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Video Clips

Here is a small gallery of video clips made from various episodes in both Japanese and English. All these video clips were personally encoded by me and so are exclusive to this site. I've also included several video clips for the Jigglypuff Fan Club, and they are all nicely grouped together at the bottom of the page.

(Click on pictures to download)

Ash is hiding in the bushes, and he proceeds to catch a Tauros, Brock too! But, hey, you can NEVER get too many Tauros, can you Ash? ^.^


Ash dives in the lake to save the Pokemon from Team Rocket's evil time bomb. Can he make it without drowining?


Team Rocket struggle to keep warm in such cold conditions, they certainly needed more than a stupid candle to accomplish that. As if imagining you're warm really makes any difference.


Pinky Land! Come to Pinky Land! Come and visit once a year, come and spend your money here!!!!


Jessie and James try to get the warden to tell them where to find Dratini (In Japanese) From Japanese episode #35, Legend of Dratini


Team Rocket intrude on the Safari Zone, little do they know what the warden can be like when you catch him on a bad day....


Pocket ni Fantasy - 3rd anime ending song.


It's the Pokemon Ondo, 4th anime ending.


Here is the Jigglypuff video clips section, you will find everything Jiggly down here!

It's the ultimate Jiggly showdown!! Clefairy vs. Jigglypuff!


Jigglypuff is taking a peaceful walk through the woods... but then, the alien Clefairies land!!


Bigglypuff sings a very big song and saves the day.


This is Jigglypuff's song, plus I've included Jiggly's reaction to everyone at the end ^^;


The Snorlax is going to eat all the grapefruit on the islands! Jigglypuff is our last hope.


Jigglypuff sings again to put Aerodactyl to sleep to save Ash.


Jigglypuff sings a song at Gary's tea ring and they all fall asleep ^^;