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July-December 2000

December 31, 2000-Only one more day until the turn of the millenium! I've got TV listings for the first Pokémon episodes aired in 2001 *next week* posted into TV listings. As for those LONG overdue episode summaries, I have been working on them. I've done 2 more, but I don't want to upload them until I get even more done. I'd like to release like 6 or 7 at once, or if I feel up to a day-long summary type-up marathon I'll get them ALL up to date! (Now there's a challenge.. ^^;;) Anyway, happy New Year's Eve guys.. if anyone even visits here that much anymore, why not send me an e-mail to show you care. ^^;

December 25, 2000-Merry Christmas everybody! I've got the new TV listings for this week updated (just in time) and there's 4 new episodes coming for YTV this week, beginning tomorrow!

December 17, 2000-Here I am with another TV listings update. The episodes that aired on YTV last week were titled "Wired for Battle!" and "Good 'Quil Hunting". Once I ever get myself out of lazy mode, I will finally start catching up on my episode summaries!

December 11, 2000-I wasn't able to get on last night, so the listings weren't updated, but I've got them updated now! 1:50pm ET and just in the nick of time before the episodes air this afternoon! ^_^

December 3, 2000-This week's TV listings have been updated. YTV is too slow to provide coming episode titles, so it seems I can't give them this week either. Last week, the episode titles were (#136- Chikorita's Big Upset) and (#137- Foul Weather Friends). There really isn't much Pokémon news as far as anime is concerned lately. I'll keep you all posted on developments, and someday, I'll get a few more summaries up. -_-

November 26, 2000-Is it just me, or has KTLA stopped updating? Anyway, as long as they won't update their listings, I'll find other sources. You guys can always find the listings right here. YTV will be airing two new episodes on Thursday and Friday, according to their schedule, but no titles have been posted.

November 18, 2000-YTV has made a new schedule for airing new episodes. Just so they don't run out, YTV will air repeats Mon-Wed and always 2 new episodes Thursday and Friday. Also, I got Kids WB and YTV listings for this week! Hah! I even beat KTLA to the punch.. I also got one episode summary written for today.

November 17, 2000-Hey guys, YTV aired a rerun today. They've gotten up to the Arbotank episode yesterday. I must get to updating all those summaries. I hope to catch up while YTV goes into repeat mode for a bit. Well, TV listings soon.. YTV is not updating their site fast enough..

November 14, 2000-I've updated for YTV Monday-Thursday. It seems YTV is holding out on us for Friday, but I'm fairly confident to say it will be the next new one. Of course, you can never tell when YTV is set to go into repeats..

November 12, 2000-I've updated TV listings as much as I can. YTV's guide listings seem to have been accidentally erased or something, and so I cannot provide YTV listings at the moment. I will update with YTV listings as soon as they become available. This only affects Canadians, and I've got all of the WB listings properly updated.

November 8, 2000-I've got two episode summaries up. I've done "The Double Trouble Header" and "A Sappy Ending". Also, if you are in the Jigglypuff fan club, and want to hear a cool remix, Click here. This was sent to me by Nico of Jigglypuff: The First Website.

November 3, 2000-Yes, I know the summaries haven't been coming up. I know that I'm over a week behind on that part of my site. I've had lots of homework, so unfortunately I can't be writing those up. I will try to get them posted as I find the time for them. Anyway, I've got your TV guide updated for next week. YTV continues with more new episodes with no stop in sight, but you can expect that to stop within a few more weeks. I do not believe 4Kids has dubbed that far, and by the end of next week YTV will have hit the half way mark for the season.

October 28, 2000-The news is old now. Johto episodes begin airing weekdays on YTV since Wednesday. I found out about it the moment it came on, but since I've been too busy with schoolwork to update this site until NOW, everyone's been e-mailing me with the "news". So, this basically invalidated my TV guide for the rest of the week. Relax guys, I've seen every Johto episode YTV has aired so far. I've posted an episode summary for "Don't touch that 'dile". I will add more and catch up with YTV as fast as I can. I've also updated the TV listings for next week.

October 22, 2000-In today's news... someone else has started a petition to 4Kids about their dubbing job for Pokémon. This one is about how they change lines of dialogue and censor Japanese writing and such... You can find it HERE.

October 21, 2000-Hey, new TV listings for this week. Johto episodes on YTV delayed for at least another week. Unfortunately, YTV themselves don't know when they'll be able to show them, and so they are only releasing the schedule one week at a time. I hope they'll be able to get Johto episodes by next week.

