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Japanese to English Episode Comparisons

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Episode 18-Beauty And The Beach

As much as people complained about how this episode was butchered, I have to say that it's pretty much on par with the episode 'Snow Way Out' as far as major cutting is concerned. It wasn't as bad as some make it out to be and I've even seen some false information around the place. I'm gonna try to set things straight here.

Misty saying how she thought they'd be meeting her at the snack bar was originally a little self-flattering introduction. Not a big deal, I guess, especially since Ash's remark to Misty afterwards was actually kept, justifying that beach ball to the face!

Now, onto the actual changes... Firstly, when Meowth is pumping oil into Moe's barbeque, the words 'oil' on the can and 'gas' on Moe's gas tank has been.. painted away!!! Unbelievable, I don't know what the 4Kids digital painters were smoking to end up with an episode where nearly all the Japanese text all over the place was kept, and then the only sign of English text in the entire episode was painted blank. Hmm, if 4Kids were a Japanese company.. ^_^

This whole text erasing thing is stupid, all Japanese & English text should be kept. Only Japanese text should be translated if it's necessary for the story, and never should it be simply erased.

Now, allow me to outline to you all exactly the way the James' boobs scene was actually cut, in order of appearance, I will now list all alterations..

Cut-26 seconds-Just after Misty and her Pokemon do their display, and she is being sprinkled by water from Squirtle, Misty is bumped off stage... by Jessie in a bikini and James... in a bikini! Misty protests the fact that James is in fact a guy, but he's got inflatable breasts under there and to prove it, he blows them up even bigger!! ^_^

The dub cuts back in and shows the crowd cheering, and English audiences are supposed to assume this is for Misty, but in fact it's the audience cheering for Jessie and James.

Cut-4 seconds-After seeing the audience, we go back to James who is apparently having a lot of fun up there, he holds his breasts waving them in Misty's face as she just stands there crying, in a very amusing sort of way.

The rest of the contest is shown, with a bit of altered dialogue to give the impression Team Rocket's Pokémon entered the contest alone, without their two very feminine trainers.

Cut-7 seconds-Backstage, after Misty figures she's out, we see Jessie and James still in costume, peeking from behind James arguing that he's way more sexy than those girls out there, and Brutella shows up pulling them away from the whole thing, to which the dub cuts back in for the last time.

Lastly, 4Kids completely erased the text on the trophy Ash's mom held. They made it into an appreciation trophy for Ash, for saving the people from Team Rocket. The original trophy was in fact to Ash's mom, for winning the contest.

Eps 1-15 31-45 46-60 61-75