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Past News (August 1999)

August 31, 1999-YTV has announced the episdoes of Pokémon that will play during their toon typhoon. Also, I have the English titles of the episodes, (well some of them anyway).

Episode 52-Princess vs Princess
Episode 53-(To Be Confirmed) (Children's day episode)
Episode 58-Riddle Me This
Episode 59-Volcanic Panic
Episode 60-(To Be Confirmed) (Squirtle Island episode)

So, Kids WB will play "Princess vs Princess" on Saturday, and monday will bring the Children's Day episode. YTV will temporarily be ahead of Kids WB, but Kids WB will eventually catch up and pass YTV in Pokémon. It's like a day at the races!! Anyway, as always, i'll be here, faithfully providing listings for the week for both YTV and Kids WB.

August 29, 1999-Rumors about the lost episodes having all been dubbed, once again. I doubt it's true, but as always I hope so. This weekend was the "Double Trouble" music video and seems to indicate they've dubbed all the way to episode 97. I would be quite impressed if the American Pokémon dub caught up with the Japanese version, wouldn't you? But, they have a long way to go if that could ever happen.

August 27, 1999-New TV Listings for the week, and only one more week to go until we get a new episode.

August 24, 1999-More and more sites joining the campaign daily, now there are over 30 sites listed in my campaign section. I hope to see something from 4Kids soon.

August 22, 1999-Received an award today from Pokémaniacs '99 and also added their link to the campaign sites page. Only two weeks until the new episodes start airing on WB, two weeks and two days for YTV, and five weeks for Austrailia.

August 21, 1999-Re-adjusted the guesses for Kids WB listings, as usual. Meowth346 was kind enough to store my banner images on his website server for Pokémon Forever, so you don't have to download the image onto your server if you don't want to, but you must use the new code found on the joined sites page. They announced the season premiere today after Pokémon, and they were most definately talking about the Doll Festival episode. Also, this weeks music video was "2.B.A. Master"

August 20, 1999-Finally got through all that e-mail, anyone who requested a link and had the banner on their main page, are now listed. I am sorry, but you cannot be accepted unless the banner is on the main page. Tripod has changed policies, so everyone who copied the code as I'd asked will now have a ripped graphic instead of the banner, I ask those affected to copy the banner image to their own server, so that the banner can be seen again. Also updated TV listings for the week, and today on YTV in Canada, there is a Pokemon/DBZ marathon going on. from 4-6pm ET, 2 eps of Pokemon and DBZ will be shown on YTV. Yay!

August 18, 1999-I'm baaaack! and I am more than happy with the fine job Son_Goku did maintaining this site. I have a ton of e-mail to get to now so this update will be short. I will be adding everyone's link requests I've gotten in e-mail over the next few days.

August 14, 1999-The Listings have been updated. - Son_Goku

August 12, 1999-There is an interesting tidbit for all of those who are anticipating the lost episodes. In the music video, "Viridian City", there are parts of the Jynx Christmas and the Girl's Day episodes. - Son_Goku

August 8, 1999-Well James will return to this site very soon, August 18th to be exact, so it's me, Son_Goku doing the little updates here. Some of you may be questioned on what to do. If you're planning on joining the Lost Episodes Campaign, good, but don't e-mail me anything. E-Mail James at his address and he'll reply to you when he gets back! Just a note, remember that Kids WB will be showing a lot of music videos this month, including Double Trouble, Together Forever, and a few more! All of these music videos will be showing clips of the future episodes! They may even have the lost episodes in the new season, so be prepared. - Son_Goku

August 7, 1999-This weekend WB showed (or is showing depending where you live) a video for "Viridian City", I updated the weekly listings for the week, and this is the last update I'm doing until I return from my trip.

August 5, 1999-About one month before the new Pokémon season begins, for the next week. If you want the lost episodes shown, everyday at 6:00 pm ET, send an e-mail(, fax (212) 980-0933, phone (212) 758-7666 to 4Kids. This is intended to get the attention of 4Kids, to get them to read our faxes, e-mails etc. by sending them all at once. This is only for the next week. Go to this message on the Universal Pokémon Network message board for all the details. Also, I won't be here for the next week. Starting August 9th, this site will be in the capable hands of Son Goku, from Pokémon Zone until I get back on the 18th.

August 3, 1999-Changed the message board to only display the 60 most recent messages, so it loads quicker, and if you want to look at older messages you can change pages. Added another site to the campaign, making it 15 sites now. Also, remember to fax 4Kids! All info on the campaign page.

August 2, 1999-Another site joined in the campaign, and now another way to contact 4Kids, probably the best one yet! Their fax number is on the campaign page, go there now, and fax 4Kids! I really like the thought of papers flying out of their machine telling them "Dub Holiday In Aopluco and Electric Soldier Porygon" Make your message a little different though, in case they think it's all from the same person, make it polite too, no insulting them! Also it's becoming quite clear that Jessie didn't catch a Lickitung in the Porygon episode, but rather the doll festival episode, so I removed that reason from the skipped episode info page.

August 1, 1999-There is one more site joined in the campaign, Gobrianna's Pokémon Fantasy Page. An entire section on this site has been dedicated to the lost episodes. The WB is going to do some more music video previews next week, and have also been playing old episodes on the weekend. Just so everyone knows, Kids WB isn't allowed to show anything new yet, and won't be until September.

JULY 1999