. They get to a bench to read it and the system is based on birth date associated with a particular Pokémon. Also, if you have the same Pokémon of your own type, it's said to be lucky. Ash is a Bellsprout type making him a passive person and easy to persuade. Brock finds his type to be an Onix type, which is fortunate for him since he owns an Onix. Misty looks up her type, hoping to be maybe a Vaporeon type, and when she flips the page, it seems she is in fact a Gyarados type. The Gyarados type is very easily angered and generally unpleasant. Misty becomes outraged at this description of herself and is mad they even bought the book now. Just walking along, they fall into a pit. It was dug by Team Rocket and they show up dressed in space suits. Meowth has a remote control and brings in these small space-bot things in order to steal their Pokémon. They are however quickly destroyed. Misty gets out of the hole and seems really angry, just like a Gyarados. She has Staryu blast them off with a water gun, and they go way off into the air. Meowth had grabbed their book just before blasting off and when they land, Jessie begins to flip through it. She finds out that she is an Eevee type, much to her delight since an Eevee is quite cute. Meowth wants his type looked up, except the book doesn't apply to him since he's a Pokémon (why not? I'd have liked to see what type Meowth would be ^_^) They look up James' type and discover quite shockingly that he is a Moltres type. This is the type that is far superior to the other types and he'll overcome all difficulties victoriously no matter what. However, James doesn't believe in this silly fortune telling stuff, however a number of coincidences happen to him just as Jessie reads his fortune for the day. James grabs the book and reads it over, now accepting this as fact and after proclaiming his Moltres-ness, suggests they head to a Pokémon day-care center he'd seen on the way, and rob it of the Pokémon. When they get to the center, it seems this place is being run by Cassidy and Butch. They are roped and taken into captivity. Meanwhile in the Pokémon center, Misty is very mad about being labeled a Gyarados type. A boy walks up to her and asks to trade his Gyarados for her Poliwhirl, since he's a Poliwhirl type and she's a Gyarados type. Misty wonders how he knew her type, and it seems Brock was telling people, specifically Nurse Joy. Misty angrily drags Brock away. Misty is quite upset and wants to go back to where she bought the book to complain. When they get there, the front room is deserted, however they spot the old couple walking to the back room. When they follow them in, they realize it was Butch and Cassidy as they hide and watch them communicate with the boss. Just as the communication with the boss is over, Misty leaps out to stop them from taking away all the Pokémon they'd stolen. Ash and Brock follow behind, they don't get to really battle though, before James shows up suspended from a crane, dressed in a Moltres costume. He makes a grand entrance and seems to be doing well. He calls out Victreebel, but before Victreebel can bite, James kicks him in the head meaning business. James seems to be winning, but once discovering the entire fortune telling book was fake, and made up by Butch and Cassidy, the truth dawns on him and he falls from his crane. They lose the battle, and upon slamming into their crane, there's an explosion and they blast off again. Ash and the gang are still there, and with a little effort and a finishing shock from Pikachu, they defeat Butch and Cassidy, who are then sent to jail by Officer Jenny. Jenny notes that their fortune telling book was a really bad copy of the real one, as she holds the real one. Misty nervously asks to take a look at the real one, and Brock is quite anxious to see as well. Jessie, James and Meowth walk by a book stand and spot the real version, James opens it to see what his real type is, and the answer to that is indeed very shocking to him! ^_^

Episode 158 (A Goldenrod Opportunity)

