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Past News (May 1999)

May 31, 1999-I updated the Skipped episodes information section. It includes even more reasons for 4Kids to dub the skipped episodes. I recieved an e-mail regarding the Jynx Christmas episode of Pokémon. This episode was originally skipped in Japan as well as here. It was aired in Japan sometime between Episodes 65-70. We should watch for it in the English version around there. Possibly we should wait until Christmas. Also, now you can vote for me on the Pokemon Top 50. Just click the Top 50 under the menu. When you click, you can also see the top 50 and other sites about pokemon on there.

May 28, 1999-Now I'm on the Pokemon Top 50! Yay! Every top list I get on increases exposure of this site, and the more people who come, every now and then one of those people might be willing to write a letter. Remember, the new focus of this site is to get people complaining and writing letters, this site alone can't do anything at all!

May 27, 1999-I am going to be changing the way my skipped episodes campaign works. I am starting to sound like (SOS) Save our Sailors (a sailor moon page dedicated to getting all Japanese Sailor Moon dubbed) and that scares me. Two people already said they'd kill themselves if something like this developed for Pokemon. The only real way the skipped Pokemon episodes will air is if 4Kids productions decides that they want to do it, and the TV stations have to agree as well. Writing letters does at least tell them that the fans really want to see them, and our letters, plus other peoples letters, plus a decision by someone in an influential position is the only way. I want people to continue to write letters though, because it does let them know that people want to see what has been skipped.

May 26, 1999-Added the links section! If you want me to link to your site, then e-mail me and I'll tell you what it takes to get in. Don't worry though, because the requirements are very small. Those who write letters to 4Kids to ask them to translate the skipped episodes of Pokemon get in the elite section. Also, made a seperate page for past news, because this page is getting too long.

May 25, 1999-Just to clear a few things up, this site is in no way responsible for the two festival episodes being translated. I sounded like it was because of our campaign that they were dubbed, but in fact they were going to dub the festival episodes anyway. The campaign here is now based on the three other skipped episodes. I would like to end this campaign quickly, and I think it's reasonable for them to go back for three episodes. This isn't nearly as big as with some other anime cartoons where half the episodes were skipped. Come on, if half the shows are skipped, there really is no hope, just ignore the dub if it's that bad. Anyway, with pokemon, only three episodes were skipped, this shows that 4Kids does in fact want to leave the episodes completely intact. Three more episodes isn't much to ask for, and if 4Kids wants to, then they will. My campaign can't do anything, only dedicated fans writing letters can do something. I mean a lot of fans!!! 4 or 5 letters will likely be ignored. 500-600 letters won't. Just write a letter, not because of this site, but because of Pokémon! Oh, yeah I removed the dumb news section at the bottom, it has sort of been merged with updates.

May 23, 1999-Guess what? 4Kids has just recently dubbed the Japanese festival episodes!!! I am a little to excited to type details right now. I want to thank everyone who wrote a letter! We only have three more episodes to go! We can do this!! And now for the details... Simply at the Universal Pokemon Network, they said that Rachael Lillis said that the episodes were recently dubbed. They originally skipped them not, because of culture gap, but rather because it took them a long time to go over the Japanese signs. Now, then we've won the battle 40%. Let's try for the other 60%.

May 22, 1999-Just so everyone knows, if you like this site, then click the Universal Pokemon Network banner above. Also, a links section is coming soon. If you have a pokémon page and want to be listed then e-mail me. Also coming soon, a more expanded skipped episodes campaign section. If you want the skipped episodes translated, but don't want to write a letter, tell someone else about this page. There are so many reasons for them to go back, if the fans tell them through letters, they just might listen. Also, if the majority of mail they get is about this, they won't just do nothing. Expect the improved campaign section next week.

May 21, 1999-Has everyone who cares about seeing skipped episodes of pokemon already e-mailed me? Lately, the response has been less than usual. I have gotten many people, but I always hope for more. If you would like to see the episodes of pokemon they cut out, then click here

May 18, 1999-Moved the letter writing tips page to the main menu. It is now much easier to find that way. You should look at it, it includes all sorts of interesting info about each show they skipped. Also, a big thank you to all participants in the campaign. It will be because of all you people if they translate these shows.

May 17, 1999-Added letter writing tips to the campaign section, so that people can know what to say on a letter!

May 15, 1999-Well, my Kids WB Listings are all screwed up. This is because they don't follow proper episode order and so I can't predict. If anyone has a reliable source for Kids WB listings (including the exact episode played on that day) e-mail me at the address above.

May 14, 1999-Nothing much new, I got a message on Pokémon Zone a few days ago about the skipped episodes, there is definately support over there. Now then, how about you? The campaign page is here, go to it! Oh, and Pokémania 2 is coming soon. Also, I am working on the episode guide for next season. I am merely setting up and finding screen shots. It will be posted sometime mid-summer, and summaries done as the episodes air.

Updates from March 15-May 10 are unavailable due to the previous format of this site's news section.