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Winter 99/00

February 27, 2000-I've added another video clip. It's the 3rd ending song for the anime. Pocket ni Fantasy is now available in the video clips section. This means just about every ending theme for Pocket Monsters is out there, except for Lapras no notte. If anyone could encode Lapras ni Notte, we'd have them all! Unfortunately, I don't have any episodes with that ending, so I can't do it.

February 26, 2000-Finished all episode summaries for 4Kids' 2nd season of Pokémon. We can only hope there will be a full 3rd season waiting for us in September. For the lost episode campaign, I am getting the feeling the Porygon episode is going to be a really big fight. Reported on Universal Pokémon Network, they aren't even going to release the manga for episode 38, which contains stills from the show. They are trying really hard to keep this episode out of circulation. I don't know how it got out in France, but this seems to be all about reputation. Some of those producers for the original production of Pocket Monsters really don't like the bad rep the show has gotten over this mess and now that it's basically over don't want anyone to be reminded of it. It isn't about safety, a few quick changes would make that episode just fine for air, and of course I highly doubt staring at an image on paper is going to send someone into a seizure.

February 25, 2000-TV Listings updated for another week. Credit given to those who's material has been used on this site. I have gone over every page and anything I didn't make all by myself now has proper credit for who made it. No one bugged me about this before, but a friend reminded me to credit everyone and so I did.

February 22, 2000-Kids WB is scheduled to air 'Shell Shock' on March 4th. I don't know how they managed to screw up like this, but that's Kids WB for ya. They are finally taking a vacation from theme weeks beginning Feb. 28, they will show all episodes in order starting from the first one. I won't be updating much this week because I am sick. Don't expect me to get in to update those summaries anytime within the next few days, I can't think well enough to write them at the moment. I will surprise you with them once I write them.

February 20, 2000-Well, I still don't have more episode summaries, mainly because of the way my weekend went. I'm going to have them up *soon*. I have re-written my summary of the lost Aopluco episode, for accuracy reasons. About a month ago, Tracey of Pewter City went through all my episode summaries and corrected them for grammar and spelling. I've finally got the corrected versions posted. Thank you to Tracey for doing these corrections. I've posted another video clip to keep you happy until the summaries are finished. Clefairy vs. Jigglypuff! The slap battle of the century! Don't miss this one!

February 18, 2000-TV listings, I may have some episode summaries tomorrow. I have a video clip of Team Rocket doing Pinky Land! You can download it in the video clips section!

February 16, 2000-Tomorrow will be YTV's last episode of the season. I will be taking my time with the summaries, but will probably have the entire season up by this Saturday. With the 2nd season out of the way. I will try to concentrate more on the campaign. I've got tons of links on the campaign page which is really good. Now, I'm looking to get more in contact with 4Kids. How can I know we've won if they don't say anything? I've heard that they plan to dub the other two lost episodes and Dratini episode is bound to show soon. I haven't heard a thing first hand. Well, more details tomorrow.

February 13, 2000-Updated the summaries up to the big episode #100. Next week YTV will be finishing the season completely, and we'll have to wait until September for more new episodes. Considering most Canadians haven't seen the old episodes for a long time, a nice long run straight through from beginning to end will be nice and last until July. They'll likely repeat some more through the summer and then we're back into the Orange League with new episodes! As for Kids WB, I expect the episodes for this season to be carefully be drawn out until May or June. Then, it's just a summer without new episodes to wait through. Also, I noticed that WB did not air 'Shell Shock'. Now, I am certainly shocked. I do expect them to get around to showing it soon, possibly out of order at some point. Once I find out, I'll post info here.

February 12, 2000-Porygon didn't air. But, most already know that by now. Kids WB skipped an episode this week, 'Shell Shock' was not aired. I have no idea why. So, TV listings are updated. Soon, I'll get around to updating those episode summaries.

February 7, 2000-Man, have I got news!!! Today in Canada a new episode 'A Way Off Day Off' aired, and the Who's that Pokemon was .... PORYGON! Now, knowing 4Kids' putting the WTP's one day ahead of the episodes, could tomorrow be the Porygon episode on YTV? I sure hope so! I'll have a full report on how things are going tomorrow. If the lost episode airs, I will provide video clips! The actual episode today was sort of boring, fun to watch, but very little to write in a summary, so I didn't do the summary of it. I will have it tomorrow.

February 6, 2000-Updated J/E episode comparisons page up to #12. The first lost episdode didn't show in Austrailia. I don't know the details, but I'm not buying this whole 'secretly dubbed' thing. We're not finished I don't think.

