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Past News (July 1999)

July 30, 1999-Weekly TV listings updated, I get the feeling the syndicated run will be stopping soon because they are coming to the end of this cycle of old episodes. New images for the menu on the side courtesy of Blitz015. A big thank you goes to him for his nice work on the menu graphics, and he also made the lost episode campaign banners. The message board has been relatively quiet lately, if anyone hasn't been there before, go there now!

July 28, 1999-I added another site to the list of sites joined to the campaign. If you want to be on the list, put the banner up by copying the code on the joined sites page, then e-mail me. I'll check your site, and if I see the code on your main page, you will be listed. Also, if anyone hasn't written a letter or made a phone call and they want to, the info can be found on the campaign page by clicking the banner above.

July 26, 1999-Just got my hands on some Japanese version episodes from Problem With Paras way up about 15 episodes beyond Breeding Center Secret, I might make some screenshots, but no videos, the video quality may not be good enough to look okay if converted to RealVideo degrading it even more. We'll see, I hope to get some sounds though, and screenshots, and maybe some videos, if I can.

July 24, 1999-Hmm, Kids WB started over from the first episode today, so I have made some new guesses on my TV listings. Remember, the only official Listings source I have is for the Canadian network YTV. They list it on their site, so I can know for sure.

July 23, 1999-New TV Listings for the week, and brought the episode guide up to 60. No summaries for 58-59 though, but did write a quick little summary for the last one, just because I was really bored. Anyway, just a reminder for everyone who hasn't written a letter to do so soon, and if your feeling really adventurous, try calling them. All the contact info is on the campaign page.

July 21, 1999-Now there are 11 sites in the campaign. The menu on the side will be remade soon, with images from Blitz015, they are coming along great, and should be up soon.

July 19, 1999-A few rumors going around that the two remaining lost episodes are going to be dubbed, no actual word yet from anyone, but I sure hope it's true! Don't you?

July 18, 1999-Just to clear a few things up for people posting banners to their sites, I have now provided the code on the Joined sites page for new sites joining, once the banner is on your main page, not a links page (unless you absolutely have to), your link will be added to the page after you e-mail me. Anyone who puts the banner on the main page of their Pokémon site qualifies, you don't need to ask, because I naturally will accept everyone, to get the campaign out there everywhere, why would I reject anyone?

July 16, 1999-New TV listings for the week, and a few more sites are posting banners on their main pages. Remember to e-mail me if you want a banner for your site. Of course, if you don't have a site, than you are already at the right place. Click the banner above for contact info, and write a letter to 4Kids!

July 15, 1999-So far, five sites have joined our campaign by putting a banner on their page. All I ask of each site is a banner, that links here. Go here if you want code to copy, on the main page of this site, both my black and white banners are there, so you can copy the code, e-mail me if you put the banner up, so I can add your site to the list. If you've come here from one of those sites, please have a look at the campaign's main page by clicking the banner above. Also, for updates, I added some more interesting facts about episode 18 courtesy of our fact guy, KawaiiKid!

July 14, 1999-If you own a Pokémon site, then please e-mail me. I am asking all sites that support this campaign to put a banner on their page, which links here, to the campaign. As more people become aware of our campaign and write letters. 4Kids will see that everyone wants them to dub the episodes that were skipped, look at the campaign page and the message board for contacts, updates and discussion about our campaign. Only two more episodes to go, we are winning!

July 12, 1999-Just some maintenance on the message board. Archived old messages from June, meaning they are still there, but not displayed. I did this because the message board was beginning to get too long. Also changed the background color just to match the rest of the site. If anyone knows Kids WB's e-mail address, please post in the message board. We have already got one address, but aren't sure if it's real or not.

July 11, 1999-The skipped episode info page has been updated to reflect the changing reasons for skipping as we find out more about some of the actual reasons behind 4Kids original decision to skip plus some new reasons why that isn't fair.

July 10, 1999-I have taken the Dratini episode from the campaign page, because I am becoming quite sure that at has actually been dubbed and will air. Also, there are only two more episodes to go!! With 60% of our original goal achieved, it definitely seems the campaign is working. Please continue to write, and phone 4Kids, as well as associated stations. I have posted a few more pictures of the lost episodes on the campaign page. Have a look at the page, and join in on our little campaign! All the info you need to contact 4Kids is there.

July 9, 1999-New week, updated TV listings, and a slight bit more confirmation that the Dratini episode will be shown. According to a message board post, Veronica Taylor stated that the episode had been dubbed. We will have to wait for it to be on TV, or see more proof before we can be sure, but it certainly looks good!

July 7, 1999-Added some phone information for 4Kids. Now you can call them, see the campaign page for info attempting to call them though!

July 3, 1999-We should be getting yet another site joining the campaign. It is the replacement of Pikachu and Poliwag's Pokemon Place but, the name of the site cannot yet be revealed, but this site should be a fine addition to our family of campaigning pages. This site may be joining the 'Pokémon Alliance' A group of pokémon sites that work together to help each other be better. Plus, they'll be joining the campaign too! Yep, that makes five sites now, and if things go well it could be six by tomorrow.

July 2, 1999-Did the weekly update to the TV listings section. Lots of great discussion going on in the message board. More and more people are getting in on the campaign everyday. Thanks to you all, for helping so much. Lots of letters have been written too. The porygon episode has been banned all this time, so in a letter, be sure to suggest a safe version, because the entire episode was banned over a five second scene, cutting that scene out would save the whole episode. Also, I added a link to a pokémon e-mail service.

JUNE 1999