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Past News

March 25, 2001-Just a few things I must state for the week. First, the episode summaries section now includes "Tanks A Lot", also TV listings are updated. YTV's status, they failed to show the new episodes they'd promised, revising their schedule to air them this week on Thursday and Friday, we'll see YTV.. we'll see.. as for Kids WB... when did they air "The Fire-ing Squad" ???!?!? Are they going to skip the episode? Next week they're airing ep148 - "No Big Woop!"

March 19, 2001-Hey there! Episode summaries now updated to "For Crying Out Loud" and hopefully I'll be able to get a real run on them once YTV starts repeating all the Johto episodes.

March 18, 2001-I was unable to finish the week's episode summary (probably because I only started it today) and so I can't post it unfinished.. I'll have that for you to read tomorrow. I've got your listings. YTV aired 1 surprise new ep on Friday.. "Forest Grumps" and they screwed the airing, as usual. No sound throughout parts, oh well.

March 11, 2001-Quick little update here, any self-respecting Jigglypuff fan ought to go HERE and vote for their favorite puffster! Come on! Jiggly is movin' on up! We can get her to the top! All JPFC members are encouraged to click on that link and show their support for Jigglypuff. Oh, and non-members or simply those that prefer other Pokemon, you're free to vote as you like. I think a lot of JPFC people log onto this site, so I hope you all can show your support! You are permitted one vote each day! We can do this! ^_^

March 11, 2001-Compared to YTV's original tentative schedule as I posted for my site, the only thing that changed was that the 2 new episodes scheduled for Thursday and Friday were simply the next two repeats sequentially. I've got your *tentative* ^_^ TV listings updated and as is my minimum, one more episode summary for you all to read. Hey, at least I'm gonna get the whole season done AT LEAST before the next season begins, and then hopefully I'll do better keeping up next season!

March 5, 2001-Hi guys! Even though WB still hasn't updated. I have found yet another listings source (thanks to ALL that e-mailed me!!!) and I have now updated for the week of WB listings. Also, I found out about a last minute change on Saturday that they played "A Shadow of a Drought". Listings are updated and YTV is just about finished the season and then they will be repeating all Johto episodes. This means that soon enough I will be able to completely catch up my episode summaries.

March 4, 2001-Basically, the 2nd half of my YTV's last week schedule was all wrong. So the rest of the week from Wednesday to Friday they showed three new episodes, they horribly screwed up 2 out of 3 of them!!! As stated on the last update, the first one had sound missing for the first 2 minutes, and then the other mistake, on Friday part of the episode repeated!! Yes, there was nearly a 2 minute block of episode that played twice! The editor at 4Kids must've been on crack to make that mistake. This would hopefully be fixed up by the time KidsWB airs it and when YTV repeats the episode that will hopefully be fixed. Well, for this day I've updated with next weeks (tentative ^_^) TV listings for YTV. I unfortunately cannot provide KidsWB listings yet because they haven't released them. I'll be checking everyday and will post here within the same day they become available.

February 28, 2001-What YTV did today was just horrible! Not only did they play a new episode without warning, they messed up the sound for the first few minutes. I think they'll be showing a new one tomorrow as well, but we can never be sure. I haven't updated the TV listings because I really don't know just what to expect from them.

February 25, 2001-YTV didn't air anything new after the Totodile episode and had repeats on Thursday and Friday. Well, I've updated the episode guide with one more episode summary. I hope someday I'll get down to it and catch up to current episodes. Probably I'll do it when I get some time off school in March. Anyway, I also updated TV listings.

February 19, 2001-Well, as I somehow suspected YTV changed last week's schedule at the last minute again. No surprises though, "Tunnel Vision" was skipped and they just played sequential reruns the rest of the week. Well, YTV has posted for this week 3 new episodes. "Tunnel Vision", "Hour of the Houndour", and "The Totodile Duel". They have posted no info for Thursday or Friday. I'll update about YTV as soon as I can. The TV listings are current now for this week, and I've added one more episode summary.

