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Japanese to English Episode Comparisons

Eps 37-45


Eps 1-15 16-30 46-60 61-75

Episode 37-Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

There were no cuts and no painting on this episode. ^_^

Episode 38

The whole thing was cut! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. This is the Porygon episode, and to find out more you should check the episode guide, and the campaign sections. Maybe even call or fax 4Kids if you want to see it dubbed.

Episode s1-Holiday Hi-Jynx

Inside Santa's boot, you see a picture of him inside a snowflake shape. On the Japanese version it simply reads 'Santa Claus'. 4Kids continues their obsession with misplaced graphics, yeah like Santa's going to keep a decorative picture of himself inside his boot.

Just thought I'd mention how 4Kids decided to take it upon themselves to add their own Christmas-sounding music just to make this episode seem more, um, "festive"? Anyway, in doing this they displaced a *LOT* of original music, far more than usual. They still kept a little, but this had to be the worst case episode for changing background music for this dub.

Episode s2-Snow Way Out!

There is only one thing that was done to this episode, but it happened in the form of numerous cuts and censors, all to eliminate one element of the episode the censors didn't like. In order, let me explain what happens. Also, you can download a video clip of the original scene from the Japanese version in my video clips section to see what exactly I'm explaining.

First, as we start inside the tiny igloo Team Rocket is chilling in, we pan over to Meowth holding.... a candle! That was originally a match, and it's most certainly not their "last" bit of heat. He's got more matches, but we'll get to that later.

Cut -16 seconds- After Jessie puts down the snow rolls, she begins to talk more about them to James while in the background, we see Meowth go through about 3 or 4 matches, each one flickering out 2-3 seconds after lighting it. Really is cold in there isn't it?

Then, the dialogue in the English version is changed so the three remaining matches from his pack are in fact 'burnt out' and they proceed to use their imagination to 'pretend' it is warm. In fact Meowth is a tad worried because those are his last 3 unused matches, and so they split them to all have a last burst of warmth and they begin to imagine the things around them that could be making them warm.

Cut -2 seconds-Meowth lights his last match holding the flame to his face just as the hot spring image pops into his head as they begin to imagine the hot places they're in.

Cut -2 seconds- Upon coming out of the sequence here, we see Jessie holding her match to her face and feeling warm. When it blows out is when she looks to see the other two sleeping.

Just thought I'd mention when she's slapping Jessie and Meowth, it seems a lot more vicious because she's just sort of screaming at them. In the English version, it makes it less harsh as they give her explanatory dialogue thus giving her an excuse for slapping them.

Episode 39-Pikachu's Goodbye

There was only one thing to mention that is odd about this episode. I don't know whether to place it under a cut or a digital paint. Maybe it's a bit of both. The flashback sequence of images from past episodes was different in the Japanese version. I can imagine this is simply to make it go with the new English song they used. They mixed it around and basically made their own flashback for the English version and it looks exactly the same! I didn't notice it until I watched both versions side by side. 4Kids got the white flashback border thing perfect.

Comparisons for eps 40-43 are also unavailable until I get copies of the Japanese versions...

Episode 44-The Problem With Paras

There is a kanji on the front of the Cassandra and her grandmother's tent. I don't know what it means, but it is funny how on the English version it looks like a spotlight shining on that part of the tent. ^_^

As Meowth explains how they'll get rich when he becomes company mascot for Cassandra, on the original version he turns into a white maneki neko, or "Beckoning Cat" For cultural reasons not to in their minds confuse everyone, they froze the image of Meowth standing there and kept his mouth moving and made his dialogue a little longer. I don't know whether to call this a cut or a paint, again it's a bit of both.

Episode 45-The Song of Jigglypuff

Throughout the whole episode various Japanese signs in town are painted to either have nothing on them, or stupid looking graphics. 4Kids really goofed on this one, I don't think any self respecting music store would go nameless and simply have a design on their sign. And, there's also the restaurant with no name! A totally blank sign which originally said Poppo. So, they couldn't just call it the 'Pidgey' restaurant or something? More of 4Kids' laziness combined with an obsession for Americanization.

This episode marks the first occurance of the Kids WB phenomenon.

When the long-armed guy and James bump into each other, the Kids WB version shows constant star effects and such as we are supposed to imagine James is somehow getting beaten up.

-Cut- 3 seconds - Upon Jessie colliding with the fat lady, she makes the threat of 'making her pay for that!' On the original version, she follows through on that threat, and lays Jessie over her lap spanking her numerous times. This happens as James is still getting punched in the head by the long-armed guy.

These modifications only are on the Kids WB airing of this episode. This entire scene was not altered for airing in the rest of the world, and not altered on the video tape version.

Eps 1-15 16-30 46-60 61-75