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Japanese to English Episode Comparisons

Eps 61-69


Eps 1-15 16-30 31-45 46-60

Episode 61-The Misty Mermaid

Firstly, as was the case back in Episode 7, Hanada Gym has once again been painted to read Cerulean Gym.

The Pokémon Water Ballet sign was translated, and the translation was pretty good too! Finally, 4Kids does more than erase the sign, and actually paints in something useful.

While watching the Japanese version, I had to laugh as Jessie and James SANG their motto. It was sung in poor tone as well, proving that Musashi and Kojirou cannot sing! ^^;

Oops, 4Kids was a tad sloppy near the end with inserting their digitally painted scenes, as the Cerulean Gym outside paint near the end came to an end, we saw a single frame of Pikachu from just before the 2nd last paint in this episode. I'll tell you about that paint in the next box.

As the group are leaving Cerulean City, there was some more Japanese writing on the big sign above them. I'd love to tell you what it said, but my tape is simply too grainy.

And, finally the last speck of digital painting in this episode, as the group pass by the coffee and tea place with a little Ditto on it. It originally said "Metamon Coffee and Tea" but, the word Metamon was removed for the dub. Oh well, it's fairly obvious why this was done.

Episode 62-Clefairy Tales

There was no editing or painting in this episode, I don't even think there were any Japanese signs in town that were big and visible. In fact, it's cool they didn't paint over the words on the ice cream box which said "soft cream" which sounds kinda... foreign. Oh well, Ice cream is soft, so I'm glad they kept the Lucky Soft Cream!! ^_^

Episode 63-The Battle of the Badge

Once again, not a single paint or cut in the episode. The English dub of this episode came off very nicely, and that's good considering it's a fairly important episode to the series and the first one of the series which ties into the movie.

Episode 64-It's Mr. Mimie Time

Yeah, I wondered about that title too. I think 4Kids typoed on that one, but since Ash's mom has within the dub nicknamed her Mr. Mime, Mimie, it seems to work out (hey, maybe that bit of dialogue about "Mimie" was added just because 4Kids noticed the goof in the episode title, and being too lazy to go back and fix it, just dubbed some dialogue into the show to cover their mistake, it's possible!

BTW, once again, no cuts or paints!! Woo! 3 in a row without ANY alterations. Well, except of course, the occasional music changes which are present in each and every episode. In fact, with time, 4Kids improves the music situation more and more. Later on, with season 3, most if not all the music is kept.

Episode 65-Showdown at the Po-ké Corrall

Yep, it's the 2nd title in a row 4Kids most likely botched. I do believe it's spelled corral, okay 4Kids?? Anyway, while discussing music. This is the first episode the Japanese version introduced music from Pikachu's Summer Vacation. It continues to be used straight through and even into current episodes. It's good, and cute sounding stuff. 4Kids however has been careful to avoid it. From eps 65-80 all of it was removed, all of a sudden for eps 81-84 it was okay again, but then disappeared for the rest of 2nd season. Thankfully, it's back in full force for 3rd season and seems to be staying.

Yahoo! 4th episode without any actual alteration, which is why I was able to dedicate another episode to complaining about the other insignificant problems in the dub. ^_^

Episode 66-The Evolution Solution

Whoa! Yet another episode without a single alteration! This is the 5th one in a row! Plus, the small Japanese 'Nishimori' on Prof. Westwood's statue was kept!! Nishimori the 5th was his original name. I guess 4Kids dismissed this case of Japanese usage, because it was tiny and hard to read.

Episode 67-The Pi-Kahuna

Yep, it's another great episode without any alterations!! That makes 6 episodes all at once without being changed. Ah, but the fun ends here, the next episode contains some paint!!O_o

Episode 68-Make Room for Gloom

Gasp! Paint! and lots of it! Some of it really bizzare. BTW, be aware that the computer screen which alerted them to Team Rocket in the garden was not altered. The screen was just as blank in the original!! I guess Pokémon characters like to look at blank signs, but the dub characters love to stare at blank signs, as they're everywhere in dub land!!!

Okay, First off, we're greeted with an excellently painted 'Xanadu' sign. You'd never know it was dub accept the suckiness of the name is a dead giveaway that it was called something else, in fact "Murasa Garden" was it's name.

This one is just strange. You see the sign describing the flower Bulbasaur sniffed to get a high, and it's called Pokénip, right? Well, who knows what it's called, the Japanese sign was BLANK! Yep, the original sign although sharing in common the unreadable handwriting at the bottom with the dub, there was originally blankness where 4Kids placed "Pokénip" Heh, it seems 4Kids was so guilty for all the previous blank signs, they decided to add stuff to originally blank signs! ^_^

ARGH! There it is again! "Stun Stem" was painted onto another similar looking sign. The same case as last time, the Japanese version had nothing there originally. ^^;

At the end of the episode, the Murasa Garden sign that Florinda is standing in front of, was painted to read Xanadu, and you can see the lines of missed paint around Florinda.

Just to desperately fool the dub people into thinking it was indeed called Xanadu on the Japanese version, a distant, barely readable 'Murasa Garden' shown from a bird's eye view for the end of the episode, also got painted.

Episode 69-Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!

There were no alterations in this one (yippee!) but, there are some very important points directly related to this episode I must mention.

Firstly, the movie. The original version of this episode called the movie "Pokemon: The Movie", oh, how original.. 4Kids felt the same way, and decided to get more creative. They called the movie "Pokemon In Love" now, unfortunately, this creativity lead to some very unfortunate digital painting in episodes to come.. -_- I'll get to that in those episode summaries as they come up.

Secondly, the dance music. The Pokémon Dance Mix that all the Pokémon were dancing to. Yuck! Well, I used to like this song okay.. but it's been over used and abused by the dub. They replaced "Lucky Lucky" from the Japanese version with this stupid "Poké-mon mon mon......" stuff.. -_- If you haven't heard the song "Lucky Lucky" I dare you to do a search for it on Napster..

Episode 70-Go West Young Meowth!

First up, some Digital painting.. The postcard Ash's mom got in the mail inviting them all to the premiere of the movie originally had printed at the bottom "Pokemon Movie" But, of course, the dub renamed the film to "Pokemon in Love" so this is unacceptable. Of course, "Pokemon Movie" WAS in English letters, so there was no reason in my opinion why this had to be removed, it didn't have to be the title.. if dubbies thought the title was "Pokemon in Love" then this would not shake that notion... there's no indication it's actually the title.

The next casualty of the name change, when TR are sitting in front of the movie sign, that is with Psyduck and Wigglytuff, there was originally "Pokemon Movie" written across the top of it, and some very nice paint job by 4Kids, it looks just a textured and the words are gone.. I thought with all that patterning on the sign, it would look somewhat sloppy...

When they arrive in Hollywood, outside the theatre, once again "Pokemon Movie" appears, I think even in two different spots around the theatre entrance. 4Kids is being idiotic and making sure we NEVER see this.. -_-

Episode 71-To Master the Onixpected

Outside the old lady's little house, some Japanese banners have been painted blank.

Oh, and I must express my bitterness at the whole "Muskrat Meatballs" thing. Those are actually dango.. Japanese sweet dumplings.

Episode 72-The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis

Hey, no alterations at all! Way to go 4Kids..

Eps 1-15 16-30 31-45 46-60