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Movie opinion by Sarah Myer

Pikachu's Summer Vacation: Well, this part of the movie was a nice little short feature. Kinda gets you in the mood for Pokemon.One l'l thought is that it was way sillier than the show. I mean, the show is pretty funny sometimes, ne? This one just made my friends and I crack up. The visual content was the silly part, I guess.Pikachu's Summer Vacation really did have its moments, though. I liked the music and the Pokemon rolling across the screen. It was interesting to see only the back of Ash's head; it really stressed the point that Pikachu could really be independent without Ash in the spotlight, too. The movie also demonstrated the pokemon's personalities a little more. For example, Squirtle was really feisty towards Maril, while Bulbasaur remained quite calm and serious. Seeing Charizard's head stuck in a pipe......well, no comment. Just a great big anime sweatdrop! ^_^ Nice music. "Catch me if you can" is an awesome song. Pokeballs: 3 out of 5.

Mewtwo Strikes Back:Aaaaah, here we go! The best part of the feature. This is a kick butt movie! (Censored for younger readers. Hehe) I do agree with everyone on the mistakes in the Pokemon names being mixed up. However, I do think that the voice acting TALENT was awesome! Especially Veronica Taylor's voice. She does Ash's voice in the show and this movie. I really admire her talents. I loved Mewtwo's voice and thought that it was perfect. It sounds exactly like the Japanese voice, so people can't always try to diss the dubbed version. As for the content, well, it was a very powerfull story. I don't think anything was cut out at all. I own the original version, and things were only added, not taken away. I also think that the music in this was nice. "Brother my Brother" was not too bad for that fighting scene, although I do kind of agree with the other two opinions. Overall, I loved this movie! It's probably my fave, and, even better, it's anime!