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Japanese to English Episode Comparisons

This section is dedicated to pointing out differences between the English dub most of us can easily watch, and the original Japanese production which many of us don't have access too. First, I want to mention DBZ Uncensored the site that inspired me to do this. I also thank Meowth346 who helped me with some of the comparisons. Before we begin, some things that won't be brought up in each comparison. Firstly, the music. When dubbed, 4Kids adds it's own music, and on occasion even replaces the original music. They were really bad for keeping music at the start, but it got better as the season progressed along. They dipped downhill again at the start of 2nd season, and again bounced right back. Episodes 1-37 were dimmed during certain scenes to reduce flashing, this happens a lot, these were done in Japan so 4Kids played no part in it. Each change or cut is listed in order of it happening, modifications using digital computer retouching are colored blue, actual cuts are colored red, and any other things I must mention aren't colored at all. If there is anything missing tell me, or if I stated something wrong.

Eps 16-30 31-45 46-60 61-75

Episode 1-Pokémon I Choose You!

Below each of the starter Pokémon Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, there were little signs in Japanese saying each of there names, all painted away because they were in Japanese. Actually when the scene is more distant as Professor Oak is explaining them beforehand, you can see them, but they are too small to really notice much.

When Ash is in Professor Oak's lab and he is going through each of the Pokéballs all of them empty, each Pokémon's name in Japanese was originally visible on the balls. Again, before this paint, you can actually see this, but more distant. It seems Japanese is okay with 4Kids, but only if it is from a distance.

The big sign that they are holding up in the crowd that says "Go Ash Go!" This was obviously painted on by 4Kids, but I just thought I'd mention it anyway.

Just to note that whenever Pikachu sounds abnormally high pitched, that is when Rachael Lillis, the voice actress for Misty, Jessie, and some of the Pokémon is filling in Pikachu's voice for when 4Kids couldn't salvage it from the Japanese version because Satoshi was talking over him, or someone was talking that prevented them from taking the original voice sample cleanly.

Cut-(2 seconds)-Misty slaps Ash when he answers "I'm okay" mistaking Misty for being concerned about him, as opposed to Pikachu. I have no clue why they had to cut this, Characters slap each other around all the time in this show and it isn't cut. I guess they were just being more cautious about regulations, not wanting the series canceled because of this sort of thing. Now that Pokémon is so popular, it allows them to take more risks, I suppose.

Episode 2-Pokémon Emergency!

There was no cutting or painting in this one, but they did handle the flashing in a very unique way for this episode. Note that all the dimming is done in Japan, they used the four-box technique for each frame as Pikachu zapped Team Rocket from the bike. This is the same thing they did for the Japanese intro when various Pokemon flashed by originally, they then appeared in alternating boxes taking up exactly a quarter of the screen, for all airings after the seizure incident.

Episode 3-Ash Catches A Pokémon

When Caterpie is suddenly upset because of what Misty says to him in an attempt to get him to go away, in the English version the background suddenly turned this patterned purple color. In the original version there a big red word in katakana that floated by on top of this same purple patterned background. I think it symbolizes how upset Caterpie is, *and I'm right!* I received an e-mail confirming that this "Gaahh" represents sadness. Thank you Kali.

Cut-(3 Seconds)-Misty slaps Ash again after he wins the battle with Pidgeotto and proclaims that he is the greatest. Misty is angry because of how dangerously stupid he was, in that he put Caterpie's life in danger by choosing it to battle Pidgeotto at first.

Episode 4-Challenge of the Samurai

I previously stated in this box that there wasn't any changing to this episode at all. Well, after checking over the entire Japanese version, I found 'mika' written on Jessie's Kakuna costume. I have no idea why it's there, of course it was painted away by 4Kids. But, I'm still quite satisfied with this episode's English version, only one dab of paint near the end.

Episode 5-Showdown In Pewter City

When we first see Flint and his merchandise there's a sign painted to say "For Sale"

The big Pokémon League poster. 4Kids did a pretty good job of this one, the English sign looks pretty good. Although, they missed a scene where you see it side on. I guess they don't bother if the Japanese is not legible.

When Ash looks down at the restaurant bill, a number of things have been simply erased, the title of the bill, the Yen symbol next to the price, and also the name of the restaurant "Restaurant Nibi" was erased. It's a shame, because 4Kids could've had a little fun here designing a Pewter City restaurant logo.... oh well. ^_^

Whenever the Nibi Gym is shown, of course the words are painted to read "Pewter Gym".

