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October/November 1999

November 30, 1999-Today was a new episode of Pokémon! Not to mention a totally brand new theme song! The computer graphics were incredible, and it all mixed well together with the scenes from the original 'Rival!' opening. This was much better than the old theme. That's my opinion anyway. Maybe when enough people get a chance to see it, I'll open a poll to see if you all like it better than the old one. I have the episode summary up for the day as well. I am going to have new episode summaries up throughout the week, because there's a new one everyday. I am not promising a summary everyday, because I am so busy, but I will try to keep up.

November 29, 1999-I have two people's movie opinions up in the movie section. I am glad people are saying what they like about the movie. The MSB section is delayed until further notice. I am very busy with everything else, and can't be writing that up, with the limited time I have to update this site. New episodes past Pokéball Peril begin on YTV tomorrow, reminder for all Canadians.

November 27, 1999-I have updated a number of things, I have made my PSV summary somewhat more complete. If anyone feels I give unfair lack of attention to certain aspects of the film just e-mail me and I will do what I think is necessary. I have got more people on the joined sites list. Actually, that is all. So, have a nice weekend, and unfortunately, because of all my school work, don't expect great updates all the time. Next week when YTV continues with new episodes, I will do my best to make time for new episode summaries.

November 26, 1999-TV Listings for next week. I am starting to believe that Kids WB should be playing those reruns a little less. They show two reruns per day, and it is getting on most people's nerves. The theme weeks aren't helping and simply getting more fans angry. WB should probably only show one episode per day. Two reruns everyday can easily get even the greatest fan sick of the show. It's become a bit of a joke how often we've seen episodes like 'The Ultimate Test' as besides the fact they go in random order, this one seems to fit so many of Kids WB's stupid themes. In Austrailia, they've gotten as far as 'Pokéball Peril' and will continue after Christmas. In Canada, that episode is going to be re-ran on Monday, and will continue with some new ones on Tuesday and then everyday until the end of the season. I'll do my best to keep up with my summaries for you all, but I can't promise because of school work. I get approximately over 4 hours of work per night now, so it leaves a lot less time for this site, and anything else for that matter. Oh yeah, and happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of you. Too bad I was too busy to update yesterday. Oh well....

November 24, 1999-Here it is, now Wednesday. I have as I'd hoped, completed the Pikachu's Summer Vacation section! It is in the new movie section. Thank you to Blitz015 again for the graphic on my menu. I hope to have a Mewtwo Strikes Back section up on Sunday. Then, it's your turn! I am accepting movie opinions from anyone who has 'valid' remarks. Meaning something longer than 'it sucks' or 'it kicked ass'. All comments of valid opinion and adequate length will be accepted.

November 22, 1999-Hello everyone, a quick status update on the movie section, I am hoping to get the Pikachu's Summer Vacation part up on Wednesday, as it is nearly finished, and I don't have a lot of time. I have been thinking about doing episode comparisons against the Japanese versions as stated earlier and may begin them around the start of December.

November 19, 1999-The usual Friday update for the TV listings. I may not be able to get the movie section up as soon as I'd like to. I have a lot of school work and other things that I have to do which are a more serious priority for me than this site. If you've noticed that my updates haven't been so great lately, it's because they really haven't. My movie section, whenever I start laying it out, will include movie summaries, pictures throughout the summary, and anything else I can think of. If there's something about the movie you want to see, e-mail me. I'm going to let the fans decide what I should put in this section. I cannot get new video clips though, so don't ask.

November 18, 1999-Just a short update to explain the lack of updates ^_^ I am working on the movie section described below, and should have it up around Monday.

November 16, 1999-I am going to be putting up a movie section in the near future. I don't have access to the Japanese stuff, so I will only cover American releases. But, my pages on Pikachu's Summer Vacation and Mewtwo Strikes Back should be good. I do have both of those in Japanese, and I should have a good section up sometime soon.

November 14, 1999-Jaxel updated and moved the forums for all of the Universal Pokémon Network, including my own. It should be more secure, less hackers, etc. But, all the old topics are gone, and you'll all have to sign up again. Go to the message board by clicking the button on the side.

November 13, 1999-I've been getting losts of site requests for banners lately. That is good, but it is only the first half of winning this campaign. Isn't anyone out there writing letters? Maybe you people could email me to tell me, just so I have an idea about how many letters 4Kids is getting.

November 12, 1999-Updated TV Listings. Not much to say today, other than please write a letter to 4Kids if you haven't (address on the campaign page) and maybe I'll update with something on the weekend.