October 17, 2000-Okay, it seems the stupid server was down during most of yesterday's campaign day. It's not too late, if anyone wants to participate in the UPA tradition of Campaign Day becoming Campaign Week (as was last time ^_^) Then I encourage you to do so. I made the fax and phone numbers above just a bit bigger for the duration of the week, and the in progress message will stay for a week. Please fax or phone.. If you haven't already. Now, for those of you that have, I encourage you to e-mail me at and tell me how the phone call went (if you chose to make a call). As for faxers, I don't think you can tell me much more than what you said, but do e-mail me if you like.

October 16, 2000-Why are you reading this news page??? Come on!! it's CAMPAIGN DAY 2!! Well, I most definately encourage everyone to fax and phone 4Kids right now!! Of course, this is a final plea to those that skipped over my temporary custom intro page for today. It's easy to send a fax, and if you don't have a fax, take the plunge and phone them! These remaining two lost episodes are the only ones remaining, and it seems pretty certain 4Kids will not be skipping anymore after this, which is definately a good thing. Oh, and I've weakened on my position of my spelling of Jouto.. I suppose, since Johto is going to be a very commonplace spelling in front of us.. (well, heck, there it is right on the title card in the new intro!) I am going to edit my ep116 summary later, and well, don't consider this any different. Johto is also considered to be a correct Romanization of the Japanese word for this series, so I don't feel too bad for using it.

October 13, 2000-Happy Friday the 13th ^^; I've updated the TV listings, The Jouto League premiere episode airs tomorrow on KidsWB. Bad news for YTV, there will be no Jouto episodes next week as originally planned, YTV is hoping for next Monday, the 23rd, but may not be able to. I also found out from Blue Hiker, he is keeping his petition open until Monday for Campaign day.. the link is still down there if you haven't signed yet. I have also, for today, added three more episode comparisons! Episodes 70-72.. I cannot add any more after this until I get some more episodes. Luckily, a very good friend of mine is going to be sending me a tape.. Well, when I get it, I will add those episodes to the comparisons. In the mean time, check out my latest three comparisons.

October 10, 2000-Well, it seems Blue Hiker's petition is still open, it's not too late. I don't know if he moved the closing date or what.. but, GET THOSE SIGS IN!! Click the giant link below to sign the petition if you have not done so already. Everybody who wants to see lost episodes should put in one sig to represent themselves in this cause... Campaign Day II coming up shortly, this is one of the easiest ways to show your support!!

October 8, 2000-I'd like to bring to everyone's attention something about the lost episodes campaign. That is Blue Hiker's LOST EPISODES PETITION!!!! In case anyone has not yet signed, I encourage you to do so now. The petition closes early on the morning of October 10th, so that means you must get a signature in by tomorrow night. Campaign Day II is in 8 more days.. and I believe that for the moment, this is the perfect complement to it. Everybody sign, please, whether participating in Campaign Day or not.

October 6, 2000-I've got this weeks TV listings posted. There will only be lacking updates for another week, and then it's back to the regular dailys when YTV starts airing the Jouto League episodes. The Jouto excitement begins October 14th on KidsWB, October 16th on YTV! ^_^

September 29, 2000-Happy weekend everybody!! And, to ring in this joyous occasion, I've updated the TV listings! But wait! There's more! <drum roll...> I've added the "The Rivalry Revival" episode comparison, finally! Plus, as an added bonus, I've done one more episode comparison!! Could this singular update get any better?? YES! It can! ^.^ (everyone's awed) I've added another VIDEO CLIP! I've gotten another Dratini episode scene posted, in an attempt to hype people for Campaign day. Yes, guys, Campaign Day II is drawing closer.. the phone number and fax number is up there. If anyone wants to send a real letter to them, that's okay too. The postal address is on the campaign info page, and try to time it to October 16th ^^; Yes, if you're far away from NYC, get that letter in the mail about a week before Campaign Day.. closer, only a few days before.. if you *live* in New York, and have some guts, drop it in the mailbox the morning of Oct. 16th ^.^ Or rather the night before, unless you happen to be passing 4Kids on the way to school (Umm, I don't think so) ^_^ Well, I still think *everybody* should do the fax and phone thing. Yeeee-haw!

