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Japanese to English version comparison by Ash Ketchum


I was hoping to give my reviews too but I think I'd like to do more of a comparison from the Japanese and English version.

By far the Japanese version will always be by far the best, as in the background music that played, the "Deep" dialogue, and the fact that Mewtwo was more on a soul-seaching journey than his "Oh I'm all mighty and powerful" attitude in the English version. But then again the English version did have its good points, like when Misty said "Please no," instead of "Pikachu" in the Japanese version.

All in all the movie in Japanese is 5 stars out of 5.The English is 4 out of 5 due to some of the mess ups in the dialogue (Such as that legend thing about the tears of the Pokémon, that was never talked about in the Japanese version; and the mess ups with the Pokémon names)

But as always the greatest anime movie of all time is Princess Mononoke!