February 5, 2000-I've made my quick comeback on the episode summaries, completely up-to-date. Also, I've updated the TV listings, again please ignore the Austrailian listings, I have no idea what's going on there. Once I start getting it right, and perhaps find a reliable source, I'll provide accurate listings for Austrailia.

February 4, 2000-I added one more episode summary, sorry for falling so far behind, I'll try to make a quick comeback tomorrow. There's a fairly big matter in the campaign I felt should be brought to your attention in case you haven't heard yet. It seems that all 3 lost episodes are to be dubbed, and air on Kids WB on March 25. This is the word of Ash Ketchum 2, and supposedly they air next week in Austrailia, which is the word of The Mysterious Blue Hiker. I know that Dratini is coming sooner or later, and what's being said here seems to indicate the whole thing is hitting us in March. Please talk about this in the message board, I'd like to see how you all feel about this. Do you think it's true? Or, do you think it's just another internet rumor? We'll find out about Austrailia shortly, so stay tuned.....

February 3, 2000-I just made another Dratini episode clip, just so there would be more than one. Now, we've got Team Rocket intruding on the Safari zone, then our friend the warden shoots 'em down. Download is in the video clips section.

January 29, 2000-The episode comparisons are now completed up to #9 and I have a video clip of Bigglypuff just for the Jigglypuff fan club. The TV listings for the week are up and the episode summaries are up to date. As well, this week I'm trying something new with the TV listings, I've got Austrailian TV listings up now, and these are only as accurate as what PokéFreak is giving me. If they're wrong, tell me and I'll do what I can to fix it.

January 26, 2000-I've updated the episode summaries as far as today's new episode and I hope to have some great updates tomorrow. I'm finally finished my exams, and I can expect my life to return to normal for a while.

January 22, 2000-New video clip by request today, the first official clip for the Jigglypuff fan club. This is a clip of when Jigglypuff first discovers the alien Clefairies. Also, news about YTV, they will be shifting Pokémon ahead one hour starting Feb. 7. So if you watch it at 4pm in your time zone, then it is being moved to 5pm, this is because YTV wants to show Monster Rancher and Digimon every weekday at 4 and 4:30pm.

January 21, 2000-YTV's starting new episodes again on Tuesday, and I can verify they are going at least for two weeks straight, although I'm expecting them to follow out for at least another week after that. Anyway, I've updated the TV listings today. I hope to get some more video clips maybe even three at once, all uploaded tomorrow.

January 20, 2000-I've got the video clip in it's own section now, along with a new video clip. The 4th ending for the Japanese version of Pokemon. It's the Pokemon Ondo, and it's picked especially because it has Jigglypuff in it, and I promised some stuff for the Jigglypuff fan club. Well, I'll have more Jiggly goods later. Also, I updated the joined sites list, and now it looks really cool and organized.

January 17, 2000-A quick maintenance update, the Pokémon section is back, in case any of you just want pictures of the Pokémon, ^_^. I updated the Top50 graphic to their new server to reflect how I'm really doing -_-. Finally, I updated the episode comparisons because I found out that I was right about that symbol thing behind Caterpie. Hopefully, I'll have some other video clip sometime this week.

January 16, 2000-Another week, another update. Sorry about last weeks listings, until exams are through with and all is done, I can't get on often, and the only time I did get this week, the upnetwork server wasn't letting me update. I have this weeks listings though, and hope this doesn't happen again. I've got a video clip from the Dratini episode, you can find it in the campaign section. I'll have more video clips when I get the chance to upload them.

January 9, 2000-Sheesh! Now, it's gotten down to once per week for this site?!? Well, I'll try to squeeze in some more updates, but I've got final exams in school starting in two weeks, as the end of 1st semester is coming up, I've got other excuses, but I'm not going to waste space on them. I will try my hardest to get little updates in for you all, but things will be taking a dip until January 24th, when I write my last exam. I've got all the episode comparisons more accurate, and added episodes 5 and 6. TV Listings are in as usual, and on my next update I'll have video clips!!! I finally got my capture card working last night, and there will be some clips from Legend of Dratini. I've also got some Jigglypuff video clips to make for the fan club. Those are all coming soon.

January 1, 2000-Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the delays in updates. I've been getting a video capture card set up in my computer and hope to provide some exclusive video clips for all of you soon. Thank you to Blitz015 again for the great new menu images. Thank you to PokeFreak for the new logo. I've got this weeks TV listings up, as well as an episode summary for "In The Pink" which aired yesterday. More episode comparisons are coming soon.