September 28, 2000-Okay, YTV update. The Johto episodes begin airing on October 16th (Monday) to conform with some stupid rule likely about aligning the release of those episodes with the release of the game. So, YTV and WB are starting episodes around the same time approximately.. The schedule will be as follows.. WB begins them on Oct 14th, playing 2 new episodes each weekend. YTV will then start the series on Oct. 16th running the episodes weekdays. I hope this info puts to rest any concerns Canadian viewers of the show may have..

September 26, 2000-Once again, I must apologize for not having an episode summary. Trust me, the last summary is coming soon. I'm just not motivated to keep up a daily pace when reruns are airing. I will release that summary as soon as I can. Which will be probably within the week. No confirmation on when YTV will continue. "The Song of Jigglypuff" had aired today. So, I can now assume the rest of the week's schedule from that. It's in the TV listings section. As well, I fixed the link to the forums... again. This time, the entire message board got restarted. Well, please sign up if you haven't and come post. Plus, I got 2 more awards for the site. Although one of them was sent to me in an unreadable format, I am only able to post one.

September 25, 2000-A brief news update. Sorry, no summary tonight, I'll do it soon though. YTV is going into reruns tomorrow. Since Knowlton Mansbridge was too idiotic and stupid to discuss *real* news, I'll give you the details. The highly anticipated Jouto league episodes were for an undetermined reason pushed back. We can only assume Nintendo was being mean and demanded they hold off until the release of the GS games. Well, whatever the case, tomorrow will likely be "The Flame Pokémon-athon!" according to my trusty ol' TV guide. YTV guide hasn't even updated yet. We'll see tomorrow.

September 23, 2000-I had a nice Birthday yesterday. It was cool. That's why I didn't update, so there :P.... Anyway, the episode of Friday is posted. I also have some disappointing news for Canadians. It seems YTV is pulling Johto episodes from their original time slot of beginning on Tuesday. The YTV guide is giving me nothing. Too bad, who knows what'll happen. I've put dashes to indicate unconfirmed YTV Pokemon timeslots in this weeks TV listings update.

September 21, 2000-Yep, Episode 114 is here. Yee-haw! ^_^

September 20, 2000-And the Orange League story setting continues to fall apart with the passing of today's episode and goodbye to another important member of the Orange Islands journies. You can read today's episode summary in the episode summaries page.

September 19, 2000-The continuation of the final Orange League gym match has happened. I've summarized the episode in my summaries section. I hope everyone's loving these daily updates to the site. As long as YTV continues to give me something to update about, and/or something else develops. I do plan to keep it up. Expect the daily updates to end when YTV stops showing new episodes though.

September 18, 2000-Hey! Grande update for you guys! I have today's episode summary, "Hello, Pummelo" AND I finally updated the comparisons section!! I've added everything from 60-68, and you can check that all out now, in the episode guide and comparisons! Take your pick, but read both! I'll be back tomorrow with the day's episode summary, and perhaps within the week, another couple of comparisons.

September 17, 2000-Just a quick update to let you know some things. Firstly, I haven't given up on the episode comparisons and should have a bunch of them up tomorrow if not then definately by the day after. Also, Blue Hiker, of the message board started a lost episode petition. I think it perfectly represents what our campaign is about. Go HERE, to sign and support the effort to get those remaining two lost episodes on the air!! Don't forget about campaign day 2! It's happening a month from now. Please show your support and spread the word.

September 16, 2000-Sorry you guys, I really meant to update last night, but the server was down. I was out today, and I slept all morning. So, now it's Saturday evening. But, my update is finally up! Look below to see what I did.

September 15, 2000-Yes, it's the summary to end all summaries!! I've added today's episode, #110 - The Stun Spore Detour and it was truly a great episode! Also, I got listings for next week! ^_^ Brock is gonna be back on Friday for YTV viewers. The magical Brock return date for Kids WB is most likely October 7th, I'll provide confirmation on that as soon as possible.

September 14, 2000-As is becoming the case each and every weekday here at UPA, I've got the day's episode summary posted. Today it's Episode 109, "The Wacky Watcher" for your reading pleasure.

September 13, 2000-Hey guys, Episode 108 has been added, I think thankfully it's a bit shorter, but almost as long as the last one. Oh well, happy reading. ^^;; Also, a reminder that the Jouto league episodes begin airing Sept. 26th for YTV, October 14th on the WB. Mark your calendars everyone!! (or not..)