November 11, 1999-I saw the movie last night. It was good, except I was quite disappointed with the new music. There were some 3-D rendered scenes added, and some of the scenes changed with 3-D graphics, but nothing cut.

November 8, 1999-I have all the episode summaries up! Aren't I fast? Well, I also won the Golden Growlithe award for this page, and you thought it was only for excellent movie directing! Thanks to Ross' Pokémon Zone for the award.

November 7, 1999-Well, Brock is gone. Don't worry, he's coming back eventually. I should have some episode summaries up sometime soon. I am busy today, so I can't write any just yet. I'll get some up tomorrow. Probably all from this morning will be up by Wednesday.

November 6, 1999-Updated TV Listings.

November 5, 1999-I didn't feel much like updating last night, I heard a lot of people saying that on an AOL chat, that Rachael Lillis denied any dubbing of the Dratini episode. I am becoming quite frustrated with these AOL chat things as I cannot access them, not being on AOL. I am going on a search to try to contact one of these voice actors, to try to get each persons side of the story. I will have next weeks TV listings up tomorrow. Also, if I find these people, I hope I can ask them the questions to have a straight view on the whole situation. I will have four new episode summaries after the new episodes air on Sunday morning on YTV, and I am thinking of adding some new sections to this site to make it more complete and interesting. I often visit a site called DBZ Uncensored and I really enjoy his comparisons against the original Dragonball Z clearly stated what changed and what was cut. I was thinking of doing the same thing for Pokémon, except there is one problem... I don't have most of the original episodes!! I will try to get them, as this section sounds like it could be a good one for this site.

November 3, 1999-While waiting for the four new episodes to air on YTV this coming weekend, there really isn't too much news. The movie has been moved forward to November 10th, which has been confirmed everywhere. For people on the message board, you can join the Jigglypuff Fanclub by adding a few lines to your signature and a text graphic of Jigglypuff. If I can get a video capture card, I may make some video clips for Jigglypuff. Actually, I'd probably make some video clips of the Dratini episode, as it seems no one has yet. One more thing for me to mention, a friend of mine just made a small Dragonball Z site, you can check it here. I will have more important news on my next update, in a few days, I promise!

November 1, 1999-Some more sites on the campaign list. I really hope what PokémonFreak1000 on the message board says is true. He continues to provide everyone with info on our message board and it almost seems real enough to be real. The Pikachu's Winter Vacation video that everyone is talking about, it is for real. There was an original Japanese "Pikachu no Fuyu Yasumi" and you can go to Pokémon Forever for some pictures from it. Be sure to click the banner at the top of his page, then he can make video clips!! Well, I wasn't paid to say that, but I personally would love to see lots of video clips from new Japanese episodes, and even some video clips from past Japanese episodes.

October 31, 1999-Happy Halloween! The latest news on YTV's delay is as follows. There will be four new episodes played one week from today. After that, the reruns will continue until they get back to where they left off in the cycle, and will continue on everyday with a new episode until they reach the end of the season. A lot seem to think that the Aopluco episode is being dubbed. I do not see any proof of this, besides merely being listed at no one has said a word. I would like to take it as an indirect statement that they plan to dub it, but I wouldn't be too sure just yet.

October 29, 1999-The Pokémon World episode listing including Aopluco and Dratini episodes was acknowledged today on the Universal Pokemon Network. The inside source on our message board has stated that the Aopluco dub is in the works, but not nearly finished, and the Dratini episode has been finished for a long time and YTV and Kids WB both have it ready to air. All of this is great news, but leaves us all with one question, how and is it going to be censored? I personally never saw the big deal with guns, like they are on WB cartoons all the time. The Aopluco episode, probably they would shorten the scene with James on stage, but not completely remove it, they do have to make sense. I personally hope they use the original Who's that Pokémon segment, modified into the English version format, so we can see Nastina's cousin get a metal tub on the head ^_^. Anyway, the TV listings are updated for the week and Kids WB is showing 3 episodes per day again, of course all of them reruns!

October 27, 1999-I think everyone should check the episode guide at the official website here. I find it to be excellent news that Nintendo is acknowledging the Aopluco and Dratini episodes. The Porygon episode isn't listed, so that is certainly a bad sign. Can we expect a possible English dub of those two episodes? I'm not sure, but this is looking really good. I would like to thank the person who e-mailed me about this.

October 26, 1999-YTV has given official word that new episodes of Pokémon will continue on November 7th with a four episode marathon all of them new ones! That's good news, because we'd have waited until the end of November if they were actually going to wait until Kids WB caught up. Also, a thank you to Meowth346 for providing me with the correct spelling of some of the names of the Pokémon League competitors, and thank you to (formerly Mario on XBAND) for the Japanese versions of the lost episodes (except Porygon) and the wonderful extras! You really made my day man!

