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Episode Guide

This is the episode guide. Here you will find a summary of all the pokémon episodes as far as they have been aired in North America. Pictures for the episode guide were either created by me, or taken from the now abandoned Cleft of Dimension Pokémon Shrine, or Pokemon Anime no arasuji section of Jun Matsuda's site

Episodes (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)

Episode 1 (Pokémon I Choose You!)

Ash Ketchum; a boy from Pallet Town, starts on a journey to become the greatest Pokémon master. He gets Pikachu from Professor Oak. Pikachu is originally not very fond of Ash, but after being chased by Spearows for a long time, Ash and Pikachu end up jumping into a waterfall. They are later fished out by a girl named Misty. Ash steals her bike to get Pikachu to the Pokémon Center. The Spearows continue to chase them and he falls off the bike. Ash stands to defend his new Pokémon. Pikachu realizes how much Ash cares and jumps forward to thunder shock the Spearows (not to mention Misty's bike) and from then on, they are both friends.

Episode 2 (Pokémon Emergency!)

After a long journey, Ash is rushing to get his injured Pikachu to the Viridian City Pokémon Center. But, he is stopped by Officer Jenny who thinks Ash had stolen the Pikachu he holds in his arms. Once he proves himself, Jenny rushes him to the Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy takes care of Pikachu. Once Pikachu is in recovery, Team Rocket burst in. Jessie and James introduce themselves and try to steal all the Pokémon in the center. Ash and Pikachu fend them off by generating electricity on Misty's already fried bicycle and blow up the entire center in the process. They then leave with Misty following close behind on their way into Viridian Forest.

Episode 3 (Ash Catches A Pokémon)

After finding a Caterpie in Viridian Forest, Ash attempts for the second time to catch a Pokémon. He throws the ball and successfully gets the Caterpie. Misty who is still following is afraid of bugs and scared of Caterpie. Later on, they see a Pidgeotto which is the evolved form of Pidgey. Ash throws another Pokéball, but Pidgeotto escapes. Ash then sends Caterpie against it. Caterpie looses, but after a battle with Caterpie, Pidgeotto is weak enough that when Ash throws the ball again he succeeds in catching Pidgeotto this time. Team Rocket arrives on the scene and demands Ash to give them Pikachu. Ash sends Caterpie against them and Caterpie wins with a string shot. After Team Rocket is defeated, Caterpie evolves into Metapod.

Episode 4 (Challenge of the Samurai)

While continuing through Viridian Forest, Ash comes upon a Weedle. Ash chooses Pidgeotto to battle it. Just as Ash is about to win, Samurai sneaks up behind him; distracting him from the Weedle. Weedle got away and Ash began to fight Samurai. Ash chooses Pidgeotto again and it is tired. Samurai's Pinsir easily defeats Pidgeotto. Ash sends Metapod and it wins because Pinsir cannot crush it. Samurai sends out another Metapod and the two Metapods keep hardening for a long time. The match ends when a swarm of Beedrills attack and steal Ash's Metapod. Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Samurai make it to a cabin where they are safe. Ash sneaks out to get back Metapod, but is stopped by Team Rocket. They are quickly chased away by angry Beedrills who where awoken by the Team Rocket motto. Ash rushes to get Metapod, but Metapod doesn't want to go with Ash. Ash realizes how it was his fault that he lost Metapod in the first place. Metapod is moved by Ash's confession and saves him from an attacking Beedrill. Metapod evolves into Butterfree and puts all the Beedrills and Team Rocket to sleep. Samurai is impressed with how well Ash handled his newly evolved Pokémon and shows him the way to Pewter City.

Episode 5 (Showdown In Pewter City)

Ash and Misty arrive in Pewter City where they stop at the Pokémon Center for a short rest. Ash sees a poster inviting trainers to compete in the Pokémon League and gets excited to go. Misty tells Ash he has to win badges from all the official Pokémon gyms to compete in the league. Ash seeks out the Pewter City gym and he challenges the gym leader Brock for a Boulder badge. Ash's Pikachu looses to Onix since it is stronger. Ash leaves and asks a man to help him. He brings Ash to the power plant to charge up Pikachu in order to defeat Onix at the gym. When they go back to challenge Pikachu looses once again. But this time, Pikachu's electric attack starts the sprinkler in the gym which weakens Onix. Pikachu does another electric shock and Onix is weak. Brock's younger brothers try to stop Ash from hurting Onix and Ash stops because he doesn't want to hurt it either. Ash leaves the gym without the badge and Brock follows him to give up being gym leader and follow Ash to become a great Pokémon breeder. Brock gives the Boulder badge to Ash because he feels Ash to be worthy of it. The man who helped Ash turns out to be Brock's father who promises to stay behind and manage the family and the gym.