September 12, 2000-Hey people! I have the episode summary for Pokémon Food Fight now posted. You can check it out if you like to read James39 ramble. ^_^ Also, I'd like to provide another campaign reminder. The phone and fax numbers are right above the updates, and to get ready for the main event on October 16th. Oh, and I also fixed the message board link on the side. My forum number got changed from 26 to 16 so, I've updated that link now.

September 8, 2000-New TV listings for this week! Yay Pokemon 5 days a week on YTV!! ^_^ and I added another site to the campaign list. Come on people, let's get ready for October 16th! We're closing in on one month away from it, and for the sake of the last 2 lost episodes this should be big!! ^^;; Go to the campaign section for all the info and make your voice count on Campaign Day II!!!

September 6, 2000-The first episode of the new season on YTV aired. Americans have already seen it, but, now James39 has officially typed a summary of it! YTV has disappointed me with the other night's airing of the episode. When the same episode aired on Kids WB it had Japanese Nyaasu no Paati on the end, YTV simply had Pika's Jukebox. Also, on a totally unrelated note, YTV's crap DBZ theme wasn't changed for this season either! -_- All you Canadians out there know *exactly* what I mean. And, that's not mentioning the crappy cut-fest that FUNimation had with the first new episode.. Oh well, I'm straying off the topic of Pokémon, so I'll just stop rambling here and let you all read my episode summary, specifically if you missed it, or want to spoil it on yourself.

September 4, 2000-Sorry guys I didn't get the comparisons up.. there was only a few things changed in #61 and no changes to the other two.. so for interest sake I'll do more comparisons before putting those ones up. I go to school tomorrow ;_; but, I should be around a lot more to update the site. It was my part time work last season that kept me away from the site. Campaign Day II is closing in on us, there's still more than a month to go though. I've been updating the joined sites page. I will update episode summaries tomorrow!! ^_^ YTV is showing the first episode of Season 3 tonight!

September 1, 2000-Nice little update here. The campaign joined sites list is growing larger again. I will be adding some more episode comparisons (61-63) probably tomorrow. I've updated the TV listings. YTV is going to air the first new Pokémon episode on Monday. The actual season doesn't start until Sept. 11th though. I'll add a summary for that first episode of this season when I get in on Tuesday. Yes, the new season is starting and so the episodes summaries section will start being updated once again to reflect each new episode as it airs.

August 25, 2000-Hey guys, read the Aug.23rd update, because it's way more important than this one! ^_^ I've updated the TV listings for next week. Check it out if you're wondering what episodes are playing. See, that was boring! Now read the news below and be ready to fax/phone madly on October 16th!! ^o^

August 23, 2000-Yes, campaign day II has been set. To learn about campaign day II, just click on the episode campaign banner. As it was for the last campaign day, the only effective way to grab 4Kids attention is to fax and phone them. In order to draw more attention for the upcoming campaign day, I will be reopening the banner campaign! Yes, I've sorted out all the old links on that page, removed the dead links and the links to sites which have completely changed and in the process dropped the banner. Of course, I'm going to continually update the other sections of the site too, and still plan to get Japanese/English episode comparisons for 61-72 up. Please read the campaign page for all the details of the upcoming campaign day, and for additional contact info for other related parties.

August 18, 2000-Big fall update regarding everybody!!! First up, Kids WB. Charizard Chills is showing on Sept.2 and then Misty Meets Her Match is Sept.8 or Sept. 9th, I dunno... Also, the final Orange League Gym battle is on either Sept.8 or Sept. 9th... then, the KidsWB fall season officially starts on September 11th as according to KTLA. Now then, YTV. YTV is gonna air reruns of Pokemon until the premiere, September 11th, YTV after all will be showing Pokemon 5 days a week!!! Yes, they changed their plans and we're getting new episodes 5 days a week in full force! This is according to YTV. Now regarding Australia, so far, I've gotten that the new fall season starts in October, and you guys get the 2nd movie on Sept.14th. And finally, regarding the UK I've heard rumors about January being the start of the GS series, but then that presumes the remaining 10 Orange League episodes will come before that. I wish the best possible situation for you guys.. Well, TV listings updated for next week, and that's that for me! Good night everybody! ^_^

August 14, 2000-On the weekend, I won another award for this site from someone that goes by the online name 'CoasterBoy' and so, thank you! ^_^ It always makes me feel good about this site to receive awards for it. Also, as for fall schedules, I'm still trying to find out about plans for TV stations in the UK, and in Australia. I'll get those details up as soon as I can get them.