October 25, 1999-Okay, according to inside sources on the message board, it seems that YTV's new episodes are going to be held off until WB catches up (no surprise). My new predictions on the situation are that Canadians won't see another new episode for as long as 4 weeks! Well, that is when pokey Kids WB will slowly catch up to where YTV is.

October 24, 1999-Just to tell everyone how the campaign is doing. Many new sites have been added to the list! Some have been removed, but the new ones outweight the removals so good! Support is very strong right now, although 4Kids is not saying anything. Recall my theory about Kids WB and reservations for the lost episodes (read Oct. 13 news update) and site popularity is way up, which is definately good for a campaign (especially if all the new visitors are writing to 4Kids ^-^).

October 23, 1999-Here's another TV listings update for next week. YTV is still into reruns and I have no news of when new episodes will continue. I have e-mailed YTV regarding this, and hope to have a reply sometime soon.

October 21, 1999-Decided to clean up the joined sites page. I have removed all dead links and sent a warning letter to those who removed the banner from their pages. I don't want to lose too many supporters, but considering the banner is gone, either they forgot, or don't want to participate anymore. For the dead links, if anyone was removed, e-mail me and I'll add you back with your new address. Sites removed include Pokémon Island, Anime Group, Red's Pokemon Page, etc.

October 20, 1999-YTV is still running the reruns. This will not end until YTV recieves new episodes. Watch there site daily by going here, if you want the latest.

October 19, 1999-Rerun on YTV. The wait has begun, and there will be no more new episodes until the next shipment arrives. Anyone think it was an evil plot by Kids WB to stop YTV from making them look bad. They try so 'hard' to get a new episode on, they make a teaser commercial, and expect that no one knows what the episode could be about. I am glad, actually to get a break from episode guide updates, I expect YTV to continue with new episodes, probably by Monday.

October 18, 1999-BREAKING NEWS: It seems that YTV's latest shipment of new episodes were delayed! This is what it said on the YTV website in the shows section. I hope they get the next set of episodes before tomorrow, but this may result in reruns the rest of the week. Check here tomorrow for all the latest on this delay situation.

October 18, 1999-More information regarding the 3rd series. Kenji (Tracey) is going to be gone again as Brock returns, apparently staying behind with Professor Oak to learn about Pokémon. All of the titles people have been getting for the newer episodes are correct. Most interpreted them incorrectly, thinking Wakaba Town was Hiroki's hometown. The Pokémon League Competition is over now, on YTV. Today's episode "Friend or Foe Alike" was Ash's battle against Ritchie. You can read about it in the episode guide.

October 17, 1999-You heard it here first! (or 2nd, I was working together with Meowth346 from Pokémon Forever when getting this incredible news) It seems that the new series in Japan with Hiroki being the main character, was all lies! The Orange league was series two, and this new thing is season three. Featuring Ash, Misty and Brock where they are now doing battle in a new league called the 'Jolt League' and there is no Hiroki, or whatever the hell everyone was saying. Many argued that the series wasn't ending, boy were they right! This will center around Gold/Silver Pokémon and it will be great to have Brock back! I'll have more info on this tomorrow.

October 16, 1999-Happy to see the campaign popularity back on the rise again. I guess I have the UPNetwork to thank for this, as practically everybody goes there, and having a link inside the news page certainly says something. Check the joined sites section to see the ever growing list, and of course, if you like this idea you could add the banner to your site, for a link on that page.

October 15, 1999-Yay! I got a free plug on Universal Pokémon Network yesterday. They also host this site. Thank you to Jaxel for all of this. Anyway, today's new episode featured the long awaited Ritchie. That is Hiroshi's English version name. So, summaries are up to date and TV Listings section is updated. I cannot provide titles for next weeks episodes, as YTV is failing to list them. I will provide titles in the episode guide as they air, or if YTV decides to list them.

October 14, 1999-The Pokémon League battles continue daily, and Ash is winning 'em all! Poor Gary isn't in this competition anymore, which proves that Ash is better than Gary :Þ. You can read all about Gary's defeat and Ash's victory in the episode guide! The skipped episode info page has been updated! The Dratini episode is now listed, as WB isn't airing it anytime soon. The page has been reformatted and updated to reflect the current status of each episode.

