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Past News

August 26, 2001-This week's TV listings are updated. Still in the planning stages of the new version of my site. I think I'll be starting work on the new layout this week. I also plan to upload an episode summary of last Saturday's new Pokémon episode, even if out of order. KidsWB will be coming back to air the Radio Tower episode on September 8th.

August 23, 2001-In my first update for months involving real content, here it is. I have added episode summaries for both episodes that aired on Kids WB last weekend. I expect to be adding the summary for this Saturday's episode as well once it airs. In other news, this site may be getting a completely new layout within the next month or two. Some friends and I have been planning a new version of this site. Everything that is already available here will remain open, although my lost episodes section will be presented in less of a campaign format since any attempts to sway 4Kids have already been done. We can only hope they'll consider giving us the remaining 2 lost episodes. I plan to add sections to this site involving the Pokemon game. Expanding the lines of this site seem like a good idea since the amount of Pokémon sites on the net seems to be dropping quickly. Also, I will be seeing about getting this site hosted on a server better than Tripod. More on this in a future news update.

August 19, 2001-Here's another update with my commentary on the new season of Pokemon, as well I've updated the TV listings. Now my commentary... well, the episodes are truly excellent, it seems the original series got a great deal better around this point. Unfortunately, the dubbing quality for the American version has gotten worse. A bit of the episode is now shown *before* the theme song, making it difficult for those that record the show on VCR (and evil WB often starts the episode at 9:59am or so, just to foil our VCR's -_-) also, the Who's That Pokemon segment is much different and even provides a hint (yeah, as if it wasn't easy enough.. ^_^).

August 12, 2001-I haven't had much chance to access the internet lately. Hopefully that will change, for now here is this week's TV listings update.

August 5, 2001-It's getting closer to the evil days of return to school.. in the mean time here are next week's listings. Things are still getting organized on the upcoming plan to expand this site. Also in the news, August 18th is the date KidsWB has picked to start the 4th season of Pokémon. After a summer full of reruns we will finally have something to look forward to. As new episodes air on Kids WB I will be adding them to the episode guide. This year I will do my best to ensure the episode guide does not fall behind the episode airings.

July 29, 2001-TV Listings update. Also, this site could be undergoing a lot of changes over the next while. I'm planning a big update to this site. I'll be working on it with some friends who are also in on our plan. We'll be making many new sections and if everything goes well I'll be adding sections about the Pokémon video game. I will be expanding the site beyond the scope of just anime in an attempt to offer the Pokémon fans of the web something more than a small fan site. Stay tuned, much could happen in the next month!

July 25, 2001-Many of you are e-mailing me concerned about this site shutting down. Although I have been considering it, I have made a decision that this site WILL remain open and I will try to continue updating it until the day that WB cancels Pokémon. I will not shut this site down at all as long as there continues to be new things coming up in the Pokémon anime. When next season begins you can expect episode summaries on this site. Until then, I hope I can find the time to upload those video clips. I should be getting a DSL connection to the internet sometime in September, so if that does happen I will definately be able to upload ALL of the video clips for you.

July 22, 2001-It seems all I ever update anymore is the TV listings. Well, here they are again. At least I haven't missed a week on you all. The future of this site doesn't seem to great though. I will hopefully be getting more updated in the fall since I'll be adding new episode summaries, but it seems that now this site's been shut down from it's server at, and I've been keeping it going off of Tripod that hardly anyone visits the site anymore except the few that were regulars before. This site isn't shutting down just yet, but once I decide that it isn't worth updating any more, I will shut this site down.

July 15, 2001-Now for next week's TV listings. I still haven't got much else done for the update. I will be uploading video clips to Angelfire instead of NBCi since it seems I can't upload at NBCi anymore and I've heard they're shutting down.

July 13, 2001- Update to the TV listings section because of a last minute change by Kids WB. Today's afternoon episodes will be 'Riddle Me This' and 'Volcanic Panic'. If my TV guide is wrong, I'll update again after this afternoon.

July 8, 2001-Another TV listings update. Yep, that's it.

July 4, 2001-No real update, but just a quick happy fourth of July to all the Americans out there that visit my site. Also, I will be actually updating my movies section in the near future, I've received two submissions for Mewtwo Strikes Back movie summaries and I will be compiling them together to add that section.. It's coming soon ^_^

July 1, 2001-Happy Canada Day! (To all those Canadians out there) and here's next week's listings for you all. Thanks to NBCi, I can host my video clips, and slowly I will be restoring those.

June 27, 2001-I am beginning the process of restoring my video clips section (finally) ^_^. I don't know if tripod is going to let me provide large downloads, but I'll find out soon enough. The video clips index has been restored now, and as I upload the clips, you'll notice their pictures reappearing in the clips section. This is how you can tell if I've re-uploaded that video clip or not. If you see a red 'x' for the image, or otherwise the image for a specific video clip won't load, then I haven't uploaded that clip yet. Look for those images to start appearing and eventually the entire section will be restored. It will take a while for me to upload all those video clips over the 56k modem, but I'll try to keep them coming.

