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September 1999

September 30, 1999-On Pokémon Zone, it is stated that the Porygon episdode is to be dubbed! I can find no proof as of yet, as I don't get EGM, but believe me, as soon as I know it's for real, That news is going right here!!! Oh, and also "The Pi-Kahuna" aired on YTV today, and it'll be summarized by me tomorrow.

September 29, 1999-I heard that Eric Stuart is chatting on Japanimation Staton cafe on AOL. October 3rd, from 8pm-10pm. I don't have AOL so I can't participate, but I hope someone asks about the lost episdodes. Being Holiday in Aopluco and Porygon, and even ask when Dratini is going to be aired. Well, I have got today's new episode summary up, and it was a good one today. We got to see Prof. Westwood, the inventor of the Pokédex.

September 28, 1999-Today's new episode on YTV was "Showdown at the Po-ké Corrall". I have summarized it, along with summarizing "Snow Way Out" for your enjoyment. The "Snow Way Out" summary can be found between the Jynx and Pikachu's Goodbye summaries, for those who can't find it. I am so glad to have fully accurate listings for my TV listings page now. Oh, and please come into the new message board. It isn't quite as active as I'd like it to be, and the old one is closing soon.

September 27, 1999-Today was "Snow Way Out" on YTV, and for all those Kids WB'ers out there, this episode and "Holiday Hi-Jynx" aren't gonna be played until way later in the season. Plus, some good news for this site, my TV listings section is back in action, with a reliable source of TV listings (thank you KTLA!) And, today marked a sad day for Canadian Poké-fans. Censorship!! Yep, it seems our Rocket friends aren't allowed to have matches, only candles. What a shame. I'll have a summary of today's episode up tomorrow.

September 25, 1999-I have attempted to give TV Listings for the next week, but it's constantly getting harder. It is becoming more of a rumorous page, than an actual information source about the TV show. If YTV stops providing Listings all together, I may as well take down the whole page, as YTV listings were the only ones I could count on.

September 24, 1999-Merry Christmas everybody! Even though it was a little early, today's Pokémon episode was "Holiday Hi-Jynx", I have a summary of it now in my episode guide, it's after episode 38. Very nice Christmas special, although I have no idea when Kids WB is going to air it, I guess Americans will have to wait until the Christmas season to see it, depending on what they do. Although I do think YTV did show this episode a bit too early, I really don't care. Anyway, on another matter, I think it's time we revive the campaign. Mostly, in the way of news-digging. We've already done all we can from site banners, to e-mail, to phone calls. Of course, if you haven't done any of that yet, maybe you should. Also, just to make everyone super confident about the Dratini episode having been dubbed, a friend of mine in Australia has seen parts of this episode.. In English! So, the only thing I don't know is when it's going to air. I am hoping they'll get to it soon, or at least YTV. Oh, and the TV Listings haven't been updated yet, as YTV's site isn't working, and next week's Pokémon episodes haven't been listed yet. I hope to have those up soon.

September 23, 1999-It's Mr. Mimie Time! Yep, another new episode for Poké-fans in Canada. With a lot of luck, Kids WB'ers will see it on Monday. Anyway, sorry to disappoint those who were looking for short episode summaries, I have the summaries updated to today's episode, meaning I have nice, long, summaries of the last three new episodes!! Aren't I fast? And, I will try to keep them up to date. Also, as stated yesterday, this site now has it's own Universal Pokémon Network BBS, and you can access it through the message board page. The old message board will be removed at the end of September, please don't post anything new, so you can read it, but if you want to discuss anything, you should do it in the new board.

September 22, 1999-Today was "The Battle of the Badge" and wow it was a cool episode. I'll make summary of it, along with yesterday's Clefairy episode tomorrow. I'm real busy, so the summaries will be short, satisfying a request on the message board about the detail of my episode guide. Also, the Universal Pokémon Network BBS for my site is working, you can see it listed when you enter the forums, I'll add a direct link on the side tomorrow.

September 21, 1999-Today's episode was "Clefairy Tales", and Kids WB people got to see "A Chansey Operation" another rerun!, I now have a summary up for "The Misty Mermaid", which aired on YTV yesterday, but for today's episode I have a screenshot, (nothing new, most of you have likely seen this one before) I especially enjoyed Jigglypuff's attack on the Clefairy!