February 11, 2001-If YTV doesn't change their schedule again, like they confused everyone with the last two new episodes, there will be two more new episodes played this Monday (tomorrow) and Tuesday. The 3rd season of Pokémon has just about drawn to a close on YTV and we have ordered reruns to look forward to after that. Kids WB seems to be up to it's old tricks again by airing two new episodes next Saturday in backwards order. The Superhero Secret and Mild 'n Wooly should be played the other way around!

February 6, 2001-YTV once again aired a new episode yesterday without telling anybody. I've updated the TV listings page to reflect YTV for the rest of the week.

February 4, 2001-Well, YTV aired a new episode last week through a last minute decision and without warning anybody, "Tricks of the Trade" was shown on Thursday. This week I've added *2* new episode summaries and I've got your next week TV listings added. The Chikorita Rescue was one of my more favorite episodes so I'm glad to finally have it in my guide. I guess it's important to note that listings are always subject to change, especially when YTV and WB love to screw with our heads.

January 28, 2001-Hey guys, new TV listings for next week, and I have written one more episode summary. As slow as I'm going, I will most definitely never let the YTV weekend run ever get ahead of me!

January 21, 2001-I've added this week's TV listings. YTV is finally sorted out on their website confirming the truth of reruns for a while, meanwhile Kids WB is doing the same old thing with reruns on the weekdays and this weekend there'll be one episode that they haven't shown yet. It's definately one of the better Johto episodes with lots of funny things ^^;;.

January 20, 2001-Since "Snubbull Snobbery" was on YTV this morning, it gave me the refresher I needed to write one more episode summary! So, that's been added. I do have all the episodes taped, just not the time to watch them all, but I'll try to keep going and getting those summaries caught up. I'll give you all next week's TV listings on tomorrow's update.

January 13, 2001-A few things, first I've got your TV listings updated for this coming week. YTV's guide still hasn't reflected the absence of the two new episodes the other week, and so I'm still going on general assumption of continuing the way they're going. It was all right last week, but there's no telling when out of the blue, YTV will just start airing new episodes again. As for those long overdue episode summaries, I decided to post up the 3 I've written and hope to write more when I get the chance. Sites with episode guides seem to be disappearing for the net, and mine is lagging behind. KidsWB seems a bit messed up this coming week too. They're airing 2 new episodes out of order. They're first skipping over 4 episodes straight to "Chikorita's Big Upset" and then trailing back into order airing "For Crying Out Loud" as the second new episode that morning. Strange bunch those WB people are.

January 7, 2001-Okay guys, I don't know what to expect of YTV tomorrow, since their schedule is still saying that those new episodes aired last Thursday and Friday, and so they're telling me that "The Lost Lapras" will air tomorrow, although it actually aired last Thursday. Well, I'm assuming for my listings this week that reruns will continue and "Pikachu Re-Volts" will be shown tomorrow. Just be ready for anything, YTV viewers, including maybe even a new episode. They may have been delayed getting the next new episodes and could surprise us with one or two sometime in the next week or two. Hopefully they'll have updated the YTV guide before that happens so I'll report it here if they straighten out there schedule. Nothing particularly exciting for Kids WB, no new episodes next Saturday and another boring week. It's no wonder people aren't interested in Pokémon anymore. They really should stop theme weeks altogether and play one rerun episode a day *IN PROPER ORDER* that is to start from ep1 and go forth to present (heh, and while they're following correct order, why not fill in those lost episodes.. heh. ^_-)

January 5, 2001-In a surprise change of scheduling, YTV didn't air any new episodes this week. When new episodes continue on YTV I'll try to find out. They may try to surprise us like last time with the start of the Johto episodes.

January 4, 2001-Hey I got quite a few *care* e-mails from people. Thanks to you all and of course I'll do my best to keep this website alive and try updating it. Sorry, but I don't have any actual update today. I don't want to update until I have something fairly big ready to go. Even if I'm another week or two writing episode summaries, I'll get them all up. YTV is only 12 episodes away from finishing the season, so surely I'll get everything updated and complete during that period of time when no more new episodes are coming.

July-December 2000