June 24, 2001-The listings have been updated for this week. The summer updates will be coming up soon, since I'm out of school. I am a bit busy with other things in life, but I still plan to do some interesting updating within the next few weeks. For now though, you can always check my listings as I keep them updated. If for some reason there is any Pokémon episode you feel like watching, check my guide to see if it's there.

June 17, 2001-This coming week *is* my last week in school. I've updated the TV listings once again for the coming week of reruns. With the coming summer, I'll be updating with more stuff in various parts of my site. Anyway, the latest thing at this site seems to be that the message board isn't working quite right. It seems everyone can't access it, but everytime I try it the board works perfectly. Well, if this keeps up I might have to change services, but for now I'll wait.

June 10, 2001-Hey guys, summer is upon us and now it has been almost 3 years since the Pokémon craze first began in North American (5 years since it began in Japan). I can tell by the 200 or so top rating on the Pokemon Top 50 that my site isn't nearly as popular as it once was. I hope if any people reading this haven't checked out our message board that they give it a shot. We could use some people who are really interested to talk about Pokémon. In fact, Pokémon seems to be a bit of a dying topic in the forum. Well, anyway this week's TV listings have now been posted. I will be getting out of school in another few weeks and I'll be sure to update more of this site in the summer.

June 3, 2001-The TV listings have yet again been updated for the coming week. I'm almost out of school for the summer. I only have a few more weeks to go and then I'll be free to work more on the site.

May 27, 2001-More TV listings added and it seems KWB is delaying "The Psychic Sidekicks". Looking ahead on the coming weeks for the station and since that is the only episode yet to air I'd assume it'd show next week, but in fact there are 2 weeks of reruns coming up after "Forest Grumps" next weekend.

May 20, 2001-TV listings updated, this time fully provided. I guess there was some confusion last week with WB switching to 3:30pm which caused the listings source on TV guide to miss around half the listings.. and for a while Toonzone wasn't updating at all.

May 13, 2001-I've updated the TV listings as best I could this week. It seems WB hasn't given out info on half the episodes airing next week. It seems whatever's airing at 3:30pm is not announced, but the 4:00pm airings are listed. Whatever, so I've listed what I can in my TV listings section.

May 6, 2001-The TV listings for next week have been updated. YTV's rerun cycle seems to be totally ignoring the first 2 seasons now, which means we may see the current season cycle through a few times. I hope not, because if YTV were to just start from the 1st episode, that'd be just 1 rerun of each episode, and then by the time they got to September, they'd just be finishing up.

May 5, 2001-Yes, I've finally done it. The episode summaries page has been fully completed for this season! You can read the last bunch of summaries, "Forest Grumps", "The Psychic Sidekicks", and, "The Fortune Hunters" available now in my guide. If there's anything you guys would like to see from this site next, let me know at so that I can do that. With the episode guide completed, from now until September, it'll just be listings updates. I'll try to think of some cool things you'll all like to see. While you're at it, do try the message board. Click the button on the side, and please feel free to post. Also this morning on WB, a GS Pokérap was advertised to be airing next week. I guess that'll be interesting to see.

April 28, 2001-Okay, relatively good update today. I've added two more episode summaries to the episode guide, "Love, Totodile Style" and "Fowl Play" are now in the guide. As well, I have posted next week's TV listings in the TV listings page. Yes, of course next week Kids WB is going back to air the Totodile Duel episode. Kids WB is really screwing around with the order, so if you really want to know the correct episode order, I suggest you read my episode guide which is nearly competed for this season. Only three more to go, and then I'll be sure to keep it going in September.

April 26, 2001-"Hot Matches!" added to the guide. YTV is continuing to cycle through their reruns and this is just perfect for my guide! I will have this season's episode summaries completed within another week! Hey guys, if you haven't been visiting I encourage you to check out this site's Message Board. Discussion is most welcome, especially about Pokémon!

April 25, 2001-I've added today's episode summary, "The Totodile Duel" and, it happens to be starting the 11th page of my episode guide. I've almost got the episode guide completed for this season. Only six more to go!

April 24, 2001-Two more episode summaries added, my personal favorite "Tunnel Vision" is now added. I have also added "Hour of the Houndour" to the summaries page. Here is some news, or maybe not. I was watching KidsWB's repeat of "Pokemon Paparazzi" this afternoon. As you would know if you read the comparisons page, when Team Rocket showed up to throw bombs at Ash and *Todd* after revealing themselves to not be an old couple, James tosses a few bombs their way after snatching Pikachu. Kids WB cut 1 of the 3 thrown bombs. Today, this wasn't cut! I was quite surprised to see that scene aired in it's entirety on Kids WB in the exact same manner as it had always been on YTV. Still, they are calling Snap, Todd, but that's to be expected I guess.. ^_^ To reflect this change of KWB censorship, I have slightly updated that particular episode comparison. I assure you all I'll be watching more weekday episodes in the future if Kids WB uncensors any more of what they previously censored. Personally, I'd expect at best for them to just air it the same as other stations in the world.