Small sign along side Flint's cabin, says "Rocks for Sale" in English, the Japanese version has a large kanji that means "stone" and then some words below it that are too small for me to see.. -_- probably says 'for sale' in Japanese, but I can't make it out.

Episode 6-Clefairy and the Moon Stone

The Kanji floating behind Seymour as he describes himself have been digitally removed. Also, his two main points aren't 'knowledge' and 'research' but rather 'love' and 'bravery'.

The sign pointing towards Cerulean city. Also, 4Kids was a bit lazy about the "Gary was here, Ash is a loser" bit, because in the original, as Satoshi read it, he fades in sticking his tongue out. I can't believe I missed this at first, I guess I just wasn't paying attention, at all.

Episode 7-The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

The sign again, in the preview from yesterday's episode.

The big sign on the Machine shop that was burglarized by Team Rocket. As well as another unimportant sign in the background.

The sign for the Hanada Gym, it now reads Cerulean Gym.

Episode 8-The Path to the Pokémon League

The Sign in front of A.J's (Akira's) gym is entirely different. The numbers are originally orange colored, the sign is simply white, and it doesn't look so fancy and modern as 4Kids makes it look.

The big sign inside Akira's gym that in the English version had a banner graphic with a Pokéball on it was painted on.

Episode 9-The School of Hard Knocks

Cut-(4 Seconds)-After Brock attempts to brake up Ash and Misty's arguement about the bike, and after the hole closes in on Pikachu waving, suddenly, Misty whacks Brock on the head real hard with a big tall log. Even in the Japanese version, we don't see him being hit, but one of those full-screen cover up things, frequently used in this series intended for comic effect. And then, Brock on the ground in pain with a lump on his head... ^^;

The prune juice and spring water labels. It always seems that 4Kids is replacing Japanese text with simple graphics.

The Pokémon Tech flyer. 4Kids really did something interesting here, they took a picture of the school, made it black and white, then for the text, they took some blurred out French thing, and stuck it below. It's only shown on screen less than a second and it fools you into thinking the header reads 'Pokemon Tech' and although it's too blurred out for me to figure out what it reads, the 3rd word is 'les' or 'the' in English.

A little Japanese writing on Gizelle's picture, also because of it, 4Kids had to reconstruct the girl beside her who was originally scrawled over with this writing, and in the process they ended up making her hair color somewhat lighter.

Just after the commercial, they arrive in the part of the school where they have computers to simulate the battles. Two things here, first the elevator, in the English version you see an indicator showing them approaching the floor, as the pokéballs light up, in the Japanese version it reads 'Training Room' and when he plays the simulation, a 4Kids added HP bar is added to cover up the Japanese behind it.

Episode 10-Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Various messages and signs on the green strips on TR's floating stadium.

Episode 11-Charmander- The Stray Pokémon

This is the first episode where there is really nothing to report. Actually, I'm finding this dub isn't as bad as people pretend it is, and that besides the occasional change in music and different dialogue, there really is little wrong with the dub. All the reports above are mostly painting over background Japanese signs, not really important. There have been only three short things cut so far. This section has been sort of boring, with no thrilling differences to report, and I guess that's a good thing, ne?

Episode 12-Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

A 'Ze' on the Squirtle Squad's flag, as Jenny discusses their past. 4Kids got really lazy and painted nothing in the middle. An 'S' would've been more appropriate.

Jelly donuts and eclairs? This one's obvious, but my guide isn't complete here unless I remind you all about the rice ball thing. They got the sandwich and lemonade right, but that's all American anyway so they don't mind.

When the Squirtle's have everyone tied up, and after they let Ash go to get the medicine for Pikachu, in the dub the Squirtles' threat through Meowth is that 'Misty get's her hair dyed purple' but, the original threat in the Japanese version was lots more serious. They threatened to kill Misty if Ash didn't return soon enough.

Several 'Ze' inside the little white circles on the back of the firemen jackets, they did seem a little blank, didn't they?

Comparisons for eps 13-36 currently unavailable. I am working on trying to get those episodes, and as soon as I do, I'll be posting comparisons for them.

Eps 16-30 31-45 46-60 61-75