August 11, 2000-Updated TV Listings for the next week. The latest news for YTV is as follows. Okay, on Sept.4th there is another anime marathon taking place in the evening. They'll show the first new episode of the season. Then after that, it's 2 new episodes a week starting possibly during the week of Sept. 11th- Sept. 17th, now this is because of last year's running out of episodes problem and Kids WB utter stupidity. Kids WB will likely continue with their theme weeks next season, and because of this, YTV has no choice but to air reruns during the week, continually played in correct order, fortunately. No news yet on how the fall season is to be handled in the UK or in Australia. News regarding the fall season will continue to be posted on this site, so stay tuned...

August 10, 2000-Well, I made a mistake below there. I said Aug. 14th and it's really the 19th that's the premiere Saturday. Also, AK2 still hasn't sent me the summaries and I haven't heard from him. More updates today or tomorrow. 

August 4, 2000-I got the listings up on time this time! ^^; I made sure of it. And, also I will be updating the movie summaries page tomorrow, Ash Ketchum 2 of the message board promised me typed up summaries of MSB, PRA, and PRL by Thursday and I believe I'll have them by tomorrow. BTW, KidsWB update!!! New episodes August 14th!! But, in the incorrect order!?! Check my listings to see what I mean, BTW, all reruns during the weekdays...

July 31, 2000-Listings up, again a day late. I'll be making my new listings update day on Friday, meaning if I ever miss a day (which seems to be the case more often lately) I'll still be up by Saturday. BTW, I may be updating my movies section, in reflection of the recent showing of Revelation Lugia in English, I think that section deserves an update. May actually get MSB up as well ^^;

July 24, 2000-As usual, Sunday is often a bad day for updating this site, I did it anyway, but couldn't get the opportunity to upload it. Here it is now, and I have also added the Kids WB weekend listings. Reruns, no surprise. A little over a month until Kids WB starts it's fall season containing the rest of season 2, and then moving along straight in to season 3.

July 23, 2000-Updated listings, Saturday missing because Kids WB hasn't updated yet.

July 22, 2000-Whoa, it seems my small update from July 17th never got uploaded! It doesn't matter too much anyway because it was reruns this morning. Well, I saw the movie last night and I really think it was done better than the other movie. As far as I can tell, they completely replaced the music again, but some of it seemed to fit well anyway. I'll be updating today or tomorrow with next weeks listings.

July 17, 2000-Added this weekend's reruns to the Kids WB listings.

July 16, 2000-I updated my listings for the week, it *should* be accurate and as usual, Kids WB is not revealing the lineup for Saturday morning. I'll add it as soon as it becomes available. I've also added the comparison for episode 18. It's got a page all to itself too, at least until I can get some more comparisons for 16-30 up.

July 11, 2000-Okay guys, at the last, last, minute Kids WB made a sudden change to their weekday afternoon lineup, the *new* lineup for the rest of this week has been posted. I apologize for any misunderstanding, but this should be all fixed now.

July 10, 2000-TV listings updated, and let me clarify that news update below. I didn't mean lost episodes, but rather two normal reruns that simply Kids WB has avoided showing for unknown reasons, those being 'The School of Hard Knocks' and 'The Case of the K-9 Caper!' Anyway, that was last week and have since aired again.

July 6, 2000-It seems Kids WB changed their schedule at the last minute! For Friday Afternoon, two episodes will be showing, both of them happen to be episodes that KWB was previously avoiding airing, for some unknown reason. Anyway, the TV listings section has been adjusted accordingly.

July 6, 2000-Well, it seems that 'Blue Hiker' from the message board has e-mailed 4Kids, and then actually got a reply! Nothing we don't already know, they can't show the other 2 episodes because of broadcast regulations, but they hope to create edited versions for airing. I see a Dratini and Porygon in our future ^_^. Also, I finally got the Saturday listings for Kids WB, both reruns, no surprise.

July 4, 2000-Hello all. Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there. I've updated the comparisons section again and now I've completed Japanese to English comparisons up to 'Volcanic Panic' so take a look if you're curious. I've included everything and if you thought something was edited and it doesn't show up there it probably didn't happen. This doesn't apply to dialogue or music which I often don't mention anyway. 4Kids does get the dialogue right (most of the time) despite some stupid decisions and occasional mistakes.

July 2, 2000-TV listings have been updated for next week, unfortunately, I cannot tell you for sure what will air next weekend, but I will as soon as that information becomes available. Nothing else contained within this little update... have a nice day! ^_^

March-June 2000