April 22, 2001-Updated the episode summary section, added "No Big Woop!" and also, this weeks TV listings are updated and KidsWB is screwing the order again. The Noctowl episode, airing next Saturday shouldn't actually be airing for three more episodes!! Oh well, they'll likely go back for those episodes in the next few weekends.

April 19, 2001-I've added *3* more episode summaries for you to read. Even though I haven't updated for a few days, I have still been writing up the summaries for your reading pleasure. The guide is now fully updated up to "The Fire-ing Squad!"

April 16, 2001-One more episode summary posted for "Gettin' the Bugs Out". That's it. ^_^

April 15, 2001-Happy Easter everyone! Well, I finally cleaned up the lengthy news page, now my site should load a lot faster. I've updated the TV listings for another week, WB is doing a Squirtle theme this week, so all you Squirtle fans will be getting a lot of your favorite character. I just wish they'd follow proper order for once.. Regarding my lost episode campaign, to clarify, it's NOT over. However, I will not be scheduling any more Campaign Days as I'd done before. I doubt the impact would be significant, especially because I bet some may have just given up on my site when UPNetwork went down. I hope people out there, especially those with easier access, could phone in, and perhaps get the latest on the remaining two lost episodes. I'm *sorta* on the lookout for the Dratini ep. to show it's face somewhere along the line. I bet there are a lot of confused kids wondering how Ash got his herd of Tauros. They might do it as another *LOST EPISODE* or not. Beauty and the Beach popped up outta nowhere last year! Pokémon popularity may be dying down, but I still have my dream of all the Pokemon episodes fully dubbed into English. I'm even willing to endure a few *evil* cuts if THAT's what it takes to get them onto my TV screen. I'd hope for minimal cutting, and maybe even a few risks taken with the Dratini episode. I'd expect them to properly edit Porygon, or else it'd be another grand one-time airing ^_^. Well, I've rambled too much, but I think you should all read this anyway, I think I've clearly defined my stance on the ol' campaign as of now.

April 13, 2001-Muwhahaha! Another Friday the 13th! And Good Friday of all Fridays happened to be a Friday the 13th! ^_^ I've added 2 more episode summaries into the episode guide section. I'll be updating the listings for next week on Sunday. Also, news for WB, "The Fire-ing Squad" will be airing, although now obviously late and out of sequence. It airs next Saturday.

April 11, 2001-Hey guys, 2 more episode summaries posted for you all to read, "Wired for Battle!" and "Good 'Quil Hunting" have now been added to the guide. Expect one more for each weekday after this as YTV repeats through the Johto episodes I fully intend to complete my episode guide for this season!

April 9, 2001-I got tonight's episode summary posted, "Mild 'n Wooly". Also, thanks go out to for mentioning my site's new URL on their main page. Also, I *finally* corrected the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. No, does not work anymore, so please send e-mail to Thanks!

April 8, 2001-Okay, I've finally added "The Superhero Secret" to my episode guide and as well I've got next week's TV listings posted. It seems a lot of people still can't find my site back at this address. If you know people looking for this site, do them a favor and let 'em know where it's gone. I hope most of you were able to find the site okay, I intentionally went to my original address hoping most of you would try here first.

April 5, 2001-Hey, I got "Foul Weather Friends" episode summary added. I intend to keep this up daily, as YTV is repeating the Johto episodes daily I should get this season completed much faster, going at a pace of 5 per week.

April 4, 2001-I finally got in contact with Jaxel about all this with the UPNetwork closing down, and it seems he didn't just delete his site. His host kicked him off without warning. Jaxel hasn't got another server to go to, but I take it from the situation that perhaps his site isn't gone down for good. I have uploaded my episode guide here at Tripod now (I've completed up to Chikorita's Big Upset) for your reading pleasure. I hope my episode summaries will serve as good reading while I get this site through this temporary crisis situation.. ^_^ Also, for all you forum goers, I've got my AnyBoard forum up and running! Click the button on the side, and feel free to post! I especially await posts from those that were regulars on my forum at the UPNetwork.

April 2, 2001-Wow, what a week it's been! The downfall of UPNetwork has left my site in the dust... Never fear, Pokemon fans for I will soon enough have the entire site re-uploaded at THIS address. so if you've found this site, please spread the word. A lot of people are no doubt wondering where I've gone. If you try to click the links on the side, you'll surely notice many of them don't work. That's okay, I'll get it all uploaded soon enough. The video clips though are a different story, ^_^. Those massive files take a while to upload, and I will be taking my time there. I expect to have that episode summaries page back online really soon. Also, this week's summary that was due, "Charizard's Burning Ambitions" will be slightly delayed due to technical difficulties. ^o^ As for the TV listings, I got them updated! Go to the TV Listings page through the link on the right.. it SHOULD work.. ^_-


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