Episode 6 (Clefairy And The Moon Stone)

As Ash, Brock and Misty continue their travels through Mt. Moon they encounter a man being attacked by a group of Zubats. Ash sends Pikachu to chase off the Zubats and the man introduces himself as Seymour the Scientist. He shows them how the cave has been lit up and is confusing all of the Pokémon living inside the cave. A Clefairy then jumps by holding a fragment of the moon stone. Pikachu makes friends with the Clefairy and they all follow it towards the moon stone. The Clefairies worship the moon stone until Team Rocket shows up to steal it. Just as they are getting away with the moon stone, Brock's Onix tries to stop them, Onix fails, but the Clefairies come out of the hole with Seymour. The Clefairies cause a big explosion with an attack called the metronome and they blow many fragments off of the moon stone which land on them and evolve some of them into Clefables. Ash and friends continue onward to find Cerulean City up ahead and also another badge.

Episode 7 (The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City)

On their way to Cerulean City, Misty is reluctant to go along with Ash and Brock into the city because that is where she originally left her sisters to become a Pokémon trainer. They go into the city just as Team Rocket had broken into a store to steal a vacuum system. Brock leaves for a while and Ash goes to the Cerulean City gym only to find a stadium type arena where three girls are performing. Ash later finds out that these girls are all the leaders of the gym. The girls cannot battle Ash because all of their Pokémon were badly beaten by others that had came from Pallet Town. Just as they are about to just give him the badge, Misty bursts in to challenge Ash. The two have a close battle until Team Rocket shows up as usual to steal Pokémon. This time they start sucking up everything with the huge vacuum they had stolen. Just as Pikachu falls in the water being sucked in, it does a thunder shock; making Team Rocket fall into the water and get sucked through and blasted into the air. Just as Pikachu is sucked into the vacuum, Ash leaps to switch the vacuum into reverse and throw back out Pikachu. Just as they leave, the three sisters give Ash the Cascade badge. Brock meets up with them again and Ash, Misty and Brock are once again on their way.

Episode 8 (The Path to the Pokémon League)

After Ash's tenth victory in various battles with trainers, he comes upon a gym that is not an official Pokémon League gym. He meets trainer A.J. and battles his Sandshrew. Ash looses and is angry that A.J.'s ground type Pokémon beat his flying type. Ash peeks into A.J.'s tent and sees A.J.'s tough training session in progress. At first Ash thinks that A.J. is too tough on his Pokémon. But when Team Rocket accidentally steal his Sandshrew when coming for Pikachu and Sandshrew returns faithfully, Ash realizes that A.J. cares for his Pokémon and his Pokémon care for him. A.J. defeats Jessie and James making that his one hundredth victory at which point he was to set out on his own Pokémon journey.

Episode 9 (The School of Hard Knocks)

With the group lost on their way to Vermilion City, Brock decides that they should rest a while. Brock takes out his Pokémon tea set and asks someone to go get some wood for a fire. Ash gets left with the job and while searching encounters a group of kids quizzing another one about Pokémon. When the session is out, the fog clears away. The gang finds out about the school called Pokémon Tech and they meet a girl named Gizelle who is at a higher level who challenges Ash. Pikachu battles Cubone and when Cubone starts playing tricks on Pikachu, it does the same and wins against Cubone. The battle impresses the students there and they realize that level or type does not mean everything in a battle.

Episode 10 (Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village)

With the group still lost in the forest, they encounter an Oddish in the wild. Misty tries to capture it, but is stopped by a Bulbasaur which Ash wants to catch. Bulbasaur wins the match and runs off. They continue on their journey and see a mysterious bridge. They try to cross and Brock falls, lost in the water below. Ash and Misty climb up and get across only to get caught in another trap. They are let down by Brock who has made friends with a girl named Melanie who takes care of sick and injured Pokémon in a small cabin. They find out about the place, but Team Rocket intrudes on the party as usual. This time they come to suck up the Pokémon with their vacuum system. Ash and Bulbasaur rush to save Oddish and they all get into the cabin. Team Rocket is then blown away by Pidgeotto. Melanie offers Bulbasaur to Ash after saving all the Pokémon, but Bulbasaur won't go without a battle. Ash wins with Pikachu and they continue on their way.

