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Pikachu's (Summer) Vacation

This is a story about Ash, Misty and Brock's Pokémon entering a special Pokémon park where they can have a vacation. It starts as they notice Togepi is crying. They try to cheer up Togepi by making faces, but it doesn't work. They find an apple for Togepi, but just after Bulbasaur cuts it down, Psyduck walks by and eats it. Bulbasaur waves Togepi around with it's vines, and soon enough gets Togepi to sleep, that is until some other Pokémon loudly walk by waking it up. They are Cubone, Marill, Snubble, and Raichu.


Squirtle and Bulbasaur get mad because of this, but Pikachu tries to stop them from fighting. Just as Togepi runs off and Pikachu has to keep it from getting hurt. So, the two remaining have little competitions with the others, who can breathe in the most, who can roll there eyes around the best without getting dizzy. They eventually have a race between Marril and Squirtle to determine the fastest swimmer. They line up at the start and after the Electrode explodes, the race is on!

Pikachu comes back with Togepi to find them fighting. Raichu starts letting out a few electric sparks and hurting Togepi. Pikachu rushes to help Togepi, and then gets one right in the tail which makes him really mad and he decides to fight with Raichu.

They continue to race along side each other, throughout the park, disturbing everyone as they run by, they eventually step on Charizard's tail. Charizard gets mad and starts chasing them, but they are faster then him. Charizard runs faster and gets ahead of them, blows them away with his wings, and they fall down to the ground, get crushed under a Snorlax, and finally stop. Charizard flies around, but then swoops in the wrong way, crashing into everything and getting his head stuck in a pipe.


They tie a rope around Charizard's leg and all the Pokémon belonging to Ash, Misty and Brock start to pull, trying to free Charizard. They fail the first time, and the other Pokémon gang laugh at them. Pikachu pleads with them to help and so they agree, all except Cubone. They continue to pull working hard, and they pull hard as Charizard struggles inside, and Cubone stands watching. Cubone realizes he should be helping too, and so starts to pull along with the rest of them, Pikachu is happy with Cubone, and they all continue to pull.


They pull harder, and harder, until Charizard finally pops out, and send everyone flying. Meowth, has had enough of this and pulls out a bomb to blow up everything. Charizard then lands on Meowth as the bomb goes off, and it explodes in Meowth's face creating a large crater. The Pokémon then all work together to rebuild the play equipment, and all is well, so they have a great time together the rest of the day.


The end of the day comes, and they say their goodbyes. Just as they hear Ash, Misty and Brock's voices calling from a distance, the Pokémon rush off to meet their trainers, except for Pikachu who says his final goodbyes to all of them, and then rushes off. They meet up with Ash, Misty and Brock, and are very happy, to have had such a fun day.

T H E   E N D