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Past News (June 1999)

June 29, 1999-Well, we've passed 2,000 hits! Anyway, a few things to discuss, firstly the campaign is now joined by Pokémon Zone which means we now have three sites this one included in on the campaign. Next, I want to say that the CD was released today. I didn't get it yet, but just so everyone knows. Finally, a concern regarding the Viz/Pioneer video releases and Pokemon. On July 20, Volume 6:Seaside Pikachu is getting released and it includes eps 16, 17 and... 19! Yes, they are skipping episode 18 on that release, and I am trying to get that release to either go on hold, until the episode is dubbed, or make sure that this episode is release on a possible lost episode collection. I am hoping for the first one, because it increases the chances of TV airing, the second completely kills the chances, because then, the lost episodes become "The Lost Episodes", they aren't really lost anymore if they air on TV.

June 26, 1999-Kids WB did not show the Girl's festival episode. I think they'll wait until August until they show any of these, and then the big new season starts in September.

June 25, 1999-Updated the TV Listings, taking a guess about the Festival episodes being played this weekend. I am hoping Kids WB will be playing the episodes, because they are dubbed now, and they are at the point in the sequence where they should be played. We'll see, and if they don't then I'll assume the other Children's day episode won't be played the following week. Also, let's keep it up with the campaign, we can win this! Also updated Skipped episode info, with another little fact about episode 35, thanks to KawaiiKid.

June 24, 1999-Just to extend a big thank you to all participants in the campaign at our site, and today especially to Blitz015 for his excellent extension to our campaign. His site has been added to the Links page so you can see it. One of the best things to happen to a campaign is to see it branching onto other web sites, and it will be branching onto another site tomorrow, if things go as planned anyway.

June 23, 1999-Just so you all know, I updated the skipped shows campaign page yesterday, after over a week without update. Mainly, I didn't update much in that page, because most recent campaign info has been on the main page. I've added a new section to the skipped episode info page, it contains a few quirks with the show, that can be noticed on the English version about the skipped episodes. Also, please come into the message board, if you haven't already, we've got some interesting discussion going and it's definately worth reading and replying to.

June 22, 1999-The message board is going well, we have some discussion going on in the board now, you should have a look at it, and post to it too! Also, I am redesigning the site and have decided to keep my color the way it is. The Universal Pokemon Network banner is now at the bottom, so you can see the updates first. Besides, you'll click it anyway, won't you?

June 21, 1999-Message board is set up and ready to go. Everyone come on in and voice your support or other opinion, news, or anything about the pokemon anime and skipped episodes. Lots of great stuff happened this weekend. There are rumors that Legend of Dratini will be dubbed. I am trying to confirm it now. Won another award, from the site that brought the new Japanese theme song video, I won the Clan Caterpie award!

June 19, 1999-Now, we can probably count on the Jynx christmas special being dubbed, Rachael Lillis said so in the AOL chat a couple days ago, she also expressed that there are no intentions to dub episode 18 or 38. She said nothing about the Dratini episode (35). Anyway, it's obvious that fan input is essential, or we may never get anywhere. I also encourage you to talk with YTV. If you're Canadian, then great! If you aren't then talk with them anyway, if YTV offered to provide sponsorship to pay for dubbing of these episodes, that would get them dubbed, and it is MUCH easier to get a copy of any episode after it's been dubbed. Even a TV station like WB considering playing that particular episode. Who knows... But, YTV is the most accessible TV station to talk to, and I even believe it stands an equal or even better chance of impact then a letter to 4Kids. Besides, it's easier than actually printing a letter, sending it through the mail, and hoping it get's to 4Kids. Please e-mail me if you want to discuss this, or if you don't support episodes 18, 35 and 38 being dubbed. Tell me your opinion, I am thinking of starting a chat, or message board or something. Whatever I can afford, or even get for free.

June 18, 1999-Very busy with finals lately, just a quick update to the TV listings and a note to you all that my last final is on monday. Then, I can begin to work on this site for real. Anyone care to make some suggestions for a new section? Must be about the anime cartoon. Maybe some suggestions for my skipped episode campaign? Pulled the Pikachu's Top 50. It's getting really screwy over there and the site that used to own it, doesn't exist anymore.

June 14, 1999-I won my first real award! Thank you to Pokémon Zone for awarding this site the gold award. Here is the Links/Awards Page. Remember the campaign everyone. This thing is really looking good, we may never get every episode, but even one of the three will have made this thing worth it!

June 11, 1999-Well, I have a few more people interested in my skipped episode campaign. A big thanks to the people who are starting similar campaigns out of their pages. Check the campaign page for more updates. Also, updated the links page to add a few more people. My site is going down fast in the Universal Pokemon Network Top 50. If anyone likes this site, please click it, anyway I am doing good on Pikachu's Top 50. I won't be able to keep up with U.K. TV listings anymore, because the site I was using to get them is not updating lately. I also did a new banner for the page. You like?

June 8, 1999-Joined yet another Top 50, Now it's Pikachu's Top 50. Yay! Now, then everybody click it! And the Universal Pokemon Network too! The bigger the site's popularity, the more people who become aware of the campaign.

June 7, 1999-Just a quick update here. I won the Ditto game at Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden, yay! Also, I just want to tell everyone that once I am finished with finals later in the month, this site is going to be completely redone! Hopefully, when it's finished, the new site will blow you away! Expect a completely linked and nicely laid out episode guide, a much better characters/pokémon section, a better campaign page, and a whole new color scheme! This cool new page will probably be finished sometime by the end of June. I promise that this page will not go down during the time I make the new version, but the updates may slow.

June 5, 1999-Well, I guess were back up, half the sites on Tripod (mine included) were down yesterday for hardware maintenence. Pokémania 3 is coming soon. Yes, it's happening again. This time it will be some more re-runs. Oh, well, we'll have to wait until fall for anything new. I hope people keep writing letters. The response for my little campaign has been pretty good, I hope they take the time to read all those letters.

June 2, 1999-Just so everyone knows, I am aware of the other Japanese Pokémon winter special. I don't know anything about if it's going to get skipped or not. Let's expect it to arrive here for now. This one was a normal TV special and there isn't anything to stop them from dubbing it. Besides, they ordered 52 episodes for the fall didn't they? There aren't 52 episodes in Japan for them to buy yet, so they could have picked up these specials. Oh yeah, and I just found out that you don't need to click the top 50 thing on the menu, the voting is automatic, so don't bother clicking it. But, definately click the Universal Pokémon Network banner!

MAY 1999