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Japanese to English Episode Comparisons

Eps 46-60


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Episode 46-Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon

There is a sign with an arrow on it. It just has an arrow and nothing more. Originally it had written on it in Japanese 'Granpa Canyon' which is of course the name of this place where they are.

When Meowth has the lighter to light the fuse for the dynamite, the Kids WB version zooms close into Meowth's face so we cannot see the lighter. Again, 4Kids wasn't responsible for this and the rest of the world and people who bought the video tape saw the lighter as is from the Japanese version.

When Purin(Jigglypuff) imagines a stage looking at the pile of rocks, the stage has a big blank sign and nothing on the bottom. Originally, the big sign above read, "Purin on Stage" in big letters and below the stage it read, "Go! Go! Purin" and so I blame 4Kids for being so lazy. It'd have been quite cute reading "Jigglypuff on Stage!" or something like that.

The stage painting happens again when Jigglypuff imagines a stage out of the ladder and the lights. Same words on the same parts of the stage. 4Kids still makes it blank.

Episode 47-A Chansey Operation

The 'closed' sign was painted over a Japanese sign that I believe said something similar. It was in the exact same black lettering, so I believe this is a nice change from 4Kids and certainly better then simply erasing it.

Okay, the people at Kids WB seem to have a problem with needles, specifically when they are injected into someone. There is one scene here with a few alterations done to it. When the doctor is dealing with the Dodrio.

First, after the needle flips out of his hand, and it's heading toward the doctor. They use a digital paint 'freeze frame' so everyone sees the needle come to a halt in mid-air. People that aren't watching the Kids WB version saw the needle keep going straight into his arm.

Cut -6 sec- We see the needle there, sticking out of his arm. The WB version cuts back in as he pulls it out of his arm.

There is some sign off in the distance near the end of the episode. I couldn't even make it out on my tape because of the smallness of it. Still, 4Kids decided that Japanese is bad and it was painted to become total blankness.

Episode 48-Holy Matrimony!

The only thing to mention in the entire episode is the sign at the start. So, 4Kids painted "Missing" over the Japanese on the wood sign. So, basically 4Kids did good on this episode.

Episode 49-So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

When Team Rocket's boat has sank, and they dig into the backpack to find the boy's supposed Staryu and Starmie, the paper shows a tongue-stuck-out face. It shows two of them on the dub. The face on the top is covering up "Ba-Ka!" written in Japanese. Meaning 'fool' because of course he successfully tricked them.

At the police station, the sign that says 'Beware this Pokemon' originally said roughly the same thing in Japanese.

Episode 50-Who gets to keep Togepi?

Professor Oak's greeting card orginally had printed on it in small letters 'Dr. Okido' his original name in the Japanese version

The restaurant's name in Japanese on the front was simply erased. Interesting to notice, the restaurants these kids go to are named after Pokemon. They had the Poppo restaurant in the Jigglypuff episode and now here's the Koikingu restaurant. What exactly do you suppose these places are serving for food?! ^^;

A card inside one of TR's fake eggs that has the red sad face in it originally read what I make out to be 'sucker' in Japanese.

Above the buckets of water Meowth threw at Onix, there was originally a sign there said something about fire, like 'to be used in case of fire' or something to that effect.

Episode 51-Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden

E.R. was painted on by 4Kids in the little Pokemon Center. It originally said approximately the same thing so 4Kids did okay in this case, certainly better than simply erasing it.

As Team Rocket crashed the Bulbasaur evolution festival there, they both had 'ro' and something else written on their left sides. Also, that post there with the "R" on it was actually originally 'ro' so, 4Kids did okay for that one too.

Episode 52-Princess vs. Princess

Well, nothing was cut from the episode, as usual. However, 4Kids really let loose with their painting on this one!! No wonder they had to delay it to 2nd season. Constantly right through, they were always painting something, I don't know why they bother!? They could have saved so much time and effort, allow us to be exposed to a little Japanese, only paint signs that are important for the kids to understand and leave the rest alone. There was a lot of simple erasing going on here, and it must have been hard. You can tell all the scenes that were painted because they appear brighter on screen than unpainted scenes because they didn't have time to adjust the brightness on the painted scenes to match the rest of the episode.

Episode 53-The Purr-fect Hero

Big giant Kanji behind the karate kicking dude ^^; Very cleanly erased.

Team Rocket's magic van originally had Kanji on the front and sides promotionally advertising themselves. 4Kids replaced all this with their own graphics.

In the magic show, the big purple sign above their heads originally said 'Pokemon Magic' in katakana, but 4Kids simply erased it due to laziness.

The big 'Super Meowth' on the background as Meowth imagines his popularity, was originally in this scene in the first place! This wasn't changed at all! Kind of surprising how this got into the original version, but still I guess it made things easier for 4Kids.

Episode 54-The Case of the K-9 Caper!

