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July 29, 2002-Okay this is it, the last update. It seems quite obvious to me that I don't have the time in my life anymore to spend on adding new things to this site. So, for as long as this site's been around, I've always been glad to do it. I greatly enjoyed all the good times associated with this page. The site started life right here on Tripod, where it now sits as I stop updating for good. I'm not closing the site, but if Tripod decides to delete all their accounts one day to save money or start charging for accounts, that'll take this page down, but for now my entire site sits here for any new visitors interested in Pokémon. I'll still be around, and if anyone wants to talk with me, the site e-mail address is and I will occasionally check there for people's comments. You've all been great, and I've gotten lots of e-mail support during the course of this site, many people appreciated the work I put into this site and I thank all of you for your kind words. So long, everyone! -- James Edwards -- headed off to the fun new world of University... wish me luck! 

June 30, 2002-Just so you all know what's been going on (does anyone visit this site anymore???) I've been building the new layout for the episode guide, which will be uploaded once it's in a working state. I've also updated the TV listings for this week, so you all know which Pokémon episodes will be on.

June 22, 2002-Hey there! Long time, no update. Such is life with lots of school. I'm still into the whole Pokémon scene, and more updates will be following shortly. I'll be hopefully finding a little more free time in the summer without school filling my days and I'll be getting back to that horribly neglected episode guide. I'll be re-doing it's format to reflect the fact that there are over 200 episodes of the show and the current page format is hard to navigate due to the sheer number of episodes. As for that change in layout, it'll be coming around as I rework some of the pages on this site. Update: the TV Listings are current for the coming week! Yeah, it's true! Go see for yourself!

March 17, 2002-For anyone who wants to see those lost Pokemon episodes aired, go here and sign a petition. I think it would be nice if we could get the remaining lost episodes dubbed, if only for a good time. I think it would be a fun experience to be watching those episodes on TV. Well, what are you waiting for? Go sign it! and tell any friends you have to sign it too!

February 2, 2002-Today's update although long coming is the first update with a page from my new layout. Although the news written below says it was the first, that update never quite made it live. See, I've been having more trouble with my computer and haven't been able to upload properly. Well, this time I've uploaded successfully. Yay!

January 5, 2002-Happy New Year everyone. Here we go into 2002, and just how does Pokémon stand at this point. Well, It first came to America in September 1998, so I guess we're working on just 3 years and 3 months since it all began. Considering that most have all but forgotten about it (except for the remaining visitors of this site, of course ^_-) I guess the *fad* stage of Pokémon is long over. So, now we know who the real fans are.. I guess. Anyway, I've got the TV listings once again updated. Hope you all like the changed format of the listings. I personally think it's easier to read going by day rather than by episode (as it was before). Let the TV listings page be the FIRST test of my new layout. So, what do you think? E-mail me at and give me your opinion. Love it? Hate it? once the verdict is up, I'll either leave my site the way it is, or begin updating *all* the pages with this new layout.

December 23, 2001-This sucks, no update here in over a month. I got my internet connection back on my computer (although we're having a hard time with noisy phone lines which is causing my net connection to constantly drop) So, here I am updating the page again. I'm going to try implementing a new layout for this website and I hope to have it uploaded soon. I'm going to see if I can do it without frames and hopefully give a nicer look to this page. But, for now I have given Christmas week listing updates. I apologize for not keeping that page updated more often, but it seems the listing page isn't as important to everyone as it once was. I will try to get the new layout implemented slowly.. so if anyone really hates it then lemme know. After all, I'm doing this for the people, and you guys should say something if the new layout does not appeal to you. I have changed the way I am doing my TV listings. Instead of putting each episode in it's own part of the table, it now goes by day, which should make this table much easier to read.