October 13, 1999-"Fire and Ice" played today on YTV, and now for the detailed news about the three unaired episodes. The good news is that WB has purchased or at least reserved room in their episode package for all three lost episodes. The proof can be found here. This is the KTLA Kids WB listings page. Scroll down ahead a few weeks to the point where the Legend of Dratini and Porygon episodes are skipped. The numbering here is based on the order in which Kids WB bought episodes, which is why Problem With Paras is #1, because that was the first episode they bought. Numbers for Aopluco, Dratini, and Porygon episodes were skipped, meaning that they've bought, or at least reserved those episodes! Currently, only the Dratini episode is finished being dubbed, as stated long ago on this site. They even used a clip of Ash throwing a safari ball in the 2.B.A Master music video. When I find the time, as stated before, I will be remaking the campaign pages, to reflect the actual complications involved in getting an episode from 4Kids' editing room to your TV.

October 12, 1999-The Pokémon League is in session! Yep, Ash had his first battle today with Mandy, and also his first victory. Also, episode summaries are up to date, so the battle is being followed within my episode guide. Notice regarding the Legend of Dratini episode, well it seems that Kids WB isn't planning on airing that episode anytime soon. I do know for a fact it isn't showing along with the morning reruns, so you can count that out. I'm not sure if I'm going to be putting it back in the campaign or not, as provided Veronica didn't lie, it is dubbed, but I think we'll just have to wait. Kids WB has purchased the episode. How do I know this? I'll tell you tomorrow, because it is quite a detailed story, plus I'll have some more good news to add to it.

October 11, 1999-Added a few more pictures to the Pokémon gallery. By demand, a few requests have been posted there. Today was the start of the Pokémon League on YTV, with the episode titled "All Fired Up!" the battle begins tomorrow. I'm too busy to write summaries now, but I hope to have today's episode up tomorrow.

October 8, 1999-Episode summaries up to date, YTV aired Bad to the Bone today, and all next week is the Pokemon League! Also, with the confusion people went into this week when a new episode didn't air yesterday, I'd like to remind everyone that I now have TV Listings straight from Kids WB, meaning they are guaranteed accurate. I've had the new episode listed for Friday all week, and if it happens again, you'll be able to find out here (unless it changes at the last minute for a ball game or something).

October 6, 1999-They're up. In the campaign section, I have put up a page of screenshots. I hope you enjoy these, as I spent the night producing (and finding) most of them. Also, today's episode on YTV was "To Master The Onixpected!", and I don't have a summary, as I spent the night making the screenshots page. I'll have it tomorrow.

October 5, 1999-There wasn't a new episode today on YTV, it was new for YTV viewers, "Make Room For Gloom", anyway, tomorrow, I'll have a huge picture gallery for the lost episodes #18, and #38, so get ready! Also, in the works is a simple movies page. I hope to have that up soon. Tomorrow on YTV is "To Master the Onixpected" it should be much better than the past few boring episodes (besides "Go West Young Meowth", which was good). On Friday, Kids WB airs the episode where they make the movie.

October 4, 1999-Two new episodes aired today. "Make Room for Gloom" which YTV skipped last week aired on WB. I do not know when YTV is airing it, so you'll just have to wait, if you can't get Kids WB. But, YTV maintains the lead in showing new episodes, today airing "Go West Young Meowth". Both episodes now added to the episode guide. I am still working on the campaign section, and when it is done, it will be updated. I have planned some old video clips that most probably haven't seen, and many pictures of lost episodes. I wish I could make some new video clips, but I don't have Japanese copies of the original episodes, or even a capture card. So, the best I can do is a compilation of all the lost episode material I can find on the net. All together on one page, I hope you find something new. This should be up maybe next week.

October 2, 1999-The old message board is gone now. I read on it before closing it that some had complaints about the new one requiring an e-mail address. Well, I just wanted to state that I am not in control of the sign-up for the board, but you don't have to provide the address in your posting if you don't want to. I suggest you get a free e-mail account somewhere, just for the purpose of sign-up on the board, and once you have your password, you won't have to use it again. Also, I have the summaries up to date again, and new TV listings for the week. Kids WB listings are now guaranteed accurate, and YTV is somewhat questionable, as they skipped "Make Room for Gloom" this week, and could throw it in at any time. Big News! I checked the EGM article yesterday, big thanks to the close friend who got it! And, it states that 4Kids wants to dub the Porygon episode! So, it's official. I don't know when we will see it, but until they state it is in the process of being dubbed, it remains in the campaign. Oh, and expect the campaign to go through a big update soon. Just to get the info current, and to get more people into it. We only have 1 episode to focus on now, we've almost won!!