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Past News

June 29, 2000-I've uploaded the other 2 Jigglypuff video clips for you all. You can download them from the video clips page.

June 26, 2000-A few updates for you guys.. Firstly, I'm pleased to announce the first two of four Jigglypuff fan clips have been uploaded into the video clips section. The other two I'll upload shortly.. I've taken down the ep.18 pictures from the lost episode pictures section. If for some reason anyone wants ep.18 stuff, UPNetwork has had several video clips of it on the site for some time now. Also, this weekend in all the lost episode excitement, I carelessly forgot to update the listings (sorry, you guys) but, that's been tended to and are now updated.

June 24, 2000-Well, episode 18 officially aired today. Just to note it only aired in the USA, and has yet to show in the rest of the countries that get the dub. I expect it to leak around to all the other stations eventually. I've created some more Jigglypuff related video clips in mind of the JPFC, I'll be uploading those over the next few days, noting I only have a 56K modem and it takes an eternity to upload each clip! Also, I'm gonna have to update many pages on this site. I've updated ep.18 in the episode summaries with the official title, and just to spite the censors, I'm not changing a word of my current episode 18 summary! :Þ

June 22, 2000-Okay, I've added several more comparisons and now I'm up to eps #56. Two more days to go until the lost episode airs for you all. There's only two more to get dubbed after this. ^^; This weekend I'll be adding some more Jigglypuff video clips.

June 19, 2000-I've added some more comparisons for anyone who cares to read. I've now completed 50-52. On Saturday, I'll get the chance to make some more video clips and I'll be uploading those surely in the days to come.

June 18, 2000-Hello again! I've added more episode comparisons from the Japanese version, now I've done 48 and 49. I'm quite pleased with how little changes there are, as much as it makes that section less material filled, it's good to know 4Kids is attempting to maintain originality despite wanting to Americanize the show.

June 17, 2000-I've added the TV listings for next week, and I am unbelievably thrilled to discover that next week, Kids WB is airing a lost episode! Check the TV listings section for details on Saturday. Aopluco is coming to America! Thank you to all that participated in the campaign! There's still two more eps to go. We're winning!

June 17, 2000-Okay, I've got another great update for you guys. Well, great in my opinion. I've added Japanese/English episode comparisons for eps 46-47. Okay, so it's only two episodes, but that was nearly 2 hours I spent in front of the TV watching both versions, rewinding and comparing. I also fixed up some things in other comparisons I've already done and mention some more things.Well, I'll be doing more and more comparisons like these and hope to have a pretty decent comparisons section for you all. There are a lot of mis-conceptions on some things people claim were cut, and weren't cut and I'm going to clear that all up.

June 16, 2000-Hey guys! I'm finally free of school! I've uploaded another video clips for Legend of Dratini, you can get it in the video clips section. I'm going to be updating more in the future, so get ready y'all! I've added a button for Jigglypuff: The First Website, just because I love Jigglypuff sooo much! ^_^ See you guys soon!

June 12, 2000-Nearly off the hook for school, just that exam on Thursday I should be studying for, but anyway, KTLA updated their listings page (thanks to the person that reported that) and the unknown episode this Saturday morning on Kids WB is going to be a repeat. Check the TV listings if you care. Anyway, it seems the WB people have decided that season 2 is over, although the rest of the world ended the season 3 episodes later. Kids WB has been making some extremely bad choices all year, and not finishing the season now has to be one of the worst choices of all. I don't know *WHY* 4Kids decided to pick these guys for a network. Anyway, I fear Kids WB is going to drive Pokémon completely out of any sort of popularity if something doesn't change within the year. We can only hope for the best in September, when the GS series starts and there's hope for some life to be put back into the whole franchise.

June 10, 2000-Updated the listings for another week, and now it's only until this Thursday I have to worry about school. I think I'll be uploading video clips and doing more episode comparisons for now, and work on other sections getting this site properly updated. I'll keep you all posted on actual campaign developments as well. I'm not posting any more rumors here. As soon as I can get some real answers from 4Kids, I'll talk about it.

June 5, 2000-Sorry to anyone who needed listings today, although I doubt anyone really *needed* listings today. Just reruns and such anyway. So, updated them now for the week. Well, only 1 1/2 weeks school left (including finals).. hang on everyone!!