December 26, 1999-Happy Boxing day everyone! I couldn't get on long enough to update yesterday. I've got all my fun Christmas surprises up now though. With a one day delay, I now have the first 4 episodes Japanese/English comparisons completed, you can see in the episode guide. I have some exclusive photos from the 2nd movie trailer you can see by clicking here, and as well I have updated the TV Listings for next week. WB said something about the edge of the Safari Zone this week, they aren't showing the Dratini episode, but have been dropping a lot of hints lately regarding the fact that they likely have it. Also, thank you to Garnett's Porygon site for giving me the Porygon Power Award.

December 23, 1999-I've got another movie opinion for you. This one is on the side of preferring the original to the dub. I've gotten many opinions so far, and this is turning out good. Remember, if anyone has a completely unique opinion, being unlike what I've got so far, then send it to me. If I believe it is different enough, it will go on the list. Notice, I've got some Christmas goodies planned for this site, some of them *I* don't even know what it is yet (thank you PokéFreak), so get ready, they'll all be up sometime late afternoon on Christmas Day.

December 22, 1999-Three days until Christmas, I've got another movie review up, this is an opinion on the French version of the movie. A lot of people have been asking me for Gold/Silver game information. I do not plan to provide any type of video game information on this site, that includes Gold/Silver version tips or anything like that. If you want Gold/Silver information, I suggest you visit Meowth346's site Pokémon Forever there is an excellent Gold/Silver section at that site.

December 21, 1999-YTV is going to air one new episode on December 31, to ring in the new year, they will be airing "In The Pink" as part of their Weird2K all day marathon of stuff. The MSB summary should be up sometime soon. Hopefully, it will be up before Christmas. Special thanks to Hyena for the help on it.

December 18, 1999-TV Listings. This weekend, YTV is having a marathon. They are showing from the first round of the Pokémon League straight up to the Airship episode. Kids WB episode delay, the next new episode for Kids WB will not air for three weeks, Jan.8 will be when the Airship episode is shown. Also, did anyone see the new version of "What Kind of Pokemon are you?" There were some more clips from the Dratini episode. Still no word if and when it may air.

December 15, 1999-I got some more movie opinions up tonight, finally. Some of these people waited over a week for me to get to them. They are in the movie section.

December 14, 1999-During this period of no news, I thought I'd keep you with this excellent drawing of Mewtwo by a member on the message board, Lance Neptune did this one, and I thought I'd show you all his work. This update is also to show you that I'm still here, but remember I'm not going to do completely pointless updates just so I can brag about updating every day.

December 10, 1999-I have just found out that in the French version of Pokémon, they included the Porygon episode. Thank you to Dragonair for this info. As long as this is true, this means it isn't illegal to show it anywhere in the world. The people who made the french dub were able to get this episode, I am going to look into what company does the French version, and maybe I'll be able to find out for you people if we do stand a chance of getting an English version of it. I've updated the TV listings.

December 6, 1999-There are more hackers on the UPNetwork message board. Of course, I mention this, because my message board is a branch of it. It says that Jaxel may shut down the board all together if the hackers keep this up. Well, if that happens, I will revive my old Anyboard! I'm sure some of you remember that one. About the movie section, I've got two things to say. First, I am drowning in movie reviews!! I guess it's only natural everyone wants there opinion stated, but this is crazy!! I'll get up some of the reviews when I have some time. It may take some time, so don't get offended if I don't get to you right away. Also, don't get offended if I don't use your opinion. I don't want to be repetitive, and if your opinion is exceptionally short, or is exactly the same as someone else's I may not use it. The second thing I want to say about the movie section, is to not expect the MSB section anytime soon, I am too busy with school to type out a full well written summary.

December 3, 1999-It's a shame I couldn't get in to update yesterday, because of my school work that is keeping me very busy. Well, YTV viewers are now likely very upset with the news that because of Kids WB basically screwing all Americans for Pokémon, 4Kids is under no pressure to keep new episodes coming, so YTV after only four new ones, has yet again run out. This time, they have decided to not try to continue on YTV until mid-late January. The worst part is that they are completely cancelling Pokémon during this time period, and showing 3 weeks of Digimon, 3 weeks of Monster Rancher. I can only suggest anyone mad about this decision write some e-mail to YTV. I have all the episode summaries up for all the aired episodes. The TV listings are updated. We've still got Kids WB to watch Pokémon on, but they usually follow no order whatsoever during the afternoon, and horrible theme weeks! It should be good this week, with the Pokémon League reruns in order.

December 1, 1999-I have today's summary up for the newest episode. I'm trying to keep these things short, and I planned on making this a short summary, but the way I write, it just ended up being long like the others.