Ash and friends arrived at Goldenrod City. They were delighted by the busy town as Misty wanted to stop for a burger, and Brock wanted to see the girls. Ash wanted to head straight for the gym, and so they all didi. When they got there, they found the gym was closed, so instead decided to have some fun. Pikachu was running down an alley and crashed into a Clefairy coming around a corner. Clefairy belonged to a girl named Whitney who seemed to like Pikachu and kissed him on the head. Whitney tells them to follow her through the subway system underneath the city, but she can't seem to get them where they want to go. Team Rocket find themselves in a grocery store and start eating their food, thinking it's all a free sample and then they're forced to work to pay it off. Whitney's Clefairy wanders off and into the grocery store where Team Rocket spot it. They go after Clefairy and outside they bag it, just as Whitney and the group catch them. Team Rocket dash off with Clefairy in the bag, and make it to a train station, unfortunately the train isn't working yet, so they have to pump a magnetic rail car. It goes way too slowly and the group catches up. Ash tells Pikachu to shock them, but before that happens they seem to get scared and release Clefairy. Just as they're all off guard, they nab Pikachu in the bag and try to push off. Clefairy uses a Metronome attack which turns out to be a gust that blows the bag with Pikachu out of their hands. As Team Rocket rush to escape empty handed, Ash sends them on their way with Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack. It causes the magnetic rail car to blast down the track and they disappear into the tunnel. Ash tells Whitney he wanted to battle at the gym, but it was closed. Whitney offers to open the gym and Ash wonders if she's the cleaning lady. Whitney, a little shocked by Ash's stupid assumption tells him she's the gym leader. So, they go to the gym and begin a battle. Whitney's Nidorino battles against Ash's Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is able to win that match, so Whitney calls on Clefairy who uses Metronome again. Unfortunately this time for Whitney, the Metronome turns out to be a splash attack. Cyndaquil blasts flames at Clefairy, and in response to this, Whitney forfeits the round, giving Cyndaquil a victory against Clefairy by default. Whitney calls out her last Pokémon, a Miltank. Miltank starts her rollout attack against Cyndaquil and it's very powerful. The rollout creams Cyndaquil and Ash has to call on another Pokémon. He chooses Totodile, who also gets creamed by the rolling Miltank. Ash's last hope, Pikachu comes out onto the scene and at this point rollout is at it's later turns which are ridiculously powerful. Miltank scores a direct hit on Pikachu. Pikachu struggles to get up, but is far too weakened by the blow, giving Miltank the final victory. Whitney and Clefairy walk out of the gym having defeated Ash and offer a rematch to him at any time he'd like. It seems as if there is no way to defeat Whitney's Miltank.

Episode 159 (A Dairy Tale Ending)

Ash's Pokemon are recovering at the Pokémon center. Nurse Joy informs Ash that they'll all be just fine.Whitney then drops in and takes Pikachu because she's got something to show them. They go to some hills and arrive at some farms with many Miltank. They go inside to Whitney's uncle's farm and have some Milltank milk which they love a lot. Meanwhile, Team rocket arrive back from Saffron City having ridden the rails to the end. They're tired, but spot the Miltank and have dairy dreams. They decide to break into the farm store-room and steal the stored cheese, milk and yogurt. Whitney catches them, and so they run off. Whitney's Miltank attacks them and they get back all the stuff. Later on, Ash and the gang are outside scrubbing the Miltank and so the one Ash is scrubbing decides to walk off. Ash chases after Miltank and grabs its tail. This makes the Miltank mad, and so she kicks Ash hard into the fence. Back at the farm, the gang are shown the Miltank milking process as they're hooked into a machine. Whitney shows the gang Miltank's training session as Miltank is made to roll down a hill in a rollout, and then back up the hill with incredible power. Ash becomes more determined than ever to beat Miltank in a battle as he watches this. Just as this is going on, Team Rocket are hiding and watching, they then decide to make their move attacking in a giant barrel. They use a giant grabby hand to steal Miltank and another hand to steal Pikachu. It's of course shock proof. Ash calls out his Pokémon to help fight Team Rocket. Cyndaquil head butts on the left side of the barrel spinning it out of control. Totodile digs some trenches to send the entire barrel out of control, and then James breaks the controlls which free Pikachu and Miltank. Pikachu finishes off the barrel with a thunderbolt and Team Rocket blasts off again. This gives Ash an idea, and so he wants to have a rematch with Whitney. Whitney uses Miltank and Ash uses Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil tries hard to attack Miltank but loses again. Next, Ash uses totodile who digs some trenches in the ground and then rides up on Miltank as it rolls. This impresses whitney, but Miltank is able to knock off Totodile. After Totodile is defeated, Ash uses pikachu who is able to hide in a trench, and uses a headbutt to send Miltank into the air out of it's roll. Pikachu shocks Miltank claiming victory for Ash. Whitney feels that this battle was enough to prove Ash's victory over her and presents him with the Plain badge.

Episodes (1-15) (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150)