November 18, 2001-Just checking in after nearly a month without updates. I do have a working computer now (unfortunately no internet connection for another month -_-). However, I have updated TV listings for next week. I should be able to update them every week again now. I just gotta update with another computer. As for my episode summaries, those are on hold until I get an internet connection on my own computer. That's not even mentioning all the work I get at school, but I will keep you all posted on the latest Pokémon info and news.. so what is the latest Pokémon news?? Hmm, well I heard something about a Pokémon Center in New York, definately a good sign of things starting to get better around there. I am otherwise disappointed how many people are not interested in Pokémon anymore just because the fad wore off. I'm still as much a fan as I ever was, and I hope to keep this site going despite fading interest. I was working on a new, bright splashy layout for this site and I'll be trying that out sometime (with you all to vote on if you like it better or not, of course ^_^). So, in short, this site is NOT dead and I will keep trying to get this updated. Things should get even better once I have my net connection restored to my computer.. that should be another month or so. Also, an enthusiastic "Hey!" to all the people that haven't seen me on ICQ for months.. I will be back! <evil grin> ^_^

October 21, 2001-Unfortunately I completely missed last week for updating the TV listings, and I apologize for that. You have to remember that I have not had a working computer for almost a whole month now, and I still DON'T have a working computer. The computer store has had major delays in getting things in because of shipping delays (for obvious reasons). As a result, my first defective computer I got nearly a month ago still hasn't been replaced. Now, they're saying they should be able to get my stuff at the computer store next week, if they actually do, I might be able to update this site normally once again! Until then, it's just me finding time on my dad's computer so I can possibly update my website. Anyway, I do have TV listings for this next week. Also, to all my friends on ICQ, I hope to be back soon..

October 7, 2001-And now it's been two full weeks since I've had a computer to work on, and although I'm still waiting for my order to come in at the computer store, things should *hopefully* normalize in another week or two. Tomorrow the new episodes start on YTV beginning with both parts of the Goldenrod Gym battle airing Monday. YTV continues with their ever classic 5-days a week schedule until they run out. Then they go back to the reruns for several weeks, and after that it's pretty off and on with them. Anyway, TV listings also updated and I'll see you guys next week (hopefully on my *own* computer!)

September 30, 2001-So here I am updating my website from another computer. Yep, my current computer is utterly out of commission until further notice. The guy at the computer store sold me a defective motherboard which damaged my other parts and for the present I have no computer. Anyway, I apologize to all my ICQ contacts for not having been online at all lately (THIS is my excuse.. ^_^). I hope to be back on soon, since I have gotten a complete refund at the computer shop and I have a new computer on order. Anyway, aside from my personal computer problems I have gotten the TV listings updated for this week. As for episode summaries, those are on hold for at least another week or two..

September 23, 2001-I apologize for still not having any episode summaries updated. I just haven't had the time to keep working on my site, not to mention that all yesterday I couldn't even use my computer. I have updated the TV listings. Some YTV news: The new Pokemon episodes will start on October 8th. They will air the episodes 5 days a week (as long as they don't run out).

September 15, 2001-Next week's TV schedule has been updated. I just want to take this update to pay respects to all the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attack. I offer my condolences to all of you, especially to those out there who have lost friends or family in the attack. God bless all of the victims of the attacks as well as their family and friends. I wish the best of luck to all the people out there working to rescue any survivors from underneath the remains of what was once the World Trade Center twin towers.

September 8, 2001-Back into the full swing of school here, and that's my excuse for *still* not having those episode summaries updated, not to mention the new layout I'm working on, not to mention that my time is being wasted with that evil thing known as *homework*. I'm thinking I'll get the "Air Time!" episode summary updated this week, since it was the current episode on the WB and the *ACTUAL* next one in my guide to be updated. After this I'll work on getting "The Bug Stops Here" and "Type Casting" added. Next week on WB, the episode "Fossil Fools" is going to air, the original WB given title for the episode was "Fossil Foods" but apparently that was wrong ^_^. Whatever the case, the title I actually use in my episode guide will be the one that actually appears in the episode.

September 2, 2001-Well, despite scheduling Kids WB aired the Sudowoodo episode this Saturday entitled, "Type Casting" and I can only guess that Fossil Foods will air on a later date, although I'd consider it an odd episode to call the official premiere of "Johto League Champions", but that's typical Kids WB. I've updated this week's TV listings as WB enters into their top 15 Pokemon countdown you can check out the entire listings in advance right here. As for the summaries, I've not done them having been busy on work with my site's upcoming new layout, not to mention plain old last-free-week-before-school Laziness.. I'm getting back to school once again on Tuesday after Labor day. Welp, it was fun while it lasted ^_^ and I will get those summaries up very soon.. trust me ^_^





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