May 28, 2000-Hey everyone! Listings updated for the week (just in the nick of time) and disappointment from Kids WB. Americans will not be seeing the rest of the season until at least June 17th and possibly later, could Kids WB be trying to spread new episodes into the summer? Possibly trying to gain summer viewers with new episodes of Pokémon, and Card Captor Sakura? I think it'd be a nice change from the ordinary if they played Season 3 episodes later in the summer. They should try to finish the Orange League saga before getting into the Jouto League and calling the show PokémonGS. Well, see you all next week with another opinionated update. Only two more weeks until my final exams, and then after that week is through, I'm free!!

May 21, 2000-TV listings for the week are up. Also, a little news, it seems is now working again as 4Kids' email address. You can try to e-mail it if you want, but you may not get a response. Thanks to Blue Hiker for providing the information.

May 19, 2000-Well, sorry about the Jigglypuff website link not working. I fixed it, and you can see the JPFC's official website here. Also, I fixed the link further down. I couldn't get to my computer at all through this week, and I would've fixed it sooner if I had gotten the chance.

May 15, 2000-Okay, relax everyone. There is no need to e-mail me about listings if I haven't updated on time. This site isn't the only thing I ever do. As you can see below I *had* planned an update for Saturday, but that never got posted because of my excessive homework this weekend. The TV listings aren't even the main point of this site, and can in fact be obtained elsewhere, if anyone's so desperate. I'm asking people to not e-mail me if the listings don't come up on time. Remember, I'm trying to get the time to keep everything updated, and sometime if there's any extra time in my day, I'll update another section. Do e-mail me if I have updated a section, and I messed something up, because I won't notice it until someone else complains. I have gotten those before, and thanks go out to those that help me to correct errors on the site.

May 13, 2000-New TV listings for the week. For all Jigglypuff fanclub people (such as myself ^^) you should check out the Jigglypuff website, the official website for the JPFC. I've finally gotten around to adding the awards that have accumulated for this site over the past month. Thank you to all the people who like this site enough to give it their award!

May 6, 2000-So, I've updated the TV listings, and that's about it. Wait until summer everyone. On my summer break, I should be able to get more done. For now, be glad I'm making an effort to get the weekly listings in, as they have to be updated every week or else they're useless.

April 29, 2000-WB had changed their schedule for this weekend since I'd last updated. I've been busy as usual, and couldn't update the listings sooner. Well, there was a new episode today, and there's another one next weekend. Summaries for both of them have been available in the episode guide. I've now updated the TV listings for next week as well. Also, to mention all the great people that have been giving me awards over the past weeks and I've been too busy to put them up. I'll add all of them shortly to my awards page and thank you.

April 23, 2000-I Updated the TV Listings. I also did some more episode comparisons. I had originally stopped because I didn't have the next bunch of episodes, but I decided I will just skip over the episodes I don't have. I completed comparisons for episodes 37-39 (including the specials in between) and 44-45. I'll do comparisons for 46 and beyond likely in the coming weeks. So, Happy Easter everyone!

April 19, 2000-I decided to make a new graphic for my main page. I was supposed to make an 88x88 image to represent my site on Jaxel's site and the original larger version I simply like so much I decided to try it out as the new image. I think this image really represents the site well.

April 19, 2000-I didn't even have the time on Monday to upload the update. Well, the listings are there now and valid for the rest of the week. I can't get online much anymore and until summer, updates are going to be hard for me. I'll probably keep up on once per week and I'll try to update more than just the listings if I can find the time to do so.

April 17, 2000-My life is extremely busy right now and barely have time to do much. I've gotten the week's TV listings done, but a day late. Hope to get in with some sort of an interesting update on the weekend. I think I'll upload some more video clips for a little Easter present.

April 9, 2000-Updated TV Listings for next week. Keep phoning and faxing 4Kids everyone! ^_^

April 8, 2000-Heh, it seems campaign day became campaign week! Goes to show how busy I am every week. I intended to take the campaign day thing off on Tuesday.. well, here it is Saturday and it's just off now. I've decided to leave the fax and phone up there, to encourage anyone who wants to call to do so.

April 3, 2000-Well this is it!!! Please phone or fax 4Kids right now!! This is the big day. The numbers are right up there, if you have a fax machine, please use it! If you don't you can still support this by phoning them. Please forget about e-mail, it seems they don't have any and even if they do, it is the easiest to ignore. I will try to be online until about 9:30pm EDT tonight. So, if you have any on the spot questions you can e-mail them to me, and I will be periodically checking every 30 minutes or so. We only have 3 episodes to ask for... it seems no more will be skipped after this.