September 20, 1999-Well, the move seemed pretty successful. I'll be getting a new UPNetwork message board soon, and then everyone can come in and post to it. Also, the post below has a mistake, Tuesday will also bring a new episode to Kids WB "The Misty Mermaid", so, don't worry, it won't be skipped. People keep rumoring that Wed-Fri will be the airing of the lost episodes. I don't believe it, you shouldn't either, but if they do, then it will be a cool pleasant surprise, wouldn't it?

September 19, 1999-We're moving soon, the next update will be to the new address which can be found at: . Also, YTV is playing all new episodes next week, yay! WB is playing one new episode on monday (Beach Blank-Out Blastoise), then two on the weekend (Clefairy Tales, Battle of the Badge).

September 17, 1999-I expect this site to be moving within the next week or so, everyone with campaign banners will have to update their bookmarks. New TV Listings for the week, I couldn't get the titles for episodes past the final gym battle, because YTV wouldn't provide them. Hopefully, Monday will bring new episodes for Kids WB, daily, and YTV is getting brand new episodes on Monday too.

September 15, 1999-Today was "Riddle Me This" for the second time on YTV. Meaning I have the episode summary of it too! (missed it last time because of technical difficulties) For those who can only get Kids WB, this episode is airing this weekend, along with part two, "Volcanic Panic" so you don't have to wait much longer. Also, Kids WB throws me another surprise in the listings... I'm not even trying to update anymore... I'll wait for next week.

September 14, 1999-Well, it seems Kids WB decided to skip Gizelle, but since they mentioned her in the commericial, I've made some new guesses for when they might play that episode. Also, YTV re-ran "The Purr-fect Hero" today.

September 13, 1999-Today was the official start of the new season on YTV. They will be replaying all from the toon typhoon (5 episodes) throughout this week, and then some new ones daily beginning the following week. I now have better guesses on the Kids WB weekday listing, although my guesses for the gym battle episodes are probably going to turn out wrong. Also, this site may be moving, to the Universal Pokémon Network. Jaxel has offered to host this site under ( I have more details, I will provide them. Also, after a period of silence in the signing up for the campaign, another site has been added to the list. Dragonites Pokémon Page has now joined the group.

September 10, 1999-Okay, I apologize for not having the episode summaries the next day like I promised. But, now they're done up to episode 60, except for "Riddle Me This" which I missed because of satellite problems in my area. I'll summarize that one the next time it airs. Also, updates to TV Listing section, I don't know what Kids WB is doing for weekdays, but I'll post as soon as I do.

September 7, 1999-Just the other day, toon typhoon played. I'll have summaries up later tomorrow. Legend of Dratini HAS been dubbed. The Universal Pokémon Network has it posted that it wasn't dubbed, and that is not true at all. Veronica Taylor said it was dubbed on AOL chat, and unless she was lying, it has most certainly been dubbed. Also, a few more english titles revealed, #53-The Purr-fect Hero, #60-Beach Blank-out Blastoise, #61 The Misty Mermaid, #62 Clefairy Tales, #63 Battle of the Badge(to be confirmed)

September 4, 1999-Princess Vs. Princess was aired today on the WB station. I am very pleased with the episode, but somewhat disappointed with 4Kids' dubbing. Who's that Pokémon should've been Lickitung, but was Butterfree. Also, some original music (that sounded culturally Japanese) near the end was removed. Oh well, anyway I've made a more detailed summary in the episode guide. Also, my way wrong predicitions for this morning's other episodes, have been changed for those who see it on Sunday.

September 3, 1999-New TV Listings, and also, here's an Ultimate Pokémon Anime Site news exclusive. If you see this anywhere else, they copied it! I'm sure that anyone who's taken a look at the YTV guide, or my TV Listings page now, is curious, because on Tuesday, and then until Friday, YTV is playing reruns!! Well, after talking with YTV, I have confirmed that this toon typhoon thing is not the actual start of the new season. YTV will begin the actual season on September 13. Yeah, it sucks to wait longer for those of you who only get YTV, but think about it this way. They don't get anything new in Austrailia until the end of September.