No cutting, no painting, nothing. These episodes are always nice to come upon. Although, did anybody find it wierd when Jessie talked in Ash's voice *before* changing her mega-phone there? Well, this certainly didn't happen in the Japanese version, just one of 4Kids' many mistakes.

Episode 55-Pokémon Paparazzi

Of the numerous copies of the 'Pokémon Times' seen in this episode, all of them had to be painted on the front, and the caption below Snap's picture of Aerodactyl in Japanese was erased, leaving us with a picture and no description of it!! Also, when Meowth took a closer look at the ad for Snap, they did a digital freeze frame, so that we didn't see the Japanese surrounding the image.

When Kids WB aired this episode, (and the next 2), they had changed his name from the original dubbing. When 4Kids initially produced this episode, the photographer's name was Snap, and that is the version that aired in the rest of the world (and the name I'm used to which is why I use it on this site exclusively). So, Kids WB made his name Todd, I guess to avoid copyright infringement on Rice Krispies or something (Snap, Crackle, Pop!) ^^;

Cut-1 second- Kids WB also cut one of the bombs thrown at Ash. I guess they felt it got too close to him, as it send Ash flying backwards. Anyway, Kids WB only showed 2 out of 3 bombs.

Update: The cut mentioned above, it seems Kids WB changed their mind! I most recently have seen this episode aired and all three bombs are shown, yes, that INCLUDES the one that lands close to Ash flinging him backwards. It was a small, short cut to begin with, but it's nice to see.

Episode 56-The Ultimate Test

All over the place inside the sign-up room for the test, there are Japanese signs all over the place. There's one on the desk, many on the walls... All the Japanese carefully painted away...

'Exam #1', 'Exam #2', etc. originally on the sign in Japanese, this was the right choice re-painting the signs, I don't blame 4Kids for this. I'd have been rather steamed if I'd seen Pikachu there, holding up a blank sign! ^^;

For the test, all the computer true or false questions originally had small images and the question written out in Japanese. 4Kids painted huge full screen images over all this, meaning a deaf person taking 4Kids' version of the test would fail. ^_^

When they had to guess what the Pokemon sillhouette's were, the original version showed their answers written down on the computer screens, the English version shows pictures of the Pokémon.

When the teacher was explaining the Poliwhirl and Poliwrath, their names were on top of the graphics in a blue box. This must have been some paint job for 4Kids' painters. They need to reconstruct a good portion of Poliwhirl and Poliwrath's body.

Japanese writing originally above the big scoreboard, and all of it painted away, and also 'Lowest Scores' painted over more Japanese by 4Kids. 0% was added by 4Kids as well, and originally said something else, like she was expelled or something.

Episode 57-The Breeding Center Secret

This episode contained a lot of Japanese sign removal, for starters, at the very beginning there are numerous Japanese signs around the area where Ash, Misty, Brock and Snap are getting pictures of Togepi.

Behind Cassidy on the TV ad for the breeding center, the thing in behind her originally had Japanese writing on it.

The breeding center sign on front originally said so, but that has been painted to be blank on the English version, at least they kept the word 'Pokémon'

Japanese above the restaurant where the chef was, and the 'Eat for free' sign was translated.

'Closed' sign on the Breeding Center was also translated.

There were some Japanese signs positioned over and around the jail. All of them removed.

Episode 58-Riddle Me This

Japanese signs all around the island have been carefully painted blank. There were a lot of these, and it must have taken some time to change all of this.

In the original version, when they all get off the boat onto the island, you hear 'Pokémon Ondo' playing in the background. In the English version, it's just some stupid sounding tropical island music. I don't usually point out these musical changes, but this really stuck out for me.

4Kids translated the card Blaine gave them for his inn. In the translation, for some unknown reason, they moved some of the graphics around on the card ^_^ It seems the clouds were shifted over and the English text 'Big Riddle Inn' was added on the other side.

Finally, the only other change to this episode was the signs in front of all the various hotels were changed.

Episode 59-Volcanic Panic

Only one thing in this episode was changed. It's quite interesting too. You see, when Charizard deflected that huge fire blast attack, in the English version, it floats off into the sky. Simple as that, right? No. 4Kids did some real painting here to cover up a little bit of Kanji humor the Japanese producers slipped in there. First, let me tell you that the shape the giant fire blast forms is the Japanese Kanji meaning 'Big' and so, after Charizard managed to fling it off into the air, it becomes smaller on screen, so the fire rearranges itself into the Kanji for 'Medium' and then as it's flying off further into the distance it changes shape again into the Kanji for 'Small', and this all happens in the exact same length of time as in the English version, where the shape stays the same all the way into the distance, 4Kids hoping the kids won't notice that the formation of the fire is a Kanji.

Episode 60-Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

There were no alterations in this episode. Considering the whole episode takes place on an island, there aren't any Japanese signs to be painted over. There weren't any cut scenes either. Phew! ^_^

Eps 1-15 16-30 31-45 61-75