Episode 11 (Charmander- The Stray Pokémon)

With the group still lost in the forest on their way to Vermillion City, they come across a Charmander on a rock who was abandoned. They later discover at a Pokémon Center that a guy named Damian was the one who left it there. They go out to bring it out of the rain and it recovers in the center. The next morning it leaves the center. When the group leave to find Vermilion City they are stopped by one of Team Rocket's traps. Jessie and James successfully get Pikachu in a red balloon. Just as they are about to leave, Charmander comes to Pikachu's rescue. Damian comes back for Charmander when he realizes Charmander could do flame attacks, but Charmander decides to stay with Ash because it doesn't want to stay with someone who doesn't care and would only use him for battles.

Episode 12 (Here Comes The Squirtle Squad)

After getting Charmander and Bulbasaur, Ash is feeling very confident about his Pokémon journey. He falls in a hole made by a gang of Squirtles that were abandoned by their trainers. Team Rocket are later captured by these Squirtles, but Meowth tricks them into helping to get Pikachu. The Squirtles capture the group and bring them to a cave. They let Ash out to get medicine for Pikachu because it is badly hurt. Ash returns to find an empty cave and rushes out alarmed. He sees them all fine and gives the medicine to Misty to give to Pikachu. Jessie and James arrive with bombs to cause confusion and get Pikachu. Ash and a Squirtle beat them off and Ash catches Pikachu. The Squirtles then put out the forest fire caused by the blasts. They are appointed town fire fighters for their act. Later on, the leader of the former Squirtle Squad is following Ash and they decide to let it come along.

Episode 13 (Mystery At The Lighthouse)

The group is still lost in the woods and come along a coast where Ash sees a Krabby. Ash catches it, but is confused when it disappears in his hand. He realizes that he can only have six at a time and accepts it. They see a light house where a man named Bill is living. Bill is stuck in a Kabuto costume and they help him out of it. He shows them all about Pokémon and tells them about a sound he heard over the water from a Pokémon that lived there. The night that it decides to come to the lighthouse, Team Rocket is there and they fire blasts at it to try to catch it. They are thrown away as usual and the strange Pokémon disappears into the fog.

Episode 14 (Electric Shock Showdown)

After a long, seven episode journey to find Vermillion City, they finally arrive there. When they arrive at the Pokémon Center, they see many injured Pokémon arriving that were coming from the gym in town. They go to the gym to meet Lt. Surge who battles with his Raichu. Ash sends Pikachu to fight and looses. When Pikachu is in recovery, Nurse Joy offers a Thunder stone to make Pikachu evolve into Raichu. Pikachu refuses, determined to beat Raichu as a Pikachu. They devise a strategy where Pikachu uses agility attacks against Raichu. Raichu cannot keep up because it never learned those attacks as a Pikachu and looses. Ash gets the Thunder badge from Lt. Surge for winning and they continue on their journey.

Episode 15 (Battle Aboard The St. Anne)

As Ash and the gang continue on their journey through Vermillion City, they arrive at the dock where they see a giant cruise ship called the St. Anne. Upset because they can't afford it, two girls come up to them and offer tickets to them for free. They accept the tickets and board the ship. The two girls were really Jessie and James dressed up to fool people into boarding the ship where they would steal the Pokémon on board. Ash meets a gentlemen who is challenging people. Ash fights his Raticate with Butterfree. It is a close match until Butterfree starts winning. The gentlemen withdraws Raticate and calls it a draw. He later trades with Ash. James comes upon this salesmen and buys a Magikarp from him with his salary advance and Jessie's as well. Team Rocket men make their move and all of the people fight back driving them off. Once the battle is over, a bad storm hits and everyone has to abandon ship. Everyone makes it off except Ash, Brock, Misty, Jessie, James, and their Pokémon. The ship sinks deep underwater with them all unconscious.

Episodes (16-30) (31-45) (46-60) (61-75) (76-90) (91-105) (106-120) (121-135) (136-150) (151-165)