April 2, 2000-This week's TV listings and a BIG reminder that tomorrow is campaign day! Please, tell all your friends, join me and all the Pokémon fans out there as we tell 4Kids exactly what we want and do it all together at the same time. Remember to fax them and if you dare to speak right to their faces, give them a phone call. All the contact info is on the campaign page.

March 26, 2000-Hey, I've done more updates today than I've done in the past week! Now, I've added another video clip, you can now all see how the scene in the igloo with Team Rocket really went.

March 26, 2000-Wow, I'm sorting through my massive pile of old e-mail, (you guys love to drown me in it!) and I found out that back in December, I won the Golden Snorlax '99 award. Thank you to Ben's Pokémon ^_^. I added it to the awards page.

March 26, 2000-I'd like to inform everyone that the banner campaign is finished. Basically, I don't plan on adding anymore sites as I've got enough coverage as it stands. Currently, as it stands there are over 70 sites listed on my page, and beyond that won't make much difference. Mostly everyone who wanted to participate in that has already joined. Right now, the most important thing in this campaign is that April 3rd, Campaign day, be a success. I'm investigating their e-mail situation, but if I do find out the e-mail address, I'm going to ask people who are interested in e-mailing to forward e-mail to them through me, don't do it yet! I haven't found a good address for mailing yet.

March 25, 2000-I have to remind everyone again that campaign day is approaching closer and closer. I hope everyone sends a fax or phones them up. E-mail won't work, so don't bother. I have yet to find an e-mail address that is valid for them, and if I ever did they'd be flooded with so many complaints, not just about lost episodes, but about the mistakes they make on the dub and how they screwed the movie. 4Kids sure is making a lot of enemies, hopefully they'll improve when we get around to 3rd season, that is if there is a 3rd season in September. They haven't bought any more new episodes yet, or announced them anyway. TV listings are up for next week. Campaign day approaches, please join in on it!

March 19, 2000-Another TV listings update, and a reminder once again to tell as many people as possible to send their own fax or phone call to 4Kids on April 3rd. There will be no flood if there aren't enough people involved. If you want the lost episodes shown then be heard, and make your opinion clear to 4Kids. If there is enough volume they will get the message. Anyway, this site also got another award, except the person who sent it to me has blocked my e-mail address from his e-mail box so I can't ask him for a site address, as I usually like to have a link to the site each time I get an award. BTW, added yet another site to my campaign list, Pokémon Z, just to say now there's over 70 sites on this massive list, and I suggest to anyone else wanting to get in on the action, rather than submitting a site, send a fax to 4Kids instead, that's where I really need your support!

March 16, 2000-I got caught up on my e-mail and everyone who requested to be on the campaign sites list now is. I am still searching for a real e-mail address. If I can't find a valid e-mail address, I then encourage everyone not to simply send e-mail, but fax them or even give them a phone call if possible. All contact info is on the campaign page. I know that they receive the faxes they get, so actually that will be the preferred contact method. A reminder to please not put them down during this campaign day. 100 faxes complaining about their dubbing won't accomplish anything. One thing at a time, this time I encourage all that are interested in participating to send any message asking for English dubs of Holiday in Aopluco, Legend of Dratini, and Electric Soldier Porygon. I include Dratini in the list because even if they make a dub of it, none of the TV stations have it.

March 11, 2000-I got sick again this week, but mainly couldn't update because now most of my time is taken up with my job. I am on vacation this next week so hopefully I'll get to update a bit more. Notice the reminder up there, also note that the last time we planned a time to contact them all they got was 4 faxes. The sad thing is 3 of those were me.. *ONE* person out there sent another fax. Nobody called, and they ignored email address so all the e-mails sent were ignored. I'll try to get a real e-mail address soon. I've updated this week's TV listings also.

March 5, 2000-Well, It's been an entire week since I updated. I found out by *MANY* people that Lapras ni Notte is out there, and is available for download at Universal Pokémon Network. I'm organizing a campaign contact day for 4Kids. I want to get as many people involved as possible and on April 3rd, at around 7pm EST and preferably continuing for all night, I want as many people as possible to send e-mails, fax them, phone them, whatever. Anyone who's interested in doing this remember that date. E-mail me to discuss it if you want. I hope everyone is as keen as I am in this. I'm hoping a lot of people will be ready as I give about one month's notice. Also, today I updated TV listings for the week, just to let you all know WB is doing their Cliffhanger week